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People Don’t Trust Klaus Schwab Or His Chips

Americans don’t trust Klaus Schwab the Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum who does very strange things like tie social justice activism, government domination and mental health together into a fantasy utopia where hem as one of the masters of the universe controls people with Artificial Intelligence chips in their brains.

And this is not a conspiracy theory or a science fiction movie. This is your life- according to Schwab and his associates who are in a macabre race to control humanity. Listen from Schwab’s own words as he calls for “mental health soultions”:

“According to the latest edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report, the top 3 perceived risks faced by the world today are environmental. Meanwhile, as John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, said during the Forum’s #COP26 Live, 50% of the carbon emission reductions needed to reach net-zero will come from technologies that are yet to be invented.

Many of the solutions needed for a just transition to a net-zero economy will come from entrepreneurs whose businesses are not just motivated by profit, but the desire to protect and restore our planet.

Since its launch two years ago, UpLink has been at the forefront of an entrepreneur revolution, identifying and enabling more than 200 Top Innovators across more than 10 SDG areas, supporting their efforts to scale and accelerate their impact.”

About two years ago- was the start of the COVID 19 Pandemic… right?

Schwab was talking about world domination long before then, as seen in this 2016  video, talking about his 10 year plan to microchip everyone on the planet:

American pollster John Zogby found out how Americans feel about Schwab and his ideas of dominating the planet and humanity:

UTICA, N.Y.Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Major changes have come – but none are as grand as the prospect of a potential rift in the human species down the road.

A recent John Zogby StrategiesSM nationwide online poll of 777 likely voters explored future technologies discussed by prominent figures such as Mark ZuckerbergElon Musk, and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

Americans overwhelmingly prefer to remain human.  But support for merging with AI comes highest from ages 18 – 25.

Respondents were asked if they believe Zuckerberg’s coming Metaverse is ingenious and want to participate or will it further destroy our social fabric and won’t participate?

  • Over half (56%) believe it will “destroy the social fabric” and “plan not to participate” vs. 23% say it’s “ingenious” and “want to participate.”
  • 18-29-year-olds are split with 41% positive and 39% critical—respondents older than 30 trend increasingly higher with a more critical outlook of the VR platform.

Another question addressed Elon Musk’s prediction of microchip implants in the brain – is it the next level of human evolution/life-improving or worry it will bring humanity under totalitarian control.

  • Overwhelmingly 77% of the public worry “microchip implants will be used to usher in a never-before-seen level of totalitarian control”, vs. 10% say it will “improve lives.”

Finally, likely voters were asked about Klaus Schwab’s prediction – humans will merge with AI – whether it will bring our standard of living to new heights vs. having no interest in joining with AI.

  • Again, overwhelmingly, almost 7 of 10 (67%) prefer to remain human and “not merge with AI”, vs. 18% who believe the transition would bring about “new heights of prosperity.”

Managing Director Jeremy Zogby says the public overwhelmingly prefers to remain human and natural evolution over biotech-driven evolution. However, support for merging with AI appears highest from 18-25-year-olds.  Does this signal a rift in our species down the road?  When young adults mature, will as many still be willing to take a leap of faith towards tech-driven evolution?  It is likely to become the top issue of the day in the near future.

The poll’s overall margin of sampling error is +/- 3.6 percentage points.  Subgroups have higher margins of error.

John Zogby Strategies is celebrating its 5th year as JZS.  Please have a look at our new website and podcast

SOURCE John Zogby Strategies

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