Judicial Watch Just Blew The Roof Off The Benghazi Cover Up With Breaking FOIA

Judicial Watch Just Blew The Roof Off The Benghazi Cover Up With Breaking FOIA

Opinion| Mark Sidney| If it were not for Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch, it is more than likely that the world would never know the extent of, or perhaps even the existence of, a number of Obama era scandals.

For an administration that loves to claim that it was ‘scandal free’ there sure seem to be a lot of loose ends that keep coming unraveled. Today it is Benghazi that we are learning more about.

Moments ago, Fitton’s Judicial Watch, revealed new documents from Barry’s administration’s attempts to control what the public knew, and when we knew it …

Judicial Watch: DOJ Records Reveal Obama White House Effort to ‘Evolve’ Explanation of Benghazi Terrorist Attack

Emails Document Senior Obama White House-Clinton State Dept. Officials Joke About Being Called ‘Liars’ About Benghazi

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) released 80 pages of records that show top Obama White House officials scrambling to “evolve” its false claims that the September 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on U.S. Government facilities in Benghazi, Libya, began “spontaneously” in response to an anti-Muslim video on the Internet. The emails show top Obama White House official Ben Rhodes and Clinton State Department Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan joking about being called “liars” and “leakers.”

The records were produced in response to a Judicial Watch 2016 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:16-cv-02046)). Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the Justice Department failed to comply with a July 7, 2016, FOIA request for records of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure.

On September 16, 2012, then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on five Sunday television talk shows claiming the Benghazi attack was incited spontaneously by an anti-Muslim Internet video. The newly released records show a redacted official’s email from September 27 to then-Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes and then-NSC spokesman Tommy Vietor, copying then-Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan, saying, “What’s the plan here?” Rhodes responds:

Broader plan is IC [intelligence community] acknowledgement of an evolving assessment of what took place, which happens to be true (unlike just about everything else we’ve seen reported on Benghazi.)

Further along in the email thread, an official whose name is redacted, says, “Everyone know [sic] Susan [in her TV appearances] was using not just IC approved guidance, but IC created.”

Additionally, Rhodes says to Sullivan and other redacted officials:

At least you’re only a liar. Could be worse – we’re liars and also allegedly leakers. So you’ve got that going for you, which is something.

Sullivan replies: “We’re only lying footsoldiers [sic]. You’re lying masterminds. That’s cooler.”

A redacted official replies to Sullivan: “I prefer that we go by henchmen. Has more of a Marvel comic sinisterness to it. There should be a cable show where all the guests, and the anchor, have to wear polygraphs. Or, when there’s a dispute between source, the aggrieved parties take a poly, with some neutral third party rendering judgment. The Biggest Liar.”

Rhodes says to Sullivan: “I’d like to go on television and tell everybody what I think…. Look at it this way. I[t] could be worse. You could be a career bureaucrat whose greatest thrill in life is leaking half-truths, self-justifications and outright lies to the likes of Eli Lake, Kim Dozier, and whoever picks up the phone at Fox News.”

Judicial Watch previously uncovered that on September 14 Rhodes and other Obama administration officials were attempting to orchestrate a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Also included were numerous emails sent during the assault on the Benghazi diplomatic facility. The contemporaneous and dramatic emails describe the assault as an “attack:”

As reported, the Benghazi compound came under attack and it took a bit of time for the ‘Annex’ colleagues and Libyan February 17 brigade to secure it. One of our colleagues was killed – IMO Sean Smith. Amb Chris Stevens, who was visiting Benghazi this week is missing.  U.S. and Libyan colleagues are looking for him…

At 8:51 pm, Pelofsky tells Rice and others that “Post received a call from a person using an [sic] RSO phone that Chris was given saying the caller was with a person matching Chris’s description at a hospital and that he was alive and well.  Of course, if he were alive and well, one could ask why he didn’t make the call himself.”

Later that evening, Pelofsky emailed Rice that he was “very, very worried.  In particular that he [Stevens] is either dead or this was a concerted effort to kidnap him.”  Rice replied, “God forbid.”

The new records show a December 2, 2015, communication from NASA Regional Counterintelligence Director Arthur Payton to the FBI Counterintelligence Division in which Payton returns a review of evidence obtained in the course of the FBI investigation of Clinton’s email server, specifically, a “classification and determination review.” The contents of the classification review and determination were not included among the records released.

In an April 20, 2016, memorandum from Robert Zanger, of DOJ’s Office of Records Management and Policy, to Peter Strzok memorializing an earlier request by Strzok, Zanger indicates that Strzok had requested that DOJ produce “‘all electronic and transactional records between any @clintonemail.com email account’ and thirty-nine (39) specified DOJ email accounts …’” Strzok also asked the DOJ for a “general, or gateway, search of its [DOJ’s] systems for any other electronic and transactional records involving the identified external e-mail domain [@clintonemail.com].” The April 20 memo indicates DOJ complied with the request, saying, “JMD  [Justice Management Division] searched for any appearance of the @clintonemail.com domain in the electronic information (including emails and documents) of current and departed named custodians from the components for which JMD maintains electronic information. JMD located a small number of documents, but no email between the @clintonemail.com domain and any named custodian.” The memo notes that JMD had other DOJ components search their records too, and that:

The Civil Division located nine documents containing the term @clintonemail.com. A review of the content of the nine records by the Civil Division confirmed that the responses were related to the Division’s handling of Freedom of Information Act litigation, not communications between the custodian and the @clintonemail.com domain.

The memo noted that while it conducted a search of DOJ’s email gateway server for any email between DOJ email accounts and the @clintonemail.com domain, “The server log is maintained for a period of two years. [Emphasis added] JMD performed a search [April 2016] in the JMD-managed Email Gateway Server Log for the @clintonemail.com domain covering the period of 2/3/14 to 2/3/16 and found no email to or from the @clintonemail.com domain. [By the time this search was conducted, and no records were found, Clinton had been out of office as secretary of state since January 2013, a period of three years and three months.]

In a January 28, 2016, memo from Peter Strzok to the Counterespionage Group at the CIA, Strzok says that – due to a Section 811(c) referral under the Intelligence Authorization Act from the Intelligence Community Inspector General relating to the unauthorized release of classified information – the FBI is requesting a copy of a document, the title of which is redacted. Strzok notes that, “The assessment was provided to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the National Security Council (NSC) and to the Department of State (DoS) in, or around, October of 2009.”

In connection with an apparent response to the above “Request for Records,” an FBI memo dated June 27, 2016, indicates that the CIA provided the document sought. The synopsis of the memo reads: “CIA response to FBI LHM [Letterhead Memo] dated January 28, 2016 regarding a document request.” The memo further notes: “[redacted] document attached to CIOL [apparently referring to a Counterintelligence Operations Letter].”

“Joking about being called ‘liars’ after being caught lying about the Benghazi terrorist attack says a lot about the Obama-Clinton team’s contempt for the rule of law and those four innocent Americans murdered in Libya September 11, 2012,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The documents also show that Ben Rhodes, the Obama White House official who created the false story for Susan Rice to use on Benghazi, was planning to orchestrate again an ‘evolving’ explanation about the Benghazi attack by the Intelligence Community in time for then-President Obama’s reelection.”’

#Obamagate trends on Twitter as Appeals court orders judge to dismiss Flynn charges

#Obamagate trends on Twitter as Appeals court orders judge to dismiss Flynn charges


This is a positive step towards redemption for Michael Flynn who was set up by Obama’s FBI Director Comey and other operatives.

From Fox News

Michael Flynn’s lawyers said newly uncovered notes from former FBI official Peter Strzok indicate then-FBI Director James Comey appeared to downplay Flynn’s calls during the presidential transition with Russia’s ambassador as “legit” during a meeting where then-President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden also weighed in.

The handwritten notes, purportedly penned by Strzok, were submitted by Flynn’s legal team on Wednesday as part of his court case, after acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin and the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia shared them with his attorneys.

On Wednesday, after a federal appeals court ordered Flynn’s case be dismissed, Powell filed the notes and claimed they produced “further stunning and exculpatory evidence” that was previously withheld from Flynn.

Powell wrote that the notes show that “Director Comey himself and the highest levels of the Obama Administration had the transcripts of Flynn’s phone calls with officials of other countries and knew General Flynn’s calls were lawful and proper.”

“Strzok’s notes believed to be of January 4, 2017, reveal that former President Obama, James Comey, Sally Yates, Joe Biden, and apparently Susan Rice discussed the transcripts of Flynn’s calls and how to proceed against him,” Powell wrote. “Mr. Obama himself directed that ‘the right people’ investigate General Flynn.”


From The Hill

A federal appeals court on Wednesday ordered a judge to grant the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) unusual move to drop charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

A three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals approved Flynn’s petition to intervene in the case after a district court judge had tapped an outside counsel to argue against the DOJ’s move.

The panel ruled 2-1, with two Republican-appointed judges carrying the majority, that U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan overstepped his authority in second-guessing the prosecutors’ decision.

“In this case, the district court’s actions will result in specific harms to the exercise of the Executive Branch’s exclusive prosecutorial power,” Judge Neomi Rao, who was appointed to the circuit court by President Trump, wrote in the majority opinion.

“If evidence comes to light calling into question the integrity or purpose of an underlying criminal investigation, the Executive Branch must have the authority to decide that further prosecution is not in the interest of justice,” Rao added.

Judge Robert Wilkins, an Obama appointee, dissented from the decision, saying he would grant Sullivan the space to explore the DOJ’s request for dismissal.

As all this plays out #Obamagate trends on Twitter.

Source: Appeals court orders judge to dismiss Flynn charges

Warren Moves to Secure VP Bid: Pandering to Black Leaders and Legislation to Remove Statues.

Warren Moves to Secure VP Bid: Pandering to Black Leaders and Legislation to Remove Statues.

Warren has been very busy trying to secure her bid for VP. Friday Elizabeth Warren joined a virtual happy hour where five African American women co-hosting the #TheSipHour mused about calling her by her first name.

She pandered back at them saying:

“I was going to say I’m here today as an ally, but can we really just say co-conspirator?” laughed Warren, one of the few white women to appear at the events organized by Higher Heights For America, which promotes the organizing and voting power of black women. “Nothing’s going to change unless it is black women’s voices that are uplifted.”

According to AP:

Biden’s vice presidential search is entering a new round of vetting, and Warren is still on the list along with several black women. They include Sen. Kamala Harris of California; Susan Rice, who served as President Barack Obama’s national security adviser; Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms; and Rep. Val Demings. New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Latina, is also being considered.

Warren did a virtual fundraiser for Biden that raised over $6 million.

During her bid for the Democratic nomination, Warren actively courted black activists and assembled a deep roster of endorsements. She gave a memorable speech in Atlanta in November on empowering black women and combating institutional racism.

In one debate Warren noted that Democrats often make promises during elections and never live up to their promises. She said she would not do that. Her honesty appealed to many blacks.

The article in AP also reported:

She joined Black Lives Matter protesters outside the White House this month with her husband and their golden retriever, Bailey. She has called for banning chokeholds as just the start of a larger overhaul of policing nationwide, and introduced legislation prohibiting the use of Confederate names and symbols from all U.S. military assets that has even drawn the support of some of her Republican Senate colleagues — as well as Biden.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson hosted a virtual town hall with Warren this month on the effects of the coronavirus. He said he still considers her “in the mix” for the vice presidential slot, but said picking a black woman could give Biden a boost in support from African American female voters that might be similar to the one that lifted Democrat Doug Jones to an upset 2017 Senate victory in Alabama.

“I think he should choose an African American,” Jackson said. “He needs the South to come alive.”

While a lot of blacks are calling for a black VP, 7 out of 10 blacks did say they would be happy with Warren as VP.


Source: Warren’s outreach to black voters could help VP standing

Sleepy Joe Biden Releases His 6 Female Finalists For VP, However, It’s Who’s NOT On The List That’s Making News

Sleepy Joe Biden Releases His 6 Female Finalists For VP, However, It’s Who’s NOT On The List That’s Making News

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  In 1984, I mean 2020, the ultimate act of being ‘woke’ and honoring the principle of ‘equality’ is selecting people for jobs based on their sex organs and the amount of melanin in their skin.  That is, as far as I can tell, from the leaders of the Democratic Party’s actions.

As if that were not ironic enough, the Democrats are seeking to drive Trump from office using the 25th Amendment (which states that a President can be removed from office if his cabinet vote that he/she is mentally unfit) with Joe Biden, a man, who clearly, IMHO, is suffering from some sort of … ‘you know, the thing’ (cognitive decline.)

One could not make up a more absurd story if they had a gun to their head, yet here we are.

To prove just how ‘woke’ ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden is, he has promised to pick a Vice Presidential candidate who has female sex organs.  That is his #1 requirement for the job. Not that Joe and his #2 are on the same page on foreign policy, not that that they agree on domestic policy, but rather that they have a vagina.  I suppose that does make sense on some level, seeing as this is Jooe Biden we are talking about here.

After months of hiding God knows where, ‘Sleepy’ Joe has announced his short list for the leading lady he will ask to be his running mate.

There has been no statement from the campaign on whether or not they will need to pass a ‘casting couch’ style interview.  (Dear outrage mob, that is not a joke implying that women are not capable of representing us in office, it is a joke about Joe Biden not being able to control his hands around women and children and his history of abusing his power, both sexual and otherwise: see Ukraine)

So who made the list?

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Rep. Val Demings (D-FL),

Senator Liz Warren,

compulsive liar Susan Rice,

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms,

Kamala Harris

Crazed New Mexico Governor Michelle Grisham.

The real news, in my mind at least, is who did NOT make this short list of six.

I’m sure you remember Ms. Never Give Up, even after you have clearly lost, Stacey Abrams:

Stacey Abrams

Oh, and the oh so lovable, and freedom respecting, Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer.

Gretchen Whitmer

I still do not think that Joe Biden is going to be the nominee for President for the Democrat Party and even if he is, it will only be for a short time before he is replaced.   View this post on Instagram  

A post shared by Mark Sidney (@donaldtrump_is_our_president) on May 15, 2020 at 12:55pm PDT

If Joe is the best that the Democrat Party has to offer … I don’t know what to tell them, other than enjoy another four years of losing.

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Officials Who Raised Red Flags Early in Trump-Russia Probe Were Silenced: Ex-Intelligence Chief

Officials Who Raised Red Flags Early in Trump-Russia Probe Were Silenced: Ex-Intelligence Chief


There is only one reason why these people were silenced and that’s because they Democrats needed this controversy to pit the American people against their president. 

Intelligence officials who made noise about problems with the investigation into Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia were silenced or had their warnings ignored, a top former intelligence official said.

“In the Russian collusion investigation, early on there were people who raised red flags. And many of those people were silenced or their words classified and put away,” Richard Grenell, who served as acting director of national intelligence (DNI) for several months this year, said Wednesday

What happened is “an outrage” and “we have to fix it,” he added, referring to the growing body of evidence showing malfeasance during the collusion probe.

Grenell declassified a number of documents while overseeing the U.S. intelligence community, including a list of people who requested in late 2016 or early 2017 the deanonymizing of retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, Trump’s incoming national security adviser.

Asked if it was possible that President Barack Obama had no idea of what was going on, Grenell said, “There is no possible way that it wasn’t known inside the White House, and that multiple layers of people knew about this.”

He also expressed disbelief over Obama administration officials saying under oath that they knew of no evidence of collusion, conspiracy, or cooperation between Trump’s campaign and Russia but said otherwise in appearances on television.

“When you read the transcripts like I did and you see what was classified and put away and then you actually see what you alluded to, individuals who are under oath say, ‘I see nothing, I see no collusion, there’s nothing, there’s not one thing that I see,’ and then I see those people on television saying the opposite, it angers me as a citizen of this country,” he said.

The transcripts of the appearances behind closed doors before lawmakers years ago were recently made public due to a push from Grenell.

Epoch Times Photo
Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates speaks to lawmakers in a file photograph. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

One transcript showed Sally Yates, a high-level Department of Justice official, saying Obama informed her and other top officials that he knew of details from a phone call between Flynn and Sergey Kisylak, a Russian ambassador, leaving her stunned.

That Jan. 5, 2017 meeting also included, according to varying accounts, then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice, then-FBI Director James Comey, and then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Grenell said the intelligence he viewed while acting DNI, including some information that hasn’t been made public yet, shows that some officials “tried to utilize arms of the U.S. government to weaponize what they wanted to happen, a political weapon in this process,” Grenell said.

“As much as I think it’s just a few bad apples, there’s also a culture of what I would say middle management that looks the other way,” he added, criticizing a culture that makes it difficult for outsiders to enter.

Grenell was made acting DNI in February, replacing outgoing director Joseph Maguire.

He was replaced this week when the Senate approved Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) to the position.

Grenell called for intelligence officials to “come clean and let the public realize the mistakes that were made.”

Americans won’t believe in intelligence agencies unless their reputations are improved, and coming clean is how that’s accomplished, Grenell said. Overclassification, or keeping things secret to protect not just sources and methods but also reputations, was common with intelligence communities.

Grenell was speaking during an interview with “The Mark Levin Show.” It was his first interview since being replaced by Ratcliffe.

Source: Officials Who Raised Red Flags Early in Trump-Russia Probe Were Silenced: Ex-Intelligence Chief



Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany gave the liberal news a little homework when one asked if President Trump would consider pardoning Obama for his crimes.

She said she had not talked to President Trump about that particular question but encouraged the room to become real investigative reporters and ask Obama’s spoke person these questions:

Why did the Obama administration use opposition research funded by a political organization and filled with foreign dirt to surveil members of the Trump Campaign?

Why was lieutenant General Flynn unmasked? Not by the intel community entirely but by Obama’s chief of staff, by the former vice president Joe Biden, by Susan Rice, by the Treasury Secretary?

Why was Flynn’s identity leaked? It’s a criminal act to release Flynn’s identity to the press but it happened.

Why did the DOJ , Sally Yates learn about the unmasking from President Obama? So much for going by the book.

Why did James Clapper, Johns Brennan, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice privately admit under oath they had no evidence of inclusion while saying the opposite?

Wow. I wonder if they will do their homework.





Tensions flare over GOP’s Obama probes

Tensions flare over GOP’s Obama probes


Tensions between the Democrats and Republicans are flaring as the GOP calls for investigation into Obama Administration Officials. All this flared up after the truth behind Flynn’s case was revealed.

The truth is, the only reason why tensions are up is because the Democrats do not like probes into their dirty closet. They could cooperate with the investigations because they say they believe no one is above the law. But we know, according to Democrats, that is only true when it applies to Republicans.

Chuck Schumer said Republicans are chasing a “wild conspiracy theory.”

Considering evidence has already surfaced about the false premise on the dossier and the unconstitutional setup of Flynn, this isn’t a conspiracy. There are hard facts that are calling for further investigations. Unlike the wild conspiracy theory Democrats conjured up about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia. They had zero evidence so they created a fake dossier and then launched a 25 million dollar investigation that proved no collusion. Even Adam Schiff held interviews that proved, no collusion. Now that was a false conspiracy theory that cost the United States millions of dollars. Not to mention divided our country.


Tensions are flaring in the Senate as Republicans prepare to ramp up their investigations into Obama-era officials.

Amid public and private pressure from President Trump, GOP senators are increasingly embracing calls to use their congressional power to investigate some of Trump’s biggest grievances stemming from the Obama administration, including the origins of the Russia investigation, the court established by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and Hunter Biden.

Democrats argue Republicans are using their committee gavels to probe Trump’s political enemies, an effort they say is designed to hunt for political fodder against former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, while inadvertently spreading Russian misinformation.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) railed against Republicans, saying they were chasing a “wild conspiracy theory.”

“Senate Republicans are diving head-first into the muck to smear the family — the family — of the president’s political opponent. It is such a gross misuse of the power of the majority,” Schumer added.

Those frustrations are poised to come to a head as two committee chairmen — Sens. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — have vowed to hold votes on subpoenas as part of their investigations over the objections of Democrats.

Graham is asking for the Judiciary Committee to vote to give him broad subpoena authority to call dozens of officials to testify, either in depositions or hearings, as part of his investigation into the FISA court and “Crossfire Hurricane,” the name of the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s election meddling and the 2016 Trump campaign.

“We’re going to investigate the investigators, and try to find out how Crossfire Hurricane got off the rails,” Graham said.

The subpoena will be on the committee’s agenda Thursday, but the vote is expected to take place on June 4. Under a timeline outlined by Graham, he would release a report on his findings by October, saying he wants “to do it before the election.”

“I want to get all the information out there. … I’m trying to explain to the American people what happened with Crossfire Hurricane,” Graham said when asked if releasing a report in October would look like he was trying to influence the November election.

Meanwhile, Johnson will hold a vote on his own subpoena as part of an investigation into Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, and Burisma Holdings.

Johnson is set to have the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee vote on Wednesday on subpoenaing Blue Star Strategies, a firm with ties to Burisma.

The subpoena vote is just one part of a wide-ranging, and controversial, investigation Johnson is conducting with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) to look into potential wrongdoing or conflicts of interest during the Obama administration. Though Trump has floated the discredited narrative that Joe Biden tried to remove Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin to protect his son, there was bipartisan concern about Shokin at the time and no evidence has emerged to indicate the Bidens engaged in criminal wrongdoing.

Johnson and Grassley on Tuesday also released the declassified version of an email former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice sent regarding a January 2017 Oval Office meeting where the Russia investigation was discussed before Trump was sworn in.

The letter marked the latest move over the past few weeks in which the two GOP chairmen, aided by Trump administration officials, have secured and released long sought-after information.

Those high-profile steps have left Democrats fuming, arguing that Republicans are pursuing political probes amid a global health crisis.

“What a disappointment. To think that this great Senate Judiciary Committee has been absent without leave throughout this whole controversy involving the coronavirus, and is now going to revert to a cheap political trick just months before the election,” said Sen. Dick Durbin (Ill.), the No. 2 Senate Democrat. “I’m sorry that Sen. Graham decided to choose this path.”

Asked if there were any Republicans who would not support the subpoena, Durbin responded, “That would be a real shock and surprise.”

Source: Tensions flare over GOP’s Obama probes | TheHill

At CPAC, Trump Vows To Campaign Against Spineless RINOs to Rid Them From the Party [VIDEO]

At CPAC, Trump Vows To Campaign Against Spineless RINOs to Rid Them From the Party [VIDEO]

Something happened to the Republican Party after Donald Trump came along.  For decades registered Republicans across the country fought to keep the liberal Democrats at bay hoping upon hope that Republican policies would win the day and the American government would start behaving the way the Founding Fathers intended them to behave once again.

But alas, it was not to be, because there are too many fake Republican RINOs – an acronym meaning “Republicans In Name Only” – elected to office who want nothing more than to be loved by the media and the Democrats.  John McCain (dead), Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake (gone), Lisa Murkowski, you know the types, they vote against the party to make it appear that they’re bold and principled by standing up to the mean Republicans and side with the Democrats.  The Democrats on the other hand always stick together whether out of fear or they worked like robots for so long they forget that they are supposed to vote for what’s right for the country.  I’m not all that concerned about the Democrats.  We know what we get with them.

It’s the RINOs we need to worry about.  Worse than Democrats, we often rely on their votes to pass fundamental reforms to the system, and I’,m getting sick and tired of having to worry about what a pompous ass like Romney would do when it comes to certain things.  Wouldn’t it be much better if we got rid of the RINOs and replaced them with solid conservatives who love the Constitution and would never side with the socialist party on the other side of the aisle?

Former President Donald Trump thinks so as well, and on Sunday he revealed how he plans to target those RINO Republicans who supported his second impeachment.

When the House impeached President Trump back in January, they charged him with “incitement of insurrection,” and ten House Republicans joined the Democrats by supporting their radical effort, including Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY), who is the third highest-ranking Republican in the House.

The trend of stupidity continued in the Senate as a group of Republican RINO Senators joined forces with the lunatic liberals and voted to convict and remove President Trump from office even though he had already left office and even though the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court did not preside because even he knew the whole impeachment sham was a real fustercluck.  Fortunately, the Senate did not reach the 67 votes that were needed to set such horrible precedence.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Florida on Sunday, Trump shredded his RINO opponents and vowed he is going to actively campaign against them.  It’s not a get evenism ploy on Trump’s part.  He understands how RINOs bring harm to the cause of liberty, how their selfish actions of “look at me” politics hurt the American people.

“I’m announcing that I will be actively working to elect strong, tough, and smart Republican leaders,” Trump said, and the CPAC crowd started chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

In fact, Trump claimed that RINOs will “destroy the Republican Party and the American worker and will destroy our country itself.”

“Now more than ever is the time for tough, strong, and energetic Republican leaders who have spines of steel. We need strong leadership. We cannot have leaders who show more passion for condemning their fellow Americans than they have ever shown for standing up to Democrats, the media, and the radicals who want to turn America into a socialist country,” Trump said.

“Instead of attacking me and more importantly the voters of our movement, top establishment Republicans in Washington should be spending their energy in opposing Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrats,” Trump declared.

And they never do.  When was the last time you heard any of them take the initiative to stand up against the Democrats on any one of their goofy and dangerous policy proposals?  It just doesn’t happen.  They may sometimes vote against Democrat bills, but they remain quiet leading up to the vote.  In fact, the only time you really see a RINO get vocal is when they are either trashing Trump, Trump supporters, or the American people who disagree with them.

Trump named some Republican politicians he said he will campaign against.

“The Democrats don’t have grandstanders like Mitt Romney, little Ben Sasse, Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, and in the House, Tom Rice [of] South Carolina, Adam Kinzinger, Dan Newhouse, Anthony Gonzalez. That’s another beauty. Fred Upton, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Peter Meyer, John Katko, David Valadao. And of course the warmonger, a person that loves seeing our troops fighting, Liz Cheney. How about that? The good news is in her state, she’s been censured, and in her state, her poll numbers have dropped faster than any human being I’ve ever seen. So hopefully they’ll get rid of her with the next election.”

“Get rid of them all,” Trump declared.

I’m sorry, but there is no other way.  The Democrats stick together to fight for socialism and it’s high time the Republicans have a party in DC that fights together in full strength to push for liberty, less government, lower taxes.  It’s time the GOP stands for America First where working-class families get to live better lives instead of politicians in the DC swamp.

Billionaires Back Claim That Only Amnesty and Illegals Can Save America

Billionaires Back Claim That Only Amnesty and Illegals Can Save America

It should come as no surprise that the liberal billionaires that financed Joe Biden’s campaign and covered for him and his lack of acuity, is now coming for their kickback of amnesty for all illegal aliens and a steady pipeline of cheap labor to replace Americans with. The rich were born to get richer. Of course, it is middle class Americans who pay the price.

President Trump was able to raise the wages of all Americans, especially Black and Hispanic workers by cutting off that pipeline. Now, with close to 20 million unemployed, they went to bring back their cheap labor so they can watch their billions grow. They claim that we need cheap labor taking our jobs or this country will not survive.

In reality, prosperity for ordinary Americans rose rapidly in Trump’s lower-migration economy, without any amnesty. Bloomberg reported October 30:

In 2016, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999. Over the next three years it grew almost $6,000, to $68,703. That’s perhaps why, despite the pandemic, 56% of U.S. voters polled last month said their families were better off today than they were four years ago.

The pro-amnesty article said:

Our economic recovery from the pandemic is entirely reliant on providing a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people currently living in the US. There’s no way forward without doing right by the undocumented individuals who are keeping all Americans alive as our country continues to combat the coronavirus crisis.

Our lives and deaths are dependent on illegal aliens? Are you freaking kidding me? Here’s the kicker. They will probably get amnesty this time because even if the Republicans win both Georgia Senate seats, it would only take two defectors to get it passed. Romney and who else? Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski.

How much do you want to bet that you would hear gnashing of the teeth by many voters who checked off Biden? If he wins this election, it will be on them, although they will all deny voting for him. And who will benefit from Biden cancelling the Trump tax cuts? The rich. They will be able to deduct all state and local taxes on their income taxes.

From Breitbart News

In reality, prosperity for ordinary Americans rose rapidly in Trump’s lower-migration economy, without any amnesty. Bloomberg reported October 30:

In 2016, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999. Over the next three years it grew almost $6,000, to $68,703. That’s perhaps why, despite the pandemic, 56% of U.S. voters polled last month said their families were better off today than they were four years ago.