Where is the Dem Party to Bail them Out? Tlaib is Upset, BLM Activists Face ‘Conspiracy’ Charges

Where is the Dem Party to Bail them Out? Tlaib is Upset, BLM Activists Face ‘Conspiracy’ Charges

After years of domestic upheaval by Community Organizers who have used the banner “Black Lives Matter” to commit heinous crimes, there will be some legal consequences for the damage by the city of Detroit, including injuries to their police force.

The move has infuriated critics, including U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., who blasted the city’s counter claim as “an unthinkable assault on our constitutional rights,” in a November op-ed essay published in the Detroit Free Press.

“It is as disturbing as it is heartbreaking that in 2020, in a city where every corner is a reminder of those fights for racial, economic and social justice, city and police leaders are meeting protesters with violence and intimidating rhetoric meant to turn the public against our own young people who are demanding a better future for us all,” Tlaib wrote.

What is going on? Where is the Democrat Party to defend their foot soldiers and bail them out?

Detroit has filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter activists, alleging a “civil conspiracy” and claiming the protests in the city “have repeatedly turned violent, endangering the lives of police and the public,” according to reports.

The city claims the activists participated in the conspiracy, “defamed” the mayor and police, and contends that the city should be awarded damages, The Intercept reported.

The city cites four protests that occurred in the city this year, and alleges that injuries to police officers included “cracked vertebrae, lacerations, and concussions,” according to the report.

Fox News reported:

Following the protesters’ lawsuit, a judge on Sept. 4 ordered Detroit’s police to stop using batons, shields, rubber bullets and other anti-riot tools and tactics against crowds.

City police Chief James Craig responded at the time that his officers had never used force against any protesters who remained peaceful.

“If someone is resisting arrest, or trying to attack our officers, we will use the force that’s both reasonable and necessary to overcome the resistance,” he told the Detroit News at the time. “We don’t want the protesters injured, and we don’t want officers injured, either.”

The protesters have so far responded to the city’s lawsuit by seeking support from national legal groups and by appealing to members of the City Council to cut off funding for the city’s legal action, The Intercept reported.

The city has received outside backing as well, the report notes, including from the National Police Association.

Will Johnson Confirms DC Police Consider Trump Supporters Are “Violent” for Talking to BLM and Antifa Activists

Will Johnson Confirms DC Police Consider Trump Supporters Are “Violent” for Talking to BLM and Antifa Activists

Popular Livestreamer, Podcaster, and reporter, Will Johnson of Unite America First confirmed in a live stream from Washington DC at Black Lives Matter Plazza, that the DC Police do in fact believe consider that discussion between Trump supporters and BLM and Antifa Activists is violence.

“I can’t believe that the Police said that we are violent at a peaceful event; there is no violence here. We want to have a civil conversation with them, or nothing is going to change, ” Johnson said as the DC Police are overheard saying that Johnson and his group should not attempt to engage with the BLM members they were apparently protecting.


“I am just trying to have a civil conversation, I am not yelling, I am just talking to people,” Johnson tells a police officer. “Who is the one bringing the violence. We just want to have a civil conversation. They are the ones who want to be violent,” he said. Looking into the camera, Johnson said, “See, I don’t understand that Is it that some police officers believe that we are being violent? I constantly hear that we are inciting violence simply by being here. We are not inciting violence because we are here. We are in America we want to have free reign to walk where we want to go. This doesn’t make any sense,”Johnson said.

On Sunday night’s Livestream, Johnson, toward the last 15 mins, is heard talking with a man about Confederate statues and President Donald J. Trump’s comments about Charlottesville. The two do not agree on the circumstances or Trump’s reaction, but at the end of the conversation, they have a “fist bump” and part amicably, with Johnson taking the man for the conversation.

Johnson then moves down the sidewalk where he engages with a couple of members of BLM and Antifa who are in an area behind the police, which has been sectioned off and guarded by the police for many hours, giving the activist group a safe place to occupy the street, disallowing Trump supporters to enter.

As Johnson asks if any of them would like to engage in a civil way, the police officers standing guard over BLM ask him to move along.



Breitbart News reported on Sunday from BLM Plaza, that the activist group, who want to defund the Police Department, are complaining that the Police were not protecting them well enough.

“Black Lives Matter DC activists complained on Sunday that the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) failed to protect them while continuing to call for defunding police. The apparently conflicting statements came during a press conference held in Black Lives Matter Plaza Sunday afternoon,” Breitbart reported.

That Press Conference:

Residents of DC say that the Mayor, Muriel Bowser, has created a situation where the Police Department is charged with protecting criminal elements in their neighborhoods, creating a population who are afraid for their own safety, and also inadvertently creating a public appreciation for the Proud Boys, as Citizen police force, which the Proud Boys sometimes feel obligated to respond to, because there are Americans who are feeling unprotected and unsafe.

Here is some footage of the same DC police force putting themselves in harm’s way to protect the far left radical activists:

Johnson’s livestream confirms and shows a dangerous situation in law enforcement in America’s Capital City.

Please Watch Will Johnson with Unite America First at 8PM most weeknights, on youtube and Facebook.

BLM Chapters Demand Transparency and Accountability from BLM Global Network

BLM Chapters Demand Transparency and Accountability from BLM Global Network

In a public statement released last week, a group of ten Black Lives Matter chapters have renewed a call for transparency and accountability from BLM’s global network.

The statement, titled “Statement From the Frontlines of BLM“, alleges that decisions have been made without the consent and approval of the chapters, decisions which have separated local chapters from Black Lives Matter Global Network, the central organizational entity of the BLM movement.

“Since the establishment of BLMGN our chapters have consistently raised concerns about financial transparency, decision making, and accountability,” reads the letter. “Despite years of effort, no acceptable internal process of accountability has ever been produced by BLMGN and these recent events have undermined the efforts of chapters seeking to democratize its processes and resources.”

BLMGN recently appointment of Patrisse Cullers to the position of Executive Director and created a BLM Political Action Committee and something called BLM Grassroots.

The local BLM chapters say they were not consulted in these decisions, nor do they approve of them. They allege that BLMGN is creating distance between itself and the local chapters through the creation of the PAC and BLM Grassroots.

Additionally, despite BLMGN receiving millions of dollars in donations, the chapters allege that “most chapters have received little to no financial support from BLMGN since the launch in 2013.”

“We, the undersigned chapters, believe that all of these events occurred without democracy, and assert that it was without the knowledge of the majority of Black Lives Matters chapters across the country and world.”

The statement was signed by BLM chapters in Philadelphia, D.C., Chicago, Oklahoma City, New Jersey, San Diego, and Vancouver, Washington.

Considering the lack of financial transparency within the network, and the lack of support to local chapters, the statement concluded by encouraging supporters to donate directly to local chapters instead of to BLMGN.

The statement invited any chapters who were pushed out or voluntarily left the organization due to these issues to reach out:

“We understand that these issues are not new and that some chapters left, were not acknowledged, or were pushed out of network with the community of chapters because of them. We invite those chapters to connect.”

On Twitter the same day the statement was released, the DC chapter of BLM demanded that Cullers and several other BLMGN leaders “stop representing themselves as leaders of all of Black Lives Matter”, and for “full financial transparency and accountability.”

Oregon Gave Antifa and BLM Your CARES Act COVID Relief Tax Dollars During the Riots

Oregon Gave Antifa and BLM Your CARES Act COVID Relief Tax Dollars During the Riots

Kate Brown is now the official sponsor of antifa and BLM. When the state of Oregon received their CARES Act money, they divided among groups they claimed does excellent work in the state. One of those groups, known as Snack Bloc received $145,000 for the good work they have done in rioting in Portland and destroying businesses.

The group “SNACK BLOC” that received CARES ACT money designed to help people in need turns out to be unabashedly antifa and BLM. And just think, every time they burn down a building, you paid for the gasoline and the matches. The group was in the shadow for three years but came out of the closet once they got their  501c3 charitable group status.

They were at the protest at the home of Mayor Ted Wheeler:

They “helped” “comrades” with bail:

From PJ Media

The group “helped” to get rid of cops, like the Marxists they are. The group encouraged people to turn off their cell phones while at protests.

Just so you know, your cell phone is a fu–ing snitch. Don’t let that rat see you at a protest, and definitely don’t post pictures with it. Turn it off or put it on airplane mode.

They threw a “bloc party.” You know like “black bloc,” the clothes worn by members of antifa?
In case you’re skeptical about characterization of the group’s purpose, the local press knows exactly who and what it is.
Willamette Week called it “the protest support and mutual aid group … that’s provided resources for almost 100 days of protests across Portland.”
Along with organizing its own events, Snack Bloc has been at seemingly every protest, march and vigil around the city over the past three months, providing snacks, water and supplies to protesters at the Stripper StrikeBLM Art Therapy and rallies across Portland.

When the awards were made in September, the head of the OHA said they were fully aware of the group’s receiving the money and noted how “vital” they are to “their communities” for the “collective work” to end racism, “especially relating to COVID-19.”

“We look forward to partnering with these remarkable organizations and communities, who do such vital work to serve their communities,” said Patrick Allen, OHA director. “We are deeply aware how these organizations’ linkages and knowledge of their communities and the challenges they face are so important to bringing resources to help. We look forward to the collective work to continue to meaningfully address the systemic racism and structural inequities that have caused so much health disparity, especially relating to COVID-19.”

Portland’s Black BLM Activists Say They’re Done With ‘White’ Antifa, Want ‘Separation’

Portland’s Black BLM Activists Say They’re Done With ‘White’ Antifa, Want ‘Separation’

BLM protesters want a separation between themselves and Antifa, because of their white privilege.

It has been discovered that many of the Antifa protesters come from well to do families and they have a tendency to get bailed out as opposed to those in the Black community. There are many in the BLM movement who are tired of being painted with the same brush as Antifa.

The violence in many BLM protests in Portland come from antifa. They will shout obscenities into the face of police but BLM always ends up sharing the blame.

Not that the BLM movement is peaceful but they could be considered to be when compared to the fascists in the antifa movement. No one gets support from the masses through violence.

Look no further than Martin Luther King Jr. He knew that violence was not the answer and that is why he was able to capture the hearts and minds of people even until this very day, long after his assassination. However, I am not suggesting that BLM will ever hold the sway that MLK had because they do not follow the same non violent attitude that he held.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports :

“Tensions between Black activists fighting for racial justice and anti-establishment protesters have bubbled beneath the surface for months.”

“This week marks six months since Floyd’s death, and protests continue in Portland. But now, activists in the city are divided as to whether they are still fighting in a racial justice movement centered on Black lives, or if an unfocused, anti-establishment fight against capitalism and state power has usurped the initial cause that brought thousands of Portlanders into the streets.”

One activist told OPB:

“Most Black people in our community don’t feel like they have the privilege to go straight to the police and yell in their face. If you’re privileged, if you’re white, you care less about whether or not a protest is going to result in reforms that might save even just one life. And you have the ability to be a purist in a way that Black and brown communities really do not.”

The divide between the two groups has grown as antifa has dredged up old quotes and tweets by BLM activists in order to paint them as abusive to women and of sexism.

Perhaps they should shut down part of Portland and allow the two groups to go at it with the winner getting exclusive protest rallies in the future.

WATCH: Antifa/BLM Activists Harass and Assault Trump Supporters On the Streets

WATCH: Antifa/BLM Activists Harass and Assault Trump Supporters On the Streets

The videos are horrendous, and they seem to be endless.

As night descended on Washington, D.C. on Saturday, activists began harassing and assaulting Trump supporters who had gathered in peace that afternoon in a show of support for the president.

Thousands upon thousands of Trump supporters gathered in Washington, D.C. yesterday to participate in the Million MAGA March (also called Stop the Steal DC). Many videos circulating social media show crowds of people waving American flags, wearing “Trump 2020 gear”, and singing the National Anthem together.

President Trump even made an appearance, waving to participants from his vehicle as he passed the crowds.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany posted to Twitter that the crowd numbered over one million people. Other reports indicate that the crowds were in the thousands, but did not reach the one million mark.

But counter-protesters also appeared, and the videos circulating Twitter documenting the violence that Trump supporters faced from Antifa and BLM activists are disturbing.

Andy Ngo, a journalist with The Post Millennial and known for his documentation of Antifa activities in Portland, Oregon, has been sharing many videos from the streets of D.C. on Saturday night.

In one, counter-protesters harassed an elderly couple with a Trump flag, yelling through bullhorns, “Get the f*** out of here.”

In another, an elderly gentleman is pushed to the ground and water poured on him by surrounding counter-protesters in black bloc.

Families with children were targeted:

People enjoying their evening meal were attacked with fireworks:

In this video, a young couple is assaulted by activists:

And here, an activist runs at a woman walking away from her and punches her in the back of the head:

There are more videos.

Twenty people were arrested on Saturday night, and two police officers were injured.

New Emails Reveal Washington State Governor Broke His Own COVID Orders for BLM Protest

New Emails Reveal Washington State Governor Broke His Own COVID Orders for BLM Protest

New emails obtained by an attorney in Vancouver, Washington reveal that Governor Jay Inslee violated his own COVID-19 orders when he closed a portion of I-5 in June to allow Black Lives Matter protesters to congregate.

On June 19th, hundreds of Black Lives Matters protesters gathered in Vancouver, Washington and marched along a stretch of Interstate 5.

A portion of the highway had been closed off by Washington State Patrol and the Department of Transportation in order to allow the protesters to march safely.

Emails obtained via a public records request reveal that the order to close the highway – allowing for hundreds to gather together while Washington state was under “stay home, stay safe” orders – came directly from the governor’s office.

“The freeway/bridge is being given to them by order of the Governor,” reads a portion of an email dated June 18th, “and WSP has been told to divert traffic from I-5 onto SR-500.”

On June 19th, a Washington State Trooper reported via email that someone had complained about the protest. The trooper told the man that “we were under the order of the Governor.”

The Post Millennial’s Ari Hoffman broke the story yesterday. You can read his article for more details and pictures of the emails by clicking here.

These emails were released by Vancouver, Washington-based criminal defense and civil rights attorney, D. Angus Lee. Lee has filed a lawsuit against the Washington State Patrol for violating the Governor’s COVID-19 orders in their closure of I-5 on June 19th.

“We believe that no matter how noble the cause of any gathering may be, it is simply not up to the WSP to recklessly put the public health of the community at risk by actively facilitating a mass gathering in violation of State law,” Lee stated.

Lee has also targeted Inslee for his clear bias during COVID-19 shutdowns and has called his lockdown plans “unconstitutional”:

“…it is abundantly clear that Governor Inslee believes that the First Amendment right to assemble only applies to protests he supports, and not prayer or religious worship. He is wrong legally, ethically, and morally. Governor Inslee has locked down Clark County, and many other counties, in phase 2 of Inslee’s unconstitutional lockdown plan. He claims to be doing this because of the number of COVID infections in Clark County, but he is the one who closed the freeway and an interstate bridge to help make that massive gathering happen. He simply does not care about the impact his orders are having on local churches, small businesses, and families.” 

Inslee’s treatment of various groups, gatherings, and protests in the midst of his COVID-19 response have been contradictory. In response to a Back to Work rally in Olympia, Inslee emphasized the importance of mitigating the spread of the virus: “I support free speech. But crowd counts or speeches won’t determine our course. This isn’t about politics. It can only be about doing what is best for the health of all Washingtonians.”

Compare that to how Inslee has responded to Black Lives Matter and other racial justice protests:

“I fully support the right to free speech and peaceful assembly. I applaud every Washingtonian standing for what they believe in, but we must do so in a way that allows space for these important and necessary discussions, not in a way that inspires fear.”

These emails only serve as more proof that the Washington State governor has been unfair and unjust in his handling of COVID-19 shutdowns and First Amendment rights.

A Portrait Of Lawlessness, Philadelphia! Knife-Wielding Man Killed Chasing Police. Massive Looting, BLM, And ANTIFA Argue Over Who Should Lead The Protest.

A Portrait Of Lawlessness, Philadelphia! Knife-Wielding Man Killed Chasing Police. Massive Looting, BLM, And ANTIFA Argue Over Who Should Lead The Protest.

So here’s what Joe Biden is campaigning on!

Social Justice, defunding the police and further diving America by race. Just like his mentor, Barak Hussein Obama, a Biden administration would destroy communities of color, attack American history and chase manufacturing out with high taxes and regulations.

As in Baltimore, Chicago, and Portland, lawlessness has been allowed to fester and locals have lost all understanding of basic Civics, which leads to more conflict and police shootings.

The unrest in Philadelphia began after two officers shot and killed an armed Black man, Walter Wallace, Jr. Video shot by a witness shows Wallace approaching two police officers around a car and into a street. Officers ordered Wallace repeatedly to drop the knife before firing.

Wallace continued approaching the retreating officers with the knife extended toward the police. Multiple shots rang out and Wallace fell to the ground. A responding police officer loaded Wallace into a vehicle and drove him to the hospital. He later died from his wounds.

So in pursuit of social justice on night one – hundreds of opportunists destroyed business and looted stores like Walmart.

On Tuesday night the two domestic terrorist groups, BLM and ANTIFA, clashed as they both wanted to take lead on who should lead the protest in Philadelphia. Following a short altercation, the two factions decided to go separate ways.

Interesting since they both have funding from socialist groups funded by Gorge Soros, but I guess they did not get the memo are both on the same side. The reality is BLM inc is about burning down the American traditional culture, including defunding police and redefining the nuclear family unit.

Via Breitbart

“Current scene in Philadelphia where a couple hundred BLM/ANTIFA came to march for Walter Wallace,” Savanah Hernandez tweeted. “Inner fighting between the two groups resulted in the two marches splitting off.”

The dispute led to the destruction of at least one Black Lives Matter flag by a person wearing black bloc. The argument seemed to be based on what direction the protesters should take.

Journalist Elijah Schaffer tweeted a different view of the skirmish.

“PHILLY: black bloc anarchists, black lives matter, & socialists get into a fight over who should lead the protest and where to head,” Schaffer tweeted. “They were actively pushing press back to prevent people from filming.”

Elijah later while documenting the looting took a beating, telling Glenn Beck on his radio show Wednesday morning, that the mob was only attacking white journalists calling them white supremist while beating them.

So there you have it folks.

This is what a far-left controlled city, when left to itself looks like.

The anarchists use events like a shooting of a local man, who was chasing police officers with a knife, to loot and burn down the city.

Any help coming, not from the state. Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf Calls Mass Rioting and Looting “Peaceful Protests” — 30 Stores Looted, Reporters and Police Attacked.

This is not hyperbole, if Joe Biden is elected, this will become the norm in most major cities. Will lead to massive debt, expedited city erosion, and crime as we have never seen on a large-scale within our borders.

With President Trump’s re-election, the investments the administration has in motion can start to improve the lives of those in these failing cities, but only if the people wake up and vote their failed politicians out.

Indictment: BLM member, Stephen Glenn McLeod Knowingly Aimed Laser at Police Aircraft on August 28, 2020

Indictment: BLM member, Stephen Glenn McLeod Knowingly Aimed Laser at Police Aircraft on August 28, 2020

Stephen Glenn McLeod, 38, of San Diego, is accused of directing the laser at an San Diego Police Department chopper multiple times on Aug. 28. Specific details on the location of the protest were not disclosed.

Numerous online reports identify McLeod as a member of Black Lives Matter and a frequent protestors against the Police.

NEWS RELEASE SUMMARY – October 20, 2020

SAN DIEGO – An indictment was unsealed in federal court today charging San Diego resident Stephen Glenn McLeod with knowingly aiming the beam of a laser pointer at an aircraft on August 28, 2020.

McLeod was arraigned in federal court today. At the hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Shapiro told U.S. Magistrate Allison Goddard that McLeod is alleged to have pointed a laser pointer at a San Diego Police Department helicopter multiple times while participating in a protest on August 28, 2020.    

U.S. Magistrate Judge Goddard set a personal appearance bond of $35,000, guaranteed by two financial responsible adults.  The next hearing is scheduled for November 20, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. before U.S. District Court Judge Janis Sammartino.

“We support everyone’s right to peacefully assemble and protest.  Aiming a laser pointer at a police helicopter, however, is highly dangerous and a serious violation of federal law,”
said U.S. Attorney Robert Brewer.

“When aimed at an aircraft, a beam of light from a handheld laser can illuminate a cockpit, disorienting and temporarily blinding the pilots,” said Suzanne Turner, Special Agent in Charge of FBI San Diego. “It’s a federal felony that the FBI and our law enforcement partners take very seriously.”

DEFENDANT                                               Case Number 20CR3106JLS

Stephen Glenn McLeod                                                  Age: 38           San Diego


Aiming a Laser Pointer at an Aircraft – Title 18, United States Code, Section 39A

Maximum penalty: Five years in prison, $250,000 fine


San Diego Police Department

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Joint Terrorism Task Force

*The charges and allegations contained in an indictment or complaint are merely accusations, and the defendants are considered innocent unless and until proven guilty.