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PA VOTER FRAUD: First Reversal, Victory “won” with mail-in Ballots for State Democrat now goes to Republican

The November 2020 General Election has seen its first major reversal of a top candidate and the messy battle between political opponents that is certain to deepen and worse as the next few weeks go on.  The Nov. election saw a massive shift in voting tactics, with Democrats pushing for massive Mail-in Ballot Harvesting and drives, which are historically fraught with problems and fraud.

Due to the pandemic, many Democrat groups sought to expand their government powers and expand mail-in voting. As a result, there appears to be a number of legal and criminal allegations against states who had mail-in voting.  Pennsylvania has numerous problems as a result.

On Tuesday, GOP state senators in Pennsylvania blocked a Democrat from being seated despite his win over a GOP challenger (a win certified by the state). They voted to remove Democrat Lt. Gov. Fetterman as presiding officer before recognizing every elected member except Sen. Jim Brewster.

In an article for the Pittsburgh Gazzette, Jullian Routh wrote:

A Western Pennsylvania lawmaker who won re-election in November was not sworn-in to the state Senate on Tuesday with the rest of the victors, as Republicans voted to deny his seating and ponder a challenge by his electoral opponent.

Sen. Jim Brewster, a McKeesport Democrat who has represented the 45th District for the last decade, defeated Republican Nicole Ziccarelli by 69 votes in the Nov. 3 contest but didn’t get to take the oath of office on the Senate floor with the 24 others who won their races in this cycle.

The GOP majority tabled the seating so members of the Senate could digest both sides of an official challenge by Ms. Ziccarelli, interim Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman said on Monday. Ms. Ziccarelli is asking a federal court to toss out votes in the race that would swing the district to her and urged Senate Republicans, in the meantime, to use their majority to refuse the official vote certification on the chamber floor.

They did so on Tuesday in what was a messy, contentious session. Republicans voted to remove Lt. Gov. John Fetterman — who objected, as presiding officer, to the GOP’s efforts to block Mr. Brewster —and replace him with Mr. Corman.

They also removed their Lt. Governor.

Local news reporters wrote:

The Pennsylvania Senate’s first session of the new year devolved into shouting Tuesday, as the Republicans who hold a majority in the chamber refused to seat a Democratic member who won reelection in November.

In a highly unusual move, GOP leaders forcefully seized control of the proceedings from Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, after Fetterman tried to insist on swearing in Sen. Jim Brewster (D-Allegheny) for a new term.

The Republican majority voted to remove Fetterman from presiding. Then Sen. Jake Corman (R-Centre) read out the names of the newly elected or re-elected senators, purposefully skipping Brewster, and Republicans again voted to confirm the move.

Fetterman, meanwhile, attempted to keep control over the chamber, and other Democrats joined in. Minority Whip Anthony Williams (D-Philadelphia) shouted out Brewster’s name as a clerk read off the other confirmed senators.

“We will not participate in this farce,” Williams told Republican members.

Brewster’s race has been the most intensely contested of all the commonwealth’s 2020 down-ballot races.

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