Schiff Nervous –  Mueller to Testify About Sham Trump-Russia Investigation (VIDEO)

Schiff Nervous – Mueller to Testify About Sham Trump-Russia Investigation (VIDEO)

A byproduct of the hatred the left has for President Trump is their necessity to strike back at anyone, or news, that shines a good light on him. Finally, after three-plus years, we are starting to get the fall out from all the investigations, charges, and now sentencing.

General Michael Flynn, who agree to a plea deal on December first, 2017, has subsequently aked to withdraw his plea after evidence came out that the FBI had set him up, di not have evidence, nor advised he was interviewed as part of an investigation.  A deep state Judge, District Judge Emmet Sullivan, denied General Flynn’s request but a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit split 2-1 along ideological lines as it backed Flynn’s unusual bid to strong-arm U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan into accepting Attorney General William Barr’s move to pull the plug on the case against President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser.

Former campaign advisor, Roger Stone,67, a longtime Republican operative, was convicted of obstructing a congressional investigation into Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign and possible ties to Russia. Though issues such as the jury forewoman posting online about her disdain for Mr. Stone and President Trump, which she did not disclose during jury selection, the Obama appointed Judge, rejected his requests for a mistrial and moved forward with sentencing. President Trump gave him clemency for all the charges on Friday.

With the announcement of Stone’s pardon, the former special counsel of the Russian interference investigation had to strike back submitting an op-ed to the Washington Post.

In response, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) announced Sunday that he will call former special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before the committee after Mueller penned a Washington Post op-ed slammed President Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence. This announcement has put a lot of those, who hopefully will be brought to justice soon, on alert as Mr. Mueller has all the information concerning the illegal actions taking my Adam Schiff and others in their attempt to take down a duly elected President Of The United States.

From The Gateway Pundit

House Intelligence Chairman and serial liar Adam Schiff on Sunday wasn’t too happy about Lindsey Graham’s move to call in Robert Mueller to testify about the sham Trump-Russia investigation.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Sunday announced he will be calling Robert Mueller to testify after the former special counsel blasted Roger Stone in a Washington Post op-ed.

“Apparently Mr. Mueller is willing – and also capable – of defending the Mueller investigation through an oped in the Washington Post.” – Lindsey Graham said.

“Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have previously requested Mr. Mueller appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about his investigation. That request will be granted,” he added.

Adam Schitt Schiff seemed nervous about the idea of Mueller testifying again now that the DOJ has declassified countless documents proving the special counsel’s Russian collusion investigation was a complete scam. “I suspect that all Lindsey Graham wants to do is continue his counter-factual counter-narrative, that is that Donald Trump is somehow the victim when Donald Trump was the one inviting Russians to help him get elected in the first place,” Schiff said.

Schiff echoed Mueller’s lies and asserted Roger Stone was acting as an intermediary for the Trump campaign and communicating with Russian intel through their ‘cutout’ WikiLeaks. This is a blatant lie and the fact that Roger Stone was never even charged with an underlying crime further proves Mueller (Weissmann) had NOTHING. Roger Stone was charged with process crimes after countless hours of questioning by Mueller’s crooked team of Democrats because there was no hacking and Stone never broke the law.

The cat and mouse show continues. What frustrates a lot of Americans is the very slow wheels of justice on Capitol Hill, except when you need the President impeached, before Christmas, then you can move at amazing speed. The deep state used Flynn. Stone, Michel Cohen, and Paul Manafort for easy process crime convictions to give the impression everyone working with President Trump is dirty. In reality, they expected these, and the fake dossier would force President Trump out of office, and this responsibility fell on the shoulders of Robert Mueller. After seeing Mr. Mueller’s previous testimony, I believe Andrew Weisman wrote the opt-ed for Mueller, but it will be Mueller that will be on the hot seat. They would have been better to keep their mouths shut, now the aging guy they did not want to testify again, will be in front of the world soon.

Court Implicates HRC In Plot To Sabotage Trump Campaign, Rules That It Was Her Campaign Who Paid For Steele’s Sham Dossier

Court Implicates HRC In Plot To Sabotage Trump Campaign, Rules That It Was Her Campaign Who Paid For Steele’s Sham Dossier

Opinion| Eric Tompson| Remember back to the third 2016 presidential debate when Hillary Clinton seemed to accuse Vladimir  Putin of favoring then-candidate Donald Trump by directing a surveillance campaign against the DNC and then passing hacked emails along to WikiLeaks who made them public?

Now listen closely.  Hillary’s words were carefully delivered to create the impression among viewers that Russian operatives were behind the hacked emails when no actual evidence actually existed of that.

Hillary Clinton: The Russian government has engaged in espionage against American, against American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions.  Then they have given that information to Wikileaks for the purpose of putting it on the internet…

That’s a general statement that probably can’t be refuted, but it’s true of our own government as well… the only difference is instead of disseminating the damning information on the internet our intelligence agencies use the legacy media… The Washington Post and the NY Times are two favorites.

Then more generalities from Madame Clinton, “It’s pretty clear that Russians have engaged in cyber attacks against the United States of America…

“that’s because, he’d [Putin] rather have a puppet [Trump] at this stage.”

The thin reed Clinton’s allegations were reliant upon collapsed when the president of Crowdstrike, the DNC contractor paid to prove Russia was responsible for exfiltrating the hacked emails (yeah, the FBI took the word of DNC paid agents rather than doing their own forensic analysis), admitted under oath -three years later – that it had found no evidence that Russia exfiltrated any emails from the DNC server.

That fact didn’t deter the FBI, the DOJ, and a special counsel, from embarking on an evidence-free, three-year witch hunt against our president, aided by the Obama administration’s head of the CIA, John Brennan, and DNI, James Clapper among many other high-ranking officials aligned with the former president.

Now, British Justice Warby has further exposed the FBI’s malfeasance on behalf of Hillary’s effort to steal the presidency when he entered a 52-page ruling:

In his ruling, Justice Warby found that Hillary Clinton was Christopher Steele’s ultimate client after the entire operation was laundered through the law firm Perkins Coie.

Conclusion… The corruption of the Obama administration was so pervasive that even three years after a bogus report (the Steele Dossier) was paid for and promoted by a losing presidential candidate, it still served as the predicate for an FBI, populated by Obama holdovers, to attempt to drive a duly-elected president from office. 

Here comes the counterpunches … and when they land, it’s going to be EPIC.

FBI and DOJ Refuse to Produce Records on Seth Rich and Hillary’s Emails Until After the Election

FBI and DOJ Refuse to Produce Records on Seth Rich and Hillary’s Emails Until After the Election

Lawyer Ty Clevenger requested information on Seth Rich and Hillary Clinton’s emails two years ago and now, the DOJ and the FBI have informed Clevenger and the court that they will need another 8 to 10 months to make the information available.

That is very convenient for the Democrats and Joe Biden.

Both still claim President Trump colluded with Russia to release the emails to Wikileaks. But, the communications over Seth Rich could prove once and for all that Russia did not hack into the DNC servers.

They know the information will have to be released but they want to run out the clock before the presidential election.

The Deep State originally spoon-fed the Russia/Trump collusion story to  Ellen Nakashima, a Deep State favorite from the Washington Post.

In her story, she claimed that Russia had definitely hacked the DNC servers and that Crowdstrike President Shawn Henry had verified that fact.

Then, Richard Grenell ordered transcripts released that Adan Schiff had been hiding for over two years that revealed that Henry actually said there was no proof that Russia or anyone else hacked the DNC.

The Deep State obviously wants as many people to believe their lies as possible during the election.

From The Gateway Pundit

Then, after years of being hidden by corrupt lying Representative Adam Schiff in Congress, a number of testimonies related to the Russia collusion sham were unveiled after Schiff received pressure from Richard Grenell, the Acting Director of National Intelligence (ADNI) to release the transcripts. One transcript was from Crowdstrike’s Shawn Henry who stated under oath that Crowdstrike had no evidence that Russia even “exfiltrated” the emails from the DNC. The whole ‘Russia stole the DNC emails and sent them to WikiLeaks’ story was a fraud.

Many people suspected that in 2016 a young man working for the DNC by the name of Seth Rich, copied emails from the DNC and shared them with WikiLeaks. Mr. Rich was murdered in Washington D.C. in July 2016 and it was labeled a robbery, but his wallet, phone and watch were found on his person when the police arrived at the scene. We reported numerous oddities surrounding his death.

For years the Seth Rich story has been covered up and labeled a conspiracy. However, we reported numerous incidents and activities within the Deep State related to covering up the Seth Rich story. We recently reported that Judicial Watch released documents obtained in a FOIA request. These emails revealed that corrupt cops Peter Strzok and Jonathan Moffa were copied in an email regarding a report from Daily Mail where ex-Brit Craig Murray claimed he traveled to Washington DC and obtained Clinton emails in an exchange in a wooded area near American University.

Cohen lobs bombs at Trump during fiery hearing, stops short of collusion claim as GOP bashes credibility

Cohen lobs bombs at Trump during fiery hearing, stops short of collusion claim as GOP bashes credibility

Michael Cohen, the former fixer about to begin a three-year prison term, completed his renunciation of President Trump during an explosive congressional hearing Wednesday that left no room for reconciliation – calling his former boss a racist, testifying he was aware of an adviser’s talks with WikiLeaks about stolen Democratic emails during the 2016 campaign and alleging he oversaw an array of illicit schemes during the 10 years they worked together.

Micheal Cohen, one of Trump’s previous lawyers, is set to go to jail in March for three years on various finance felonies that have nothing to do with President Trump. Today Cohen is sitting before the House of Representatives to answer questions about his involvement with Trump and if he can implicate Trump in any impeachable offenses. Of course, he could not. He could not testify that Trump colluded with Russia and he could not prove that the payments to hush supposed lovers were with campaign finances. So all in all, this is just another hearing put on by the Democrats to try to make President Trump look bad in the eyes of the American people.

Some of Cohen’s statements were just character bashing of Trump and to make him look like a dangerous businessman.

“He is a racist. He is a conman. And he is a cheat,” Cohen testified, setting the tone for the hearing. After outlining numerous alleged misdeeds by Trump, Cohen expressed regret and repeated the refrain, “yet I continued to work for him.”

Cohen also said Trump had no intention on winning the election and that it was all about promoting his brand. Did Trump need to promote is brand? Trump is known all over the world. He is a billionaire.  And if Trump wasn’t trying to win, then why would he care about Hillary’s emails or colluding with Russia?

Some of the questions to Cohen were about the money he sent to two ladies who allegedly had affairs with Trump. But it is clear that the money paid to them wasn’t from campaign money. Therefore, who cares? It isn’t an impeachable offense. If anything, it just makes it look like he was trying to cover a story that might hurt his image. And Cohen admitted they paid many people to keep them from publishing false stories as well as ones that might be true. I’m sure many people do this to take advantage of rich people.

“Cohen outlined a slew of other alleged misdeeds by Trump, including lying about his total assets to reduce his taxes and even trying to strong-arm academic officials into keeping his SAT scores and grades secret. And he repeatedly accused Trump of racism.”

It’s interesting how the Democrats keep accusing President Trump of divisive behavior but don’t consider their behavior divisive at all.

All in all this hearing was another moment of theater to fulfill their agenda to plot the America people against their president.

UAF Admin.

Source: Cohen lobs bombs at Trump during fiery hearing, stops short of collusion claim as GOP bashes credibility

Roger Stone pleads not guilty to Mueller charges in federal court

Roger Stone pleads not guilty to Mueller charges in federal court

Former Trump political adviser Roger Stone on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to obstruction of justice, witness tampering and making false statements to Congress after being indicted last week as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Stone appeared in federal court for the District of Columbia before Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson. He entered a not guilty plea through his attorney Robert Buschel. A status hearing was scheduled for Feb. 1.

Robinson on Tuesday ordered Stone not to travel anywhere other than Washington, the Eastern District of New York, and the Southern District of Florida while the case is pending. Robinson also said Stone is not permitted to have a passport in his possession or apply for any new passport. Stone was also ordered to return to court “whenever required.”

Stone, 66, was taken into custody last Friday after being indicted by a federal grand jury a day earlier as part of Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling and potential collusion with Trump campaign associates in the 2016 presidential election. More than a dozen FBI agents arrived in tactical gear outside of Stone’s home early Friday morning.

The 24-page indictment released last Friday alleges that Stone worked to obstruct the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 election by making false statements to the committee, denying he had records sought by the committee and persuading a witness to provide false testimony.

The indictment does not charge Stone with conspiring with WikiLeaks, the anti-secrecy website that published the emails, or with Russian officers Mueller says hacked them. Instead, it accuses him of witness tampering, obstruction, and false statements about his interactions related to WikiLeaks.

Stone’s arrest drew scrutiny on social media—even from President Trump, who said “Border Coyotes, Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers are treated better.”

“At the crack of dawn, 29 FBI agents arrived at my home with 17 vehicles, with lights flashing, when they could have contacted my lawyer,” Stone explained after a court appearance on the day of his arrest. “But the FBI agents were extraordinarily courteous.”

Stone’s attorney added that his client’s arrest was a “spectacle.”

But one senior federal law enforcement source told Fox News that the operation was “standard” for a home arrest. The source told Fox News that home arrests typically take place early in the morning with a team of FBI agents in protective gear, adding that Stone’s situation was “nothing out of the ordinary.”

Stone served as an adviser to Trump for years before Trump ran for president. He left Trump’s campaign in August 2015, but maintained regular contact with and publicly supported the Trump campaign throughout the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller’s investigation, which was initially ordered to look into the 2016 election, has gone on for more than a year and half. It has expanded to probe financial crimes of Trump associates before the election, conversations Trump’s national security adviser had with the Russians during the transition and whether Trump obstructed justice with his comments and actions related to the probe.

Twenty-six Russian nationals and three Russian companies have been charged with interfering in the 2016 presidential election. But none of the Trump associates connected to Trump have been charged with crimes related to collusion.

Other convictions include former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, who both pleaded guilty to making false statements in 2017. Former campaign adviser Rick Gates in 2018 pleaded guilty and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted and later pleaded guilty in a separate financial crimes case dating back before the 2016 election.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to making false statements in a case brought by Mueller in November. Alex van der Zwaan, a London-based lawyer, pleaded guilty to making false statements this year, and Richard Pinedo, a California man, pleaded guilty to identity fraud in 2018.

Fox News’ Alex Pappas contributed to this report. 

Source: Roger Stone pleads not guilty to Mueller charges in federal court