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Pelosi’s Gestapo January 6 Committee’s Witch Hunt ‘Target List’ Has Been Released

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Evidence is showing more and more that the events that took place at the US Capitol on January 6 was the result of a trap. Democrats and their deep state minions entrapped Trump supporters in the overall effort to remove their right to assemble and to address their grievances with government. Many people who entered the Capitol building that day, whether they were waved in by police who held the doors open for them or not, have been kept in jail throughout most of the year and the overwhelming majority of them were charged with minor misdemeanors.

The government still refuses to release any of the over 14,000 hours of video footage becaus there is a lot of exculpatory evidence to be found in them. It was a trap and now the system of justice is being rigged.

The Democrats have used the January 6 riot to do several things. First, they want to trash the Trump and Republican brand by making you believe that all 74 million Americans who voted for Trump were there at the Capitol on January 6 and they all want to overthrow the government.

The next thing they wanted to do was make Americans fearful of protesting against the government. Stories of January 6 rioters being awakened in their cells in the middle of the night to be beaten and hogtied by guards and humiliated in front of female guards for a misdemeanor charge is enough to make most people think twice before going out to join a protest against the Democrats in charge.

Now that the first phase is complete where they arrested as many people who were actually there as they could, the January 6 Committee is allowing the targeting of anyone who was in contact with Donald Trump during the months leading up to the January 6 protest.

Bennie Thompson, the Committee chairman, sent out a request to the US Archivist David Ferriero for a sizeable amount of records. House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 scam is now expanding into a fishing expedition in order to attach the label of “domestic terrorist” to anyone who supported the former president. She wants to set an example of intimidation against conservatives and/or Trump supporters to make sure they don’t ever protest against the Democratic party again.

Roger Stone, #WalkAway  Founder Brandon Straka, Alex Jones, and Katrina Pierson are some of the people the Committee wants investigated.

The Congress does not have the authority to do investigative work. I don’t care what kind of powers the Democrats gave themselves for the committee. Unless there is a legislative motive behind it, the Congress cannot perform Executive branch operations, but they are.

The Democrats want the communication records of people on the list and the White House going back 9 months before the January 6 protest turned riot. They are throwing out the Constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of association of the people they are now targeting. There is no due process under the Democrats.

Jack Posobiec, Senior Editor at Human events, took to social media to ring the alarm bell:

“This is completely illegal and my lawyers will make short work of it

These ugly communists want to go full Stalin and Gestapo as they flail about to distract from the failures of the dementia patient they got as president who even Obama called a ‘f*** up.’ Be cautious!”

The intimidation factor is done deliberately so that you don’t even think about going against the party in power. That’s probably why no one has protested against the new lockdowns being discussed or the phony approval of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine or even the discussion of fascist corporations mandating getting vaccinated. The people who make the country work are afraid to protest for fear of ending up in jail.

Many believe the January 6 riot was planned by the Democrats so that the spotlight would be on what they call the “insurrectionists” instead of everyone taking about how they rigged and stole the 2020 election using mail-in ballots and other tactics.

They are going after the influencers so that they can get hold of their contact lists so that they can then intimidate those people as well. As Posobiec said, this is a Stalin and Gestapo-like plan to intimidate the opposition.

The boldness of the escalation of the January 6 Committee is a clear sign that the evidence against the Democrats and the Capitol Police and the FBI that is coming out in dribs and drabs about their own actions that day is causing Democrat gaslighting of the two-and-a-half hour riot that didn’t even stop them from doing what they went there to do, which is to certify the left of an election, to fall apart. They have to ramp things up to justify keeping the Committee functional right up until the 2022 midterm elections and they don’t care one iota about the rights of American citizens as they trample all over them?

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