An Unusual Number of People Involved in Past Political Scandals Are Landing Jobs in the Biden Administration

An Unusual Number of People Involved in Past Political Scandals Are Landing Jobs in the Biden Administration

Now that the Democrats have total control of the White House and Congress they are much less inclined to give a damn about the appearance of impropriety.  A case in point is Jake Sullivan, who was an aggressive user of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server, has been chosen by President Joe Biden to be the White House National Security Adviser.  A man who frequently used an email server that was unsecured and vulnerable to foreign hacking, and in fact the fired and disgraced former FBI director James Comey said that it was “possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail account.”  What exactly was the Biden team thinking when they made the decision to make Sullivan national security adviser?  These are White House people.  Are we to believe they do not have access to that kind of information, or do they just not care what it looks like to the American people?

Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland was known to have ties to Christopher Steele, the ex British spy who conjured up the phony dossier that was used against Donald Trump to create the Russia collusion hoax that was initiated by Hillary Clinton in an effort to get the new media to not focus on her illegal private email server.  At first, Nuland tried to downplay her role in spreading the fake dossier.  When Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr asked Nuland if she had a role in an October 2016 briefing Steele gave to the State Department she responded, “I did not,” and followed up with “I actively chose not to be part of that briefing.”   But she later told a different tale when she mentioned to CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Steele “passed two to four pages of short points of what he was finding and our immediate reaction to that was, this is not in our purview” and instead should be of interest to the FBI.  But then there was a 302 memo of an FBI interview with Bruce Ohr the at the time 4th highest-ranking person in the Department of Justice from Nov. 22, 2016, and the agents wrote down in the 302 document that “OHR knew Glen [sic] Simpson and others were talking to Victoria Nuland at the U.S. State Departmartment,” so she may not have been honest about her involvement in the first attempted government coup in our nation’s history.

White House domestic adviser Susan Rice, who is a known liar, once went on all the Sunday news programs and said that the Benghazi terror attacks on a US embassy that ended with the murder of four Americans, including the American Ambassador, happened in retaliation to an anti-Muslim YouTube video that apparently no one really saw or knew about.  It was later revealed through communications that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had with leaders in Libya and Egypt and email communication with her daughter, who used the pseudonym “Diane Reynolds,” that the attack came from an al Qaeda-like terrorist group.

She also wrote the 11th-hour email to herself reminding herself that President Obama did everything “by the book” over the Russian scandal.  Rice also lied when she said she had nothing to do with unmasking Trump campaign people for political purposes.  Rice told MSNBC in 2017 that “the allegation is that somehow Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. That is absolutely false.”  Then how was Lt. General Mike Flynn unmasked for his phone call with the Russian ambassador about Barack Obama kicking Russian diplomats out of the country even though Flynn’s name does not appear on any government unmasking list?  Because President Obama did the unmasking request and by law unmasking requests made by the president do not get listed with other unmasking requests.  The entire thing was political.

Less than two weeks ago Melissa Hodgman was named Acting Director of the Division of Enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  She is married to Peter Strzok the fired and disgraced former FBI agent who was sleeping with former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, both of whom were involved in the active government coup attempt to frame Donald Trump for something they knew from the very beginning he didn’t do.  Strzok was the agent who ran the fraudulent operation Crossfire Hurricane against the Trump campaign for Russian collusion.

We’ve never seen a bigger amount of people who were involved in past scandals be chosen to run agencies and departments before.  Some Republicans are seeing a pattern.

“If you look at the larger picture, the Russia hoaxers, the people that were pushing this out from the very beginning and lying about it after the fact, they’re all at the top echelons of the Biden administration,” former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), the man who first exposed the Spygate conspiracy said on Sunday during an appearance on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo.

Nunes has a problem with Hodgman’s new appointment saying while she “could be a great public servant,” it created the appearance of a Democratic payback to her husband for pursuing Trump.

“Looks like Peter Strozk is actually going to get reimbursed for all of his troubles,” Nunes said. “The guy lost his job, but nothing’s happened to him at this point.”

Biden Administration Lost 20 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

Biden Administration Lost 20 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine

According to a story published by Politico, the Biden administration has more-than-likely lost as many as 20 million vaccine doses that were sent to the states.

After spending a year trashing President Donald Trump’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic virus and speculating that a vaccine could never be completed in under at least two years, the Biden administration is finding out that the job they sought and stole for isn’t easy, to say the least.

Candidate Joe Biden and his campaign promised that if they were elected there would be 100 million Americans vaccinated within the first 100 days of his administration.  Once they got into office they realized that the logistics of such endeavors are very complicated, and leftists are never really all that bright when it comes to implementing something in the real world that is a theory speculated upon outside of a University classroom.

So Biden allegedly threw out his COVID-19 plan and initially tried to blame the Trump administration by claiming they inherited a vaccine that had no distribution plan.  CNN carried the water for that Biden administration lie and that whopper was so bad that even the mainstream news media came down on the Fake News outlet as making it up out of whole cloth.  Plus there was the little tidbit of news that by the time the Biden administration took power 30 million Americans had already been vaccinated, so the Trump distribution plan that the Left said doesn’t exist worked pretty well.

The Politico piece reveals that the Biden administration cannot find around 20 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine that were shipped to the states, and is concerned that “the crucial supply is boxed away in warehouses, sitting idle in freezers or floating elsewhere in the complex distribution pipeline that runs from the administration to individual states.”

Doesn’t this remind you of every socialist state throughout history?   Venezuela, for example, after Hugo Chavez took over saw warehouses full of rotting fruit because the Socialists were so disorganized they didn’t have to get it out to the people.  This kind of disorganization among socialist regimes happens all the time because of a couple of factors.  One is because leftists always wrap themselves around the fight, with the struggle to reach their goals, which is to obtain power and control the world. They fight so much and so hard and for so long to reach the goals that they forget to actually create a plan for when they achieve the goals.

Even John Lennon knew this and wrote it into the lyrics of the Beatles hit song about a socialist uprising called Revolution:

You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We’d all love to see the plan

Another reason for socialist chaos after they take power is because a real free-market-based economy is chaotic and it’s run from the bottom up and it shouldn’t work, but the phenomenon is it always does.   The free market always works.   Socialists on the other hand come along and they do everything top-down, which is the government sets rules and regulations and set standards for how every piece of every project is going to be done.  They’re in control and they’re going to let everyone know it.  People are just human beings and human beings make mistakes and when there isn’t a chaotic system like free-market capitalism to take care of itself then someone always forgets something. Someone forgets to put a compass on the ship that’s delivering fruit and they get lost.  Someone forgets to fill the gas tanks of trucks delivering much-needed water and they break down on the highway, or someone forgets where they signed off to have 20 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine delivered.

Another part of the Biden administration chaos we reported earlier Sunday that the Biden administration has seen to it that terrorist detainees at GITMO will be getting vaccinated before American citizens.

Political also mentions that Biden administration officials have discovered that the available stockpile of vaccine is “mostly empty,” and that they are working to find ways to boost production in order to even meet the administration’s goal of 100 million vaccination doses in the first 100 days, which if they did nothing at all the Trump plan would have gotten them there because with 30 million vaccinations by January 20 they were already well on their way to reaching 100 million.

It’s funny that the Democrats didn’t lose 280 thousand 2020 ballots that were trucked from New York to Pennsylvania according to a former Kansas Attorney General, and then they just disappeared.  They allegedly disappeared into vote-counting machines to help bring a Biden victory.  Why was the mainstream news media not interested at all in that story?

Biden Administration Prioritizes GITMO Terrorists Over American Families For Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

Biden Administration Prioritizes GITMO Terrorists Over American Families For Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

Since January 20 you may have been sitting around with the feeling that the world has shifted and you feel it in your gut that it’s not going in the right direction for America.  The Biden administration is putting out executive orders that make you wonder just who the administration works for, is it the American people or just the elites?

So now we’re learning that the Trump-fostered COVID-19 vaccine will go to prisoners at the GITMO detention center long before the rest of us great unwashed get a chance to get it.   President Biden cannot give the American people a stable timeline for when the rest of us will bed able to get the vaccine en masse.  I’m not hearing any outcry by the news media when we know with certainty that they would be screeching had the Democrats not stolen the election and this happened under a Donald Trump second term.

Biden can’t tell us if we’re going to be considered by the Wall Street elitists in his entourage administration if that time is going to Spring or Summer, but what we do know is that terrorists, yes terrorists are already on the list to get the shot as the administration has already confirmed vaccines will be given to GITMO detainees and the Defense Department has given a statement that detainees are getting vaccinated under “the Department’s priority distribution plan.”  Well, whoopty flippin’ ding!

Here’s another turd in the punchbowl, did you know that Politico did a random act of journalism and reported that the Biden administration has lost 20 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine that were supposedly sent to the states?

We know that the world is watching because the Daily Mail cited that this priority distribution plan includes al Qaeda terrorists with the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks Khalid Sheikh Mohammed the Pakistani terrorist guy and they are all getting vaccinated next week.  Isn’t it lovely that your government prioritizes people who plotted to kill thousands of Americans over you?

From the Daily Mail: “Prosecutor Clayton Trivett Jr, who is leading the case against five terrorists behind the September 11 attacks, made the disclosure in a letter to defense lawyers Thursday.

‘[A]n official in the Pentagon has just signed a memo approving the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine to the detainee population Guantánamo,’ he wrote, according to the New York Times.

‘You can’t make this up,’ said former New York City Fire Commissioner Tom Von Essen, who served during 9/11 and lost 343 firefighters that day. ‘The ridiculousness of what we get from our government. They will run the vaccine down to those lowlifes at Guantanamo Bay before every resident of the United States of America gets it is the theater of the absurd.’”

On KSM getting the vaccine, Essen said “It’s f—ing nuts.”

The New York Post reported that a demolition supervisor at Ground Zero, John Feal, who has contracted a number of 9/11-related illnesses who can’t get the vaccine yet said he was stunned when he heard the news.  “The fact that the 9/11 community can’t get the vaccine and the terrorists can show how backward our government is,” he told the Post. “It’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard. It’s an insult to the people who ran into the towers and were killed and those who worked on the pile for months and are ill.”

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) a Congresswoman who over the summer restored my faith that there are some politicians in the leftist mecca of New York who fight for America over the globalist Woke Supremamcy said,  “It is inexcusable and un-American that President Biden is choosing to prioritize convicted terrorists in Gitmo over vulnerable American seniors or veterans.”

FDNY Lt. Michael O’Connell [retired] who worked search and rescue missions after the towers fell, and caught sarcoidosis, an autoimmune illness while rummaging through the rubble to find Americans who were under it that may still be alive gave a statement that I think all Americans hearing about the GITMO terrorists getting preferential treatment can agree with when he said, “This is a real kick in the balls,” and followed up with, “It’s very upsetting. It’s absolutely disgusting.”

Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues Biden Administration Over Deportation Halt

Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues Biden Administration Over Deportation Halt

It has already begun. The open borders people have won. The illegal aliens that are coming up from Central America by the thousands and those already here will stay without fear of deportation with very few exceptions.

Biden has declared a 100-day moratorium on deportations. Even many criminal illegal aliens will stay. For that reason the AG of Texas, Ken Paxton is suing the Biden regime over the policy.

The border states always bear the biggest burden from illegal aliens and Texas has more than its share.

Biden is promising to pass amnesty for between 11 and 22 million illegal aliens. The question will be if there are any Democrats who are afraid of the voters if they vote for such a bill.

Recent polls suggest that the voters oppose amnesty at least until Americans all have jobs again.

Paxton said:

“In one of its first of dozens of steps that harm Texas and the nation as a whole, the Biden administration directed DHS to violate federal immigration law and breach an agreement to consult and cooperate with Texas on that law.”

Acting DHS Secretary David Pekoske signed a memorandum to the various enforcement agencies that the administration will not be deporting illegal aliens, including those who have their final orders of deportation.

Ken Paxton informed Biden and Pekoske that Texas has signed a contractual agreement with the Trump administration in December and that their policy violates the agreement. According to the agreement authorities have to discuss it with Texas before changing immigration policy, which they failed to do. Paxton is suing the Biden family enterprises for breach of contract.

From The Daily Caller

The motion filed by the state attorney general argues that Texas faces “imminent and irreparable harms” as a result of the policy change. It also calls on the court to declare the deportation freeze unlawful and issue a preliminary injunction on further changes to immigration enforcement policy.

It is unclear whether Paxton’s motion would be granted by the court. The agreement signed between the Trump administration and Texas was the first of its kind and federal courts have not ruled on such agreements between states and the federal government.

Former Acting ICE Director Anticipates Border Surge of Illegal Aliens Under a Biden Administration

Former Acting ICE Director Anticipates Border Surge of Illegal Aliens Under a Biden Administration

Former acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan says that the United States will see an “unprecedented” number of migrants at its southern border under a Joe Biden administration.

And the sad truth about that is that the Democrats made that part of their plan for power. More illegal aliens that they empower with free citizenship the more votes they’ll get. And it’s all at the expense of American citizens literally and figuratively, economically and security-wise.

Homan spoke out on Thursday during an interview on Fox & Friends First.

“We’ve been talking about this for months, that a Biden presidency would result in an unprecedented surge,” Homan said. “When you say you’re going to let hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers into the United States, when data clearly shows 90% don’t qualify, they’re just going to get released and wait illegally inside the United States for the next amnesty.  He [Biden] wants to put a moratorium on detentions. He wants to give them free healthcare.

“The border numbers are already up because of what I call the ‘Biden effect.'”

So, Joe Biden wants to give free healthcare to illegal aliens who can’t even support themselves, who in the Democratic Party’s eyes are only worth future votes at the expense of the rest of us.  Will anyone in our corrupt news media ask him where we’re going to get the money to pay for all of that?

Homan argued that the best thing Biden can do is to continue with President Donald Trump’s successful policies at the border and “build upon it.”  Don’t hold your breath.  Bringing in illegals is part of the Democratic plan for keeping power forever.  They would have American citizens die for those extra votes.  Yes, it’s really that bad.

Border apprehensions totaled 67,101 in November, which is a 64% increase from November 2019.  Watch it drop drastically under a Biden administration.  People in Mexico and Central America also follow the news.   They know what’s going to take place in the United States if a Biden administration materializes.  They heard that Biden has promised to halt all deportations for 100 days, and to create a path to citizenship for illegal aliens, to reduce detentions dramatically, to allow those who cross our border illegally to stay inside the US while their cases are considered even though 0% ever show up for their hearing.  They know a Biden administration will not only stop construction of the border wall, but take down what’s been built.  They see everything.

“If you had a moratorium on deportations, you shut down a lot of ICE detention,” former Immigration and Customs Enforcement official Tom Homan told the Washington Examiner. “If you’re not going to be detained, you’re not going to be deported, there’s going to be no more work-site enforcement operations, we’re gonna give you your free healthcare, including COVID treatment, why would you not come?”

“If Biden loves this country like he says he does, he going to forget his [own] ideas because we’re going to lose the border,” Homan said. “We’re going to see an unprecedented surge like we’ve never seen before.”

It could be too late for us even if Biden changed his policies.

“The cartels are already geared up,” Homan said. “People are already coming. The groups are already forming. Transportation infrastructure is already there.”

How many American citizens will become victims of illegal aliens coming over our border and committing crimes?  How many billions of dollars will these paupers from South and Central America cost us in tax dollars?  The Democratic Party is all about power, and 30 million illegal aliens being made citizens overnight will keep them in power for the next one hundred years.

Biden has said it will probably take months to roll back many of Trump’s policies on immigration, slowing down the timeline Biden promised on the campaign trail, that is when he was actually on the campaign trail, which was very rare.

Why would Biden want to roll back immigration policies that are working?  Because the Democrats do not want to control our border.  They want open borders, because the potential votes are just too enticing for them.

A Biden Administration Would Ruin the Economic Success of the Trump Era

A Biden Administration Would Ruin the Economic Success of the Trump Era

Joe Biden tried to claim that President Donald Trump didn’t really build a strong economy, but instead he inherited it from the Obama administration.  I’ll wait until you’re done laughing.  Come on.  Get it out.  Ready?  Good.

It’s a great line for people who don’t know any better, but it completely ignores the successes of the Trump administration, before the Chinese virus pandemic struck our shores and allowed Democrat governors and mayors to shut down our economy.  Trump’s policies were so good that the economy is already coming back strong.  And we’re still experiencing the pandemic, at least that’s what the Fauci’s and Fredo Cuomos of CNN are telling us whether you believe them or not.

In fact, if God forbid Joe Biden wins the election, he would do himself and the county a real solid if he continued the economic policies of the Trump administration.  But we all know he won’t, because there are too many progressive hands in the pot that will block doing what works and what’s right for the country.  Instead, you can count on Biden going right back to the Obama policies that created a stagnant economy that created the longest recovery in our history.

Between December 2009 and December 2016, unemployment dropped 5.2 points, from 9.9 percent to 4.7 percent. It fell another 1.2 points by December 2019.  If you’re not educated in such things and use this kind of data to score political points, you would see those numbers to think the growth in the economy under Trump was nothing more than a continuation of Obama-era policies, and you would be wrong.

Democrats always take things out of context to either help their own arguments or trash their opponents, and this is no different.  You have to look at this in the proper context.  By 2016 the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve were saying that the economy was at full employment, and they believed any improvement at that point wasn’t possible.  Full employment doesn’t mean everyone who can work has a job.  It simply means that the percentage of people who fall in the category of unemployed are either between jobs, in college, on maternity leave, or don’t want to work.  There will never be zero unemployed.  Even the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) felt that if the unemployment numbers went any lower it would move into territory that is regarded as unsustainable capacity.

When Trump got elected he threw out that belief and implemented tax cuts, he cut job-crushing regulations, and pushed the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates to zero.  The so called “experts” said Trump’s goal to get 3 percent growth was delusional, and Democrats, RINOs and the pundit brigade all called his policies irresponsible and dangerous.  They were all wrong.  Even the idiot Paul Krugman said that under Donald Trump the markets would never recover and that Trump’s economic policies would bring on a global recession.  Can you believe he won a Nobel Prize in economics?

The markets did exactly the opposite of what the experts predicted and the unemployment rate dropped drastically.  Americans between 25 and 54 who were employed or seeking a job for the first time since the 1980s (Reagan) saw a sustainable rise in jobs on the market.

By 2016 the median household income was $62,898, meaning it grew only $257 since 1999.  That’s 17 years of not much growth at all, thanks to the DC swamp.  However, over the next three years we saw median household income shoot up to nearly $6,000 at $68,703.  That explains why so many people last month polled that their families are better off today than they were four years ago under Obama-Biden.  And remember, we’re in a pandemic.

The reason for this expansion under Trump is because this president didn’t settle for what Republican presidents normally push, like doing tax cuts for businesses and individuals to incentivize growth in investment and wages.  On the other hand, Democrats push Keynesian policies of government spending increases hoping the extra spending will stimulate the economy enough to increase job growth.

Trump fought on three different fronts.  He fought to bring back manufacturing jobs and to boost our agricultural industry by starting trade wars where he fought to change our current trade policies to be more fair to America, which were designed by past presidents to help our foreign trade partners over the US.  That coupled with tax cuts and regulation cuts exploded the economy by causing many American companies to come back home and they brought the jobs with them.  Trump’s successes in the economy are so profound that it’s not even a question of should we continue with Trumpian economics or go back to the wimpy policies of past presidents.  We should stick with Trump’s policies and continue to grow.

A Biden Administration Could Raise Your Taxes Thanks to Senate RINOs

A Biden Administration Could Raise Your Taxes Thanks to Senate RINOs

Taxes are supposed to help the government function.  Our Constitution has what is referred to as the General Welfare clause, and if anyone knew the reasoning behind this mention in the Preamble, they would understand that taxation in our federal system is out of control and is not functioning the way our Founding Fathers intended.

At one point during the Constitutional Convention, the old statesman, Benjamin Franklin, proposed a tax for the general government (federal) for “a power to provide for cutting canals where deemed necessary.”  The reasoning for this was sound enough. Canals in those days were used to move merchandise off of ships that sailed to port and to distribute them throughout each city, town, or otherwise.

Luckily for us, Roger Sherman objected, saying, “The expence [sic] in such cases will fall on the U. States, and the benefit accrue to the places where the canals may be cut.”

In other words, Sherman argued that the entire people of the United States would have to pay a tax that only the people who benefitted from it would be those who used the canals.  This sparked a firestorm of debates in the Convention and later among the delegates of the States during the ratification.  The end result was to adopt the idea that any bill that comes to be Constitutionally voted upon that needed funding, the prerequisite would be that in order to create the tax to fund the program, everyone who has to pay the tax must also reap a benefit from the program they are paying taxes to fund.   Do you feel you’re getting your money’s worth today?  Do you think the DC swamp is adhering to the General Welfare principles?  Heck, most progressive politicians today believe the General Welfare clause give them license to tax the hell out of us to provide welfare benefits to those in need.

Wall Street has been jumping for joy over the election results, believing that the since the dreaded blue wave fizzled into a blue puddle, it meant that Democrats would not propose huge tax increases that the Biden campaign promised to bring them, with everything going back to the miserable days before Donald Trump.  While the GOP has so far retained control of the US Senate, the two runoff races in Georgia aside, most believe the GOP will retain control.

While control of the Senate will not be decided until the January 5 runoff elections in Georgia, most onlookers believe that it’s not likely that the two Democratic challengers will win and tip control of the Senate to the Democrats.  Well, maybe those folks have too much faith believing that Democrats haver a morality that will preclude them from cheating the way they did so massively in the general election.  We’ll see.

If the Republicans continue to control the Senate, the chances of tax increases by, God forbid, a Biden administration, would be very unlikely.

The problem we now face are even if the Republican maintain control of the Senate with just 2 votes to give them the majority, this would make some RINOs very important to the cause of freedom and liberty.  I’m talking about Mitt Romney and Susan Collins.  If just those two turncoats vote with Democrats to increase taxes on the proverbial rich, and we all know that really means everyone, then it goes to a 50-50 tie and ties under a Biden administration would go to a Vice President Kamala Harris whose senate voting record makes her the most radical progressive ever to hold a seat in that chamber, more so than even Bernie Sanders.

A Biden administration could be anticipated to move rapidly to suggest a major fiscal stimulus package deal and to use budget reconciliation to expedite its passage through the House and Senate.  Budget reconciliation is a budget process method that would enable the Biden plan to avoid a Republican filibuster, limit debate in the Senate to a mere twenty hours, and pass the Senate with only 51 votes.

Biden is a slime ball, and though he doesn’t have the cognitive ability to do much of anything complicated these days, as if he ever did, the people who would really be running things will be clever enough to reshape an ugly tax hike package to be acceptable enough for at least two Republican senators.  Think about it.  A stimulus package could ask for trillion of dollars to spend on coronavirus relief for small businesses and people who are unemployed.  They would bail out failing cities and states run into the ground by progressive policies and you, the taxpayer, would be on the hook to pay for it all.  Rather than take the Trump approach which is the strengthen the private sector by getting the government off the people’s backs and allowing ordinary people to do extraordinary things, a Biden administration would create policies to make as many Americans dependent on the federal government as possible.

They would add things like child tax credits and child and dependent care tax credits, and other various tax credits that may seem like a windfall for some people, but the strings attached to that spending would be enormous.

A Biden administration would crush the achievements of President Trump and America would quickly no longer be great.  A Biden tax plan could be pushed through with the age-old class warfare attack of only raising taxes on corporations and the rich, thus sending the message that you don’t want to start a business and/or get rich, because you’re evil and you shall be punished.  It’s maddening.  They could also raise the top rates for the corporate tax and go back to the days of Bill Clinton for individual taxes to say 39%.  Do you want to pay 39% of your hard-earned money to a Biden administration?

Wait until they start to mention a wealth tax where they will tax money you earned that has already been taxed and is sitting in an account somewhere accruing interest.  That’s outright theft, but a Romney and Collins could bring that to you.  It wouldn’t hurt them, because like the days of old Democrat politics, they would probably be exempt from the same laws that would harm everyone else.  That’s how the game used to be played before Trump came along and reset the playing field to be more fair.

Speaking of unfairness, a Biden administration would go back to allowing progressive states like California, Illinois and New York, with very high tax rates to pay for all the progressive government handout programs, to let their rich progressive friends write off their high state taxes on their federal returns, thus forcing the middle and lower classes in other states to subsidize them by paying their share of taxes for them, something the Trump administration did away with.  So much for the rich paying their fair share.

It could also include provisions Biden called for during the campaign, such as a new corporate minimum tax and the repeal of tax provisions used by real estate investors.

In short, the kinds of tax structure changes the Biden campaign talked about would again make it impossible for many corporations to function inside the United States and would have them leave the country and go to places like China, who have Joe Biden in their back pocket.  We are just coming out of the forced lockdowns and tax increases now would slow investment, killing job creation and we would experience another economic malaise like what we went through with 8 years of Obama-Biden.

Think about it.  If Republicans can hold onto the Senate majority, and curb the traitors to freedom and liberty within it, the economic catastrophe that awaits us could be avoided.  Donate whatever you can to the David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler campaigns to help them beat the cheat that we know the Democrats are right now preparing.  Donate like your future depends on it, because it really does.

Member of Operation Warp Speed Panel Tells ‘Face the Nation’ That 90% of Biden’s Vaccine Plan Came From Trump Administration’s Plan [VIDEO]

Member of Operation Warp Speed Panel Tells ‘Face the Nation’ That 90% of Biden’s Vaccine Plan Came From Trump Administration’s Plan [VIDEO]

We know Joe Biden is known for plagiarism, which is using someone else’s work and actively or passively claiming it to be your own.  Biden plagiarized in school and later as a politician said it was not malevolent. As if that makes it okay. He also plagiarized a speech made by a British politician and fortunately for him said a British politician is a bonehead who said “Joe’s an honest guy,” and followed up with “If Trump had done it, I would know that he was lying.” Again, the Biden camp said it was unintentional or Joe forgot to give credit to the Brit, even though no one has ever done so in how Biden plagiarized his words. Biden made Neil Kinnock’s words personal to his own life, and no one would give credit in a scenario like that, because doing so would have invalidated Biden’s lies.

First, Joe Biden is not an honest guy by any stretch of the imagination, and second, had Trump “accidentally” plagiarized someone’s speech, he would have acknowledged it and apologized profusely. How could the moronic British politician have known how Trump would have reacted when Trump never plagiarized anyone?

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, who was a chief scientific adviser to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed panel, has said that 90 percent of President Joe Biden’s vaccine rollout plan is the same plan as the previous administration’s to vaccinating US citizens against coronavirus. Biden is apparently taking credit for someone else’s work yet again.

During an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brenna brought up allegations made by Biden, who said the Trump administration didn’t secure enough vaccine doses when he took office. In reality, Trump had ordered about 800 million doses enough to vaccinate about 450 million people given that some would require double doses. And remember, we only have about 328 million people.

“Just over four weeks ago, America had no real plan to vaccinate most of the country. My predecessor — as my mother would say, ‘God love him’ — failed to order enough vaccines, failed to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, failed to set up vaccine centers,” Biden said on Feb. 21. “That changed the moment we took office.”

Slaoui responded to Biden’s assertions, “I think that’s a very negative description of the reality. I do think that we had plans, and in fact, 90% of what’s happening now is the plan that we had.

“Of course the first thing was to accelerate the development of the vaccine,” Slaoui said. “We contracted specifically 100 million doses of vaccine, but also built into the contract options to acquire more vaccines once we knew they are effective. And the plan was to order more vaccines when- when we knew they are more effective. So I think what’s happening is right. But I think what’s happening is, frankly, what was the plan. Substantially what was the plan.”

Like any other manufacturing operation as you work through the models being used to manufacture something, over time you work out the kinks in the system and improve the efficiency of the effort. This happens with any manufacturing including building cars, furniture, and yes, vaccines.


Slaoui noted that the Trump administration didn’t plan on using sports arenas as vaccination sites and hadn’t discussed using the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of their vaccine distribution strategy. Well, whoopty flipping Ding! The Biden people came up with someone unique, but that doesn’t give the Biden administration license to lie about the previous administration’s achievements. How petty do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have to be to refuse to give Donald Trump and his administration any credit for their efforts to bring three and very soon four coronavirus vaccinations to market in under a year?

Slaoui did point out however that Operation Warp Speed laid out the vital groundwork to use health care centers and pharmacies, which he said is where “the bulk of vaccine distribution is happening.” In other words, by using a capitalist system already in place at places like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens pharmacies that already do vaccinations and flu shots, etc., there was no need to push for large arenas to do mass vaccinations which is what communist politician systems would probably come up with.

Slaoui mentioned the Trump administration had an original plan of having “most of adult Americans over the age of 18 that want to be vaccinated will have been vaccinated” by June.

In December, which correct me if I’m wrong came before the Biden administration became a thing, Slaoui told the Washington Post, “Hopefully by the middle of the year, I hope most Americans will have been immunized, which means the level of hesitancy that exists currently will have been decreased because people will have learned more information … about the vaccine.” He added that the Trump administration “should have this pandemic under control in the second half of 2021.”

Another lie to buy new ministration went around with was that during the transition the trump people were not cooperating with the Biden transition team. Vice President Kamala Harris lied when she told a reporter that the Biden administration had to start from scratch because the Trump administration left them empty-handed, and if we had an honest news media, the reporters would have countered by asking then how were there over 30 million Americans vaccinated by the day Joe Biden was inaugurated. The Trump administration was already underway to reach Biden’s goal of 100 million Americans vaccinated in his first 100 days.  The Biden administration has since squandered that hard work done by the previous administration.

Slaoui, who previously ran the GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccine division, acknowledged that the Trump administration was in negotiations with Merck to use their facilities for “pandemic purposes.”

Brennan never acknowledged the achievements Slaoui mentioned, but instead asked if there were any flaws in Operation Warp Speed.

“I think there were two areas for me that are key lessons to learn in terms of how things should have been done differently,” he replied. “One is on the communication, and I think we have failed to communicate the fact that vaccine doses availability is going to be, you know, slow over time because- because we went so fast. There is no stock of vaccine. It was impossible to have enough vaccine doses quickly enough compared to the expectations. So we were unable, as we communicated in the month of November and December and January, to- to manage the expectation.”

“And I think the second thing is indeed, in the actual immunization, the approach taken was a philosophical approach that was frankly part of what the previous administration philosophy is, which is the federal government is going to provide vaccine,” he continued. “The states should be accountable for actually immunizing. And that’s- that’s the principle on which we have worked. Clearly, there was a need for the states to actually learn, which they did in reality. And that’s how improvements are happening now and also for the central government to participate in that learning process and accelerate it.”

Slaoui said the politicization of the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been a “big mistake” by some.

“I do believe that it’s a mistake to politicize a health issue. It’s a big mistake,” Slaoui said. “Many people probably have died or suffered because the whole situation became so political that, you know, emotions overtook rationality.”

“I’m very concerned, very concerned that for political motivation, people decide to actually place themselves and the people around them in harms’ way by refusing to be vaccinated,” he added. “I think- I think we need to do every effort we can to explain to people that vaccines have nothing to do with politics. These vaccines are safe. They are highly effective. They’re going to help them protect themselves and protect the people around them from the spread of this virus and critically from the potential appearance of new variants.”

Biden Aide Says Administration Will ‘Start Acting Now’ on Reparations Not Waiting For Congressional Study

Biden Aide Says Administration Will ‘Start Acting Now’ on Reparations Not Waiting For Congressional Study

The Biden administration has already done enough to endear itself to history’s greatest 20th-century dictators would they be around in the modern age.  Joe Biden has reversed many Trump-era policies that made America great again, the reversals certain to harm many Americans in all kinds of ways.  It’s as if the Democratic elites in Washington are imposing a great get-evenism campaign against the great unwashed which is you and me.  From opening the border to not only rewarding illegal aliens who have lived here illegally for years with no threat of deportations but giving them citizenship to offering welfare benefits to any migrant who happens to stumble across our border – open borders and a welfare state cannot be done simultaneously without calamity – to extending lockdowns on Americans when they are no longer needed and a whole host of other things that are going to make the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans miserable.  So this next thing shouldn’t come as a surprise.

White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond has said that the Biden administration will “start acting now” to work on giving reparations for black Americans in the form of government-funded (meaning your tax dollars) college tuition and other things, saying there’s no need to wait for Congress to study the prospect of direct payments to Americans based on race.

Actually, there is a need to wait for Congress.  It’s called the Constitution.  Richmond, in his own words, doesn’t care to figure out if punishing one group of Americans to give reparations to another group of Americans is fair or not.  He cares more about getting the payments out.  He just wants to check that box off the list.  How much do you want to bet the Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration will have reparations done before a single American receives a COVID relief stimulus check?  Every time we allow politicians to disregard the Constitutional process we kill our republic a little bit more.  Death by a thousand cuts is how progressives have been killing our country for decades, only now they want to hack away large chunks of our freedoms at a time with no regard to the damage they will do.

That study Richmond doesn’t want to wait for is supposed to, among other things, weigh the harm that will be done to millions of innocent Americans, black and white, who had nothing to do with racism in America.  Do you think any of the Biden Woke Supremacy cares one iota about white people being accused and punished for past racism from 156 years ago?  Do you think they are considering whether or not a reparations package will create resentment by black and white Americans and further divide our country?  Not at all, because progressives are cold-blooded tyrants who will push through whatever they want.

Just to give you an idea who this man is, when Richmond served in Congress as a Democrat from Louisiana, during a Congressional hearing he once inferred that now-former Attorney General William Barr was racist, claiming that when Barr arrived at the hearing none of his staff were black and that that was a sign of systemic racism.  He acknowledged that Barr has sung high praises of the late Congressman John Conyers during his earlier questioning, and went on to tell Barr that because there were no black staffers with him that day to keep former Congressman John Lewsis’ name out of the DOJ’s mouth.  Richmond has no idea how many black staffers work for the AG.  He has no idea how staffers are picked to travel to Congress with the Attorney General.  Could it be that black staffers for the AG were working on something else?  Could it be that the expertise of black staffers who work for the AG was in another field of study other than the topics to be covered at that particular hearing?  The level is disrespect from this man toward the Attorney General of the United States was astounding.  That’s who is pushing the reparations agenda.


There are questions that arise about reparations.  If we do go forward with them how are they going to decide who receives reparations?  Will it be determined by skin color, which means even non-African Americans like Kamala Harris will be on the list?  Will black millionaires receive reparations for systemic racism that held them back from becoming successful?  Who will have to pay for reparations?  Again, will it be determined by the color of skin?  What about me?  My family didn’t come to America until the year 1900, so my ancestors couldn’t have had anything to do with American slavery.  Am I going to be added to the list of systemically racist Americans who have to pay?  When you think about it, isn’t the whole modern-day concept of reparations racist in its implementation by the Woke Supremacy?

Last month, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties held a hearing on HR 40, a bill sponsored by crazy Representative Sheila (Shirley if you’re Joe Biden) Jackson Lee (D-TX) and co-sponsored by 161 other Democrats, all Woke Supremamcists, that would set up a federal commission to explore reparations for black Americans, The Hill reported.

Richmond, a Democratic former congressman from Louisiana, told “Axios on HBO” that he believes legislation to create such a commission will pass, but, “We don’t want to wait on a study. We’re going to start acting now.”

“We have to start breaking down systemic racism and barriers that have held people of color back and especially African Americans,” Richmond told the outlet, reiterating, “We have to do stuff now.”

This push to gaslight America into believing there is systemic racism in America is very harmful to the country.  If racism is systemic then Cedric Richmond is racist as well.  And even if America were systemically racist, which I completely condemn that notion, how would reparations for people who were never slaves being paid by people who never owned slaves, solve a systemically-racist society in the first place?   If you ask these idiots behind this scam they would respond by saying, “It’s a good start,” because they wouldn’t really have a good answer.

Richmond added, “If you start talking about free college tuition to [historically black colleges and universities] and you start talking about free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think you are well on your way.”

For accuracy purposes, nothing is free.  Someone is going to pay the bill, and it’s you who is getting stuck with it.

The truly sad part of this nightmare known as the Biden administration is that the previous administration had done more to help black Americans than any past president save Abraham Lincoln.  President Donald Trump targeted the black community with his economic policies and he successfully drove the black unemployment rate to the lowest in the history of the republic.  He gave more money to historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) and Trump removed the indignity imposed by past administrations by adding increases in HBCU yearly grants to the budget so that they didn’t have to grovel at the feet of government politicians each year.  Trump did the first major prison reform in decades that ironically reversed Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill signed into law by President Bill Clinton that put many young black men in prison for long sentences over non-violent crimes.  Trump signed the First Step Act which gave prisoners a second chance at life by giving early release to prisoners who have shown they deserve it.  The First Step Act helped many black families reunite with loved ones who they never thought they would see free again.

The Biden Democrats act like none of that happened.

Biden’s senior adviser was ginning up the urgency asserted by White House Press Secretary Jen Circle Back Psaki, who was asked two weeks ago about the president’s views on the reparations bill.

The Associated Press reported that while Psaki didn’t say that Biden would sign the legislation if it reaches his desk – we all know he will do whatever his progressive masters tell him to do – Psaki said during a press conference that “he certainly would support a study of reparations.”  Who does she think she’s kidding?  Biden would sign it today if put on his desk.

“He understands we don’t need a study to take action right now on systemic racism,” Psaki said, adding, “so he wants to take actions within his own government in the meantime.”

There is no systemic racism in America.  There are too many black Americans who are living the American dream.   If America were systemically racist there would not be successful black people.  It wouldn’t be allowed.  The Woke Supremacists want you to believe that if you deny systemic racism exists you’re saying there is no racism at all, which is a completely different argument, but these people are not rational.  Racism exists in all its ugly forms, but to indict an entire country of people of being racist, which is exactly what they are doing when they claim America is systemically racist, is unfair and irrational, and forcing innocent people to pay for crimes they never committed most of whose ancestors also never committed is criminal.