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Pelosi’s Capitol Police are Spying on Hill Staffers and Citizens Who Meet with Lawmakers

Person Hidden in Bush Peeping with Binoculars and Spying Others

Welcome to Nancy Pelosi’s police state, complete with the jackboots on the Capitol Hill Police. They are gathering information on lawmakers, their staffers, and the private citizens they come in contact with. Politico is reporting that Pelosi’s police are illegally gathering intelligence, even on private citizens. They are searching their social media posts and groups.

Rep. Kelly Armstrong, a former criminal defense attorney told Politico:

“Whatever they think that sounds like for security, it sounds dangerously close — if not already over the line — to spying on members of Congress, their staff, their constituents, and their supporters.” 

“Anybody involved with implementing this without making it known to the actual members of Congress should resign or be fired immediately. And I’m not big on calling for resignations.”

They are running background checks on people who merely come into contact with lawmakers and staffers without any probable cause whatsoever. This is a third-world country kind of stuff. What next? Solitary confinement for anyone posting “Let’s Go, Brandon”? I wouldn’t be shocked if that happened. Would you?

In other words, Pelosi’s police are spying on political opponents and people who disagree with the Biden Regime. Right now, that would cover over 200 million people. The Gestapo is even going so far as doing a background check on any buildings in which meetings are being held. To see who owns them and to see if they are owned by foreigners. China owns the Biden White House. Are they checking that out?

From The Gateway Pundit

Far-left Politico reported:

After the Jan. 6 insurrection, the Capitol Police’s intelligence unit quietly started scrutinizing the backgrounds of people who meet with lawmakers, according to three people familiar with the matter.

POLITICO also viewed written communications describing the new approach, part of a host of changes that the department implemented after the Capitol attack. Examining the social media feeds of people who aren’t suspected of crimes, however, is a controversial move for law enforcement and intelligence officials given the civil liberties concerns it raises.

Among those who have been subject to new Capitol Police scrutiny are Hill staffers, the three people said. All spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

Several Capitol Police intelligence analysts have already raised concerns about the practice to the department’s inspector general, according to one of the people who spoke for this story.

The Capitol Police, in a statement, defended the practice of searching for public information about people meeting with lawmakers and said the department coordinates the work with members’ offices.

“The more public information we have, the better we can understand what kind and how much security is necessary,” the statement said.

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