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Pennsylvania Boilermakers Union Calls Out Biden: We Support Trump, Not You

Last week Joe Biden pulled an Andy Van Slyke. For those of you who do not know who he is, Van Slyke was a star for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was dyslexic and he said the only time it was a problem was when the game was over. His team lost but he would think they won. That is what Biden did . He claimed that he was endorsed by the boilermakers.

Therein lies the rub. The boilermakers have endorsed President Trump just like they did in 2016. Blue collar workers go overwhelmingly for Trump. Democrats cater to the elite that pump hundreds of millions into their coffers. Trump offers real life solutions that help blue collar workers and the middle class.

Local 154 endorsed President Trump and the national union does not make endorsements.

Union leader John Hughes called out Biden for his lies:

“The other day I’m watching the debate and I see Joe Biden tell everybody that the Boilermakers endorsed him and that is not true. And I would like somebody to tell me who — he said he talked to somebody — I’d like to know who he talked to in the Boilermakers because anybody I talk to did not endorse him.”

“And I believe if you go onto our International [Boilermakers] website we have not endorsed a candidate this round, nor did the International Boilermakers endorse a candidate last time. We did not endorse Obama and Joe Biden last time because of their energy issues.”

Likewise, former Pennsylvania Congressman Lou Barletta said he was stunned when Biden lied about the union endorsement:

I couldn’t believe it when Joe Biden blatantly lied at a town hall right here in Pennsylvania and said he was overwhelmingly endorsed by the Boilermakers.

As a matter of fact, Boilermakers Local 154 endorsed President Donald Trump last month. And I knew this first-hand because I worked with John Hughes, the business manager, and Local 154 on that endorsement.

The anti-energy policies of the left would cripple the boilermakers because the number one cost to manufacturers is energy. High energy prices drive manufacturers out of the country as it did under Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Endorsing Biden would cost many of them their jobs. It would be insane to endorse him.

If Pennsylvania would look at the Democrat’s Green New Deal closely, Trump would win the state in a landslide. By banning fracking, Biden would put all of the oil workers out of work. Nationwide, it would cost us over one million jobs. This includes 712,300 jobs in mining, quarrying, and natural gas extraction.

Biden has promised to reenter the country into the Paris accord which would cost Pennsylvania around 140,000 jobs. The nations leading export would become jobs.

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