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Parents Make Plea For Accountability At Son’s Funeral: Veteran Son Committed Suicide After Being Attacked And Then Harassed By BLM Mob

The media headlines, after a US military veteran was caught in a Black Lives Matter riot, attempting to save his business and was savagely attacked, was that a “White Bar Owner Who Shot Black Protester in Omaha Won’t Face Charges“, but that doesn’t tell the full the story.

In the Spring of 2020 at the beginning of the national meltdown of leftist riots, Jake Gardner was put in a horrifying position by his own country, after serving in the military and after trying to save his business and himself and his father in self-defense. F

When a riot broke out at the scene of the business he and his father were trying to protect, after being attacked numerous times, according to his parents, Gardner shot a warning shot to be able to separate himself from the beatings, killing a man James Scurlock who had been attacking him.

Gardner was originally cleared of wrongdoing, citing self-defense and based on clear video evidence that showed Gardner was acting in self-defense.


The violent mob harassed the state Attorney General, who appointed  Fred Franklin into pursuing charges,  and being unable to take any more depression over it, Jake Gardner ended up taking his own life.

“By trying a man who Franklin knew to be innocent, it is speculated that he may have been hoping to be involved in a high profile case and make money selling a book about it. Jake was charged with 94 years of unjust charges for having the courage to defend his own life from a violent multiple felon who was actively trying to choke him to death, all of which were captured on high-resolution video,” Jake’s parents wrote. 

Now the parents ask for America’s help:

“Instead of flowers, or donations, the family asks that anyone concerned with having the truth revealed to write Governor Pete Ricketts and request that the grand jury transcripts be unsealed…

So that those that falsified evidence and bore false witness an innocent American Hero can be held accountable. Office of the Governor PO Box 94848 Lincoln, NE 68509-4848 Office Email: [email protected],” a poster known as @Beardvet posted on Twitter on Saturday. “


The parents of Jake Gardner released a statement of the full and complete details of Garnder’s personal life, his service to America, the crimes committed against him, and his death.

From Gardner’s parent’s statement emerges a story of frustrating details that could have happened to any of us, especially after a year of great disappointments and violence:

When the scourge of the coronavirus took hold of the country, Jake’s business ground to a halt. On May 30th 2020 he was busy preparing for his business to reopen the following week. Tragically, that night violent rioters committed assaults and property damage in downtown Omaha. Jake’s plan was simple, protect his business from being burned, pull the fire alarm and call the police when the windows were broken.

The windows were broken, and Jake called the police and pulled the fire alarm. After the crowd of destructive rioters cleared the street Jake and his father went out on the sidewalk to survey the damage. Unfortunately the property damage was not enough to appease the violent mob, and many rioters returned to find more targets of opportunity.

More widows began to be broken and Jake’s father told the rioters responsible to leave. Then the surveillance video shows his father was violently attacked. Jake did not see the assault of his father, but ran up the street and positioned himself in between the advancing violent mob and his downed father. For over 50 feet Jake walks backwards trying to deescalate the situation. In the final moments of the altercation Jake was tackled by multiple assailants, with his back on the concrete as a last resort he discharged one warning shot in the air with the pistol he was legally allowed to possess in that situation under Nebraska state Law.

Jake’s original attackers flee and Jake rolled over on his hands and knees to try to get up. At that moment another assailant jumps on Jake’s back and puts him in a rear naked choke. It was a technique designed to try to kill Jake Gardner. The incident marks the third time that evening that Jake’s current assailant had attacked the business. Jake’s final assailant was a violent career criminal, that had already been convicted of an armed home invasion, and the beating of a pregnant woman, his own child’s mother.

The assailant was trying to choke Jake to death. Jake can be heard pleading with his assailant on the video evidence, “Get off me, get off me, please get off me.” To save his own life, Jake Gardner was forced to reach over his shoulder, then shot and killed his attacker.

The following day, Omaha DA Don Klein had a press conference where he showed the video exonerating Jake Gardner of any wrong doing, and announced Jake would not be charged.

Sadly, after 36 days of protests outside his house the DA caved to the will of the mob, and appointed Fred Franklin as a special prosecutor.

Fred Franklin convened a grand jury, then engaged in the falsifying of evidence and other unlawful conduct. Franklin’s motives are undoubtedly nefarious, but according to a US attorney that worked with Franklin one stands out, greed.


By trying a man who Franklin knew to be innocent, it is speculated that he may have been hoping to be involved in a high profile case and make money selling a book about it. Jake was charged with 94 years of unjust charges for having the courage to defend his own life from a violent multiple felon who was actively trying to choke him to death, all of which was captured on high resolution video. As Jake once remarked, “It’s hard to know what someone looks like when they jump on your back in the middle of the night and try to choke you to death.”

After the corrupt decision of the grand jury based on falsified evidence was revealed, Jake lost all hope in the legal system and tragically ended his own life on September 20, 2020.

Jake Gardner was laid to rest among other heroes of this great nation in Arlington, Virginia, with full military honors.

Those that knew and loved Jake are people that represent different races, cultures, and creeds. All will remember Jake’s smile, his character, his dedication to defend the constitution, his wit, his intellect, and his willingness to help those in need.

He was a man that fought valiantly against terrorism and violent extremism in Iraq, Haiti, and Omaha. He was truly, a Superman. We pray that he has found eternal peace among the sound of lapping waves on heaven’s beach.

Further reading about the riot that night: HERE

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