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PA Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar Who Pennsylvania Republicans Feel Helped Rig 2020 Election Has Resigned

"Gov. Wolf Signs Bipartisan Bill to Remove Barriers to Work for People with Criminal Convictions" by governortomwolf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The lawless Pennsylvania secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, who Trump supporters rightfully excoriated for violating the US Constitution and violating Pennsylvania’s Act 77 mail-in ballot election law, said on Monday that she will resign her post over an unrelated state election law.

Boockvar, a Democrat, has said that she will leave office on February 5.   Her office bungled the handling of a state Constitutional Amendment that was designed to allow more sexual abuse victims to sue their alleged abusers.

In a statement, she said, “I’ve always believed that accountability and leadership must be a cornerstone of public service. While I only became aware of the mistake last week, and immediately took steps to alert the administration to the error, I accept the responsibility on behalf of the department.”

It’s too bad she didn’t accept responsibility for her criminal part in rigging the Pennsylvania 2020 election when she unlawfully changed an election law that allowed people who voted by provisional ballot, a ballot that is given to people to vote who were dumb enough to show up to vote and didn’t bring any identification to prove who they were, to have three additional days to prove who they were.   My belief is that the thousands of people who voted via provisional ballot didn’t offer identification because they were not authorized to legally vote at that time.   I can’t prove it yet, but I believe they were Democrat operatives who allegedly voted by provisional ballot knowing that no Democrat election officials would never hold them accountable and would just push their Biden votes through.  After listening to the testimony of numerous whistleblowers testify to witnessing some of the most egregious election fraud you’ve ever heard of is why I believe Boockvar was allegedly involved in a scam designed to help Democrats win the election.

Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution gives the sole power of creating and/or changing election laws to the state legislature.  This means when Boockvar changed the election law by extending the deadline for when people who voted by provisional ballot to provide evidence that they are who they said they are by three days she broke the law.  There is no spin for that.  She broke the law.

According to Pennsylvania law, an amendment has to pass the state legislature twice.  Boockvar’s office was required to publicize the proposed amendment by placing notices in two newspapers in each of the 67 counties that make up the state before the election and between both votes.  Her office did not comply.

Governor Tom Wolf, another useless Democrat, announced Boockvar’s resignation in a press statement and went out of his way to stress that the reason for BVoockvar’s resignation had nothing to do with the presidential election.  God forbid anyone starts looking into that, right?

“This change at the Department of State has nothing to do with the administration of the 2020 election, which was fair and accurate,” Wolf said. It was nowhere near fair and accurate, and the governor would not have felt compelled to say such a thing if he truly believed the election was fair and accurate.  According to data experts, whistleblower testimony, video evidence of election workers filling in ballots that only had a vote for Biden, the sheer number of which only goes to lend credence that political operatives worked very quickly to fill out as many ballots for Joe Biden as possible.  Those who get their news from CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, or the Washington Post just to name a few Fake News outlets would never know any of this because they censored any information from them.

“The delay caused by this human error will be heartbreaking for thousands of survivors of childhood sexual assault, advocates and legislators, and I join the Department of State in apologizing to you. I share your anger and frustration that this happened, and I stand with you in your fight for justice.”

I would rather that Boockvar apologized for rendering my vote null.  I would have also preferred that she left office as a disgrace over what she did in the 2020 election, but either way, good riddance.

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