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“People are Like Sheep”,Tavern Owner Uses Electric Shock to Enforce Social Distancing in UK

A Tavern owner in the UK has designed what he believes is a brilliant idea, to give his patrons an electric shock, like an animal to keep them reminded of the Pandemic demands to keep their distance from his bar, his employees, himself and each other.

He does want them to purchase beer and drink many of them, however.

Jonny McFadden is the owner of The Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall and he is proud of his invention and behavior control methods.

“I’ve put an electric fence in. I’ve installed an electric fence to keep the customers back from the bar. Social distancing,”McFadden said.

“As long as there’s a warning sign on an electric fence and you are warned about it, it’s totally legal. And there’s the fear factor – it works. People are like sheep. Sheep keep away, people keep away,” he said.

“Before the fence, people were not following social-distancing and were doing as they pleased, but now people take heed to the guidance around social distancing,”McFadden said.

Cornwall Live a local news source, reported that the drastic social distancing methods were a result of the Tavern staff complaining that people were too close to them and to the bar.

According to their reporting, “Star Inn landlord Johnny McFadden confirmed to CornwallLive that the fence had been placed there to, ahem, shock locals into behaving.”

England’s pubs, a mainstay in many communities and neighborhoods as gathering points were given permission to reopen on July 4, after being closed during the UK Pandemic lockdown for 103 days.

Not all Brits were excited about the idea of being treated like an animal.

A handful of Americans chimed in on social media that they loved the idea and hoped to bring it to the United States, to demand social distancing requirements be observed by Americans at beaches, airports and medical offices.

At the front of the line to get back to the Pub and enjoy his independence, BREXIT leader Nigel Farage posted on “opening day”, July 4th his own trip to a quaint watering hole, and showed the world an intimate look at the coziness and freedom of a typical English Tavern.


Taverns have a long history of being the place of revolutionary acts.

Perhaps there is a different reason than germs, to keep the people believing they are nothing more than “sheep”.

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