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Attacking Trump

Pat Caddell Remembered: AZ Billboard Shows The Left Doesn’t Understand Trump the Populist

The left is revealing their devotion to party politics while a massive Populist Movement emerges all around them and they are too shallow to step outside of their programming to investigate what is happening; Americans are not interested in political parties, they are interested in President Donald J. Trump.

It is becoming clear to many political watchers that the predictions of the great Democrat pollster Pat Caddell, is now in full swing.- Politicians and the Press have become an enemy to Democracy.

Cadell was described shortly after his death by Politico as ” the prophet of the alienated electorate, a pollster who saw long before others how and why Americans were losing faith in their postwar political system and the politicians running it.”

The Democrat Party refused to see Caddell too.

Still, Democrat diehards refuse to give up the Democrat “company line” that their party will represent American’s needs in the great halls of Washington DC and State Capitals everywhere. They are not. They have not for decades.

Jump into this story of a group of young people who are attempting to shame Trump for retweeting a post that is critical of the Republican Party and to Republicans in Georgia, believing that it will help them win the election for Joe Biden.

What is happening is that Trump is emerging as the most powerful politician of our lifetimes, representing both Republicans and Democrats. Each party is bleeding membership from people disgusted with their party. By speaking directly to the majority of American people who hate both political parties, Trump has elevated himself, and now this group just elevated him to a Billboard.

That’s it? They promoted Trump Retweeting something? As if they caught him?

Calling Trump a “Crybaby” is only going to drive people to him. When will the left learn that after 4 years of watching every illegal and underhanded attack upon their President, the American people hate political parties?

Fox News Atlanta reported:

A tweet mocking Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, retweeted by President Donald Trump, is now on a billboard going up in Georgia.

The president retweeted the tweet by Carmine Sabia that says in part: “Why to bother voting for republicans if what you get are Ducey and Kemp?
It happened November 30 when Trump lashed out at Ducey and Kemp, the same day Arizona’s governor certified the election, along with Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

The billboards are from Meidas Touch. The federal SuperPAC comprises three brothers, behind digital videos that targeted the president during the election season.

The group is now targeting the two Republicans in the Georgia Senate runoff elections next month. The election will determine which party controls the Senate.

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler faces Democratic Rev. Raphael Warnock, and in the other race, Republican Sen. David Perdue faces Democrat Jon Ossoff.

Brett Meiselas of Meidas Touch tells FOX 10 the billboard is one of the various 56 billboards it has going up across Georgia.

He says the billboard with the names of Ducey and Kemp will be placed more heavily in conservative-leaning cities and counties.

Look at these braggarts who believe they have Trump on the run for retweeting something critical about the Republican Party, drawing from Maoist tactics of humiliation in the public square.  This level of political savvy and understanding should be left for highschoolers running for the class officer. 

Ding describes himself as “Epidemiologist & Health Economist. Senior Fellow. Fmr 16 yrs @Harvard. Fmr drug safety whistleblower. RoomRater 10/10. #COVID19 updates from Jan’20″

Isn’t that special? He is so much above the working class people of the country, isn’t he? Isn’t that what Harvard is about?


President Trump is gathering massive power as a leader of a movement that has attracted Americans from all walks of life, from Ivy League to the work the ing-class, to the homeless and they are devoted to him as their champion because he understands their values and also what they need. That is a Populism.

The best thing that could happen to the left is that Trump gets into office, because if he doesn’t, Trump is free to do many things with his time, and he might well be the greatest unifying figure in the country since George Washington. One thing we know for sure he is not going to direct people to join the ranks of the Democrat/RINO Swamp.

If you want to understand what is emerging as a powerful political movement, read up on Pat Caddell, because he predicted that exactly what is unfolding now, would happen. Some people know the smart people to follow:

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