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Penn State Prof Forces Students to Explain Why the Taliban Aren’t Terrorists

Christopher Cook, a professor in the Department of International Politics at Pennsylvania State University is teaching a class named “Politics of Terrorism,” in which he gave the students an assignment that is ridiculous on the face of it.

They are to write an essay explaining why Taliban terrorists are not terrorists. What’s next? Write an essay on why Biden is not an idiot? An essay on why Eric Swalwell did not sleep with a Chinese spy?

If any student refused to do the assignment or tried to argue that the Taliban are terrorists fail the assignment no matter how well thought out or written.

Cook explained the assignment:

“In one page* explain why the Taliban is have [sic] not and are still not a terrorist organization. You are not allowed to answer this question in any other way. Any attempt to avoid this prompt as written; or trying to argue otherwise will result in a failing grade. If you have any questions on the pedagogy behind this assignment– please contact me.”

“Do you think any of my students will see this before Sunday’s deadline? The one where I ask them to tell me why the Taliban are *not* terrorists.” And: “I am going to guess there is a Venn Diagram between the people who struggled understanding why the Taliban were not terrorists for the last [sic] 20 years and those who think there can be justified violence against the American government.” 

From PJ Media

Penn State student Kylie Stone told “Fox & Friends”: “I was completely shocked. I had made it through my first four years of college without having anything this insane and, of course, my last semester my teacher basically says ‘you have to agree with me or I’m going to fail you.’ So it was very surprising to me….I have had assignments where they asked me to argue both sides. I love doing that kind of stuff. I think it’s so beneficial to every student to be doing that but that’s not what this assignment was.” That’s obvious. Cook, like the overwhelming majority of professors all over the country today, doesn’t want to teach his students critical thinking skills; he wants to indoctrinate them into Leftist attitudes and dogmas.

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