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Patriot Front Member Arrested While Carrying Megaphone Marked with “FBI” On It

Smells fishy…

Protesting is entrenched in American culture. Across U.S. history, peaceful protests have ignited social change. Nonetheless, sometimes protests are just for the sake of protesting. As long as those voicing their opinions do not violate the law, they’re allowed to peacefully assemble.

But when do such protests break the law, or become inappropriate because they violate a level of common courtesy? Often, protests are manipulated from within. Law enforcement infiltrates the group. Such an instance happened ahead of a Patriot Front protest in Idaho.

The alleged white supremacist group was preparing to voice their disapproval of a gay pride event. Before they could even stage their protest, members of the group were arrested during their trip. Shields were found in the back of the U-Haul truck the members were driving.

Local officials admitted to having known about the group’s movements because they were infiltrated by law enforcement officers. We’re uncertain if one odd discovery came from the infiltrators or was brought by an actual member of the Patriot Front.

Video of the arrest showed an oddly high number of federal officers. There was also an FBI megaphone among the items confiscated. How did a Patriot Front member get an FBI megaphone in the first place? Or was it brought by one of the alleged infiltrators?

No one was sure why this member was carrying a megaphone labeled FBI. But one thing is certain: members of this group were infiltrated and eventually arrested before staging what appeared to be a justified and legal protest.

But what about the wave of protesters marching outside the homes of United States Supreme Court Justices? These people are not only disturbing the peace, they’re in violation of U.S. federal law. Why aren’t they being dispersed or ultimately arrested if they don’t?

Under 18 U.S.C. § 1507, such protests outside judges’ homes are illegal. Why are these people being permitted to continue to protest? It’s because the opinion they’re voicing disagrees with core conservative values.

Those protesting outside the homes of conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices are raving liberals. These radicals do not care if they violate the law or abuse the right to privacy. The Biden Department of Justice is not going to do anything until forced to.

That almost happened. A crazed individual traveled to the home of one justice intending to murder him. When, is enough, enough? A group of (albeit heavily right-wing) protesters gets arrested before they even start their protest.

But a mob of sign-waving liberals is allowed to disrupt the personal privacy of federal judges. In fact, these protests are a clear violation of U.S. federal law. It’s a sickening double standard that’s permeated our great nation. You can say what you want as long as what you say falls in line with the liberal narrative.

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