In a recent lawsuit that was filed against the mayor and the city of Minneapolis by two restaurant owners declares that their businesses were vandalized and in the end burned to the ground during the riots that went on all summer long.

The argument on which they base their lawsuit is that the city and its officials who are responsible for protecting the residents and businesses in the city failed to stop the riots in Minneapolis.

On Monday, February 8, two restaurant owners Kacey White and Charles Stotts filed a lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court charging that both the city of Minneapolis and Mayor Jacob Frey failed in their duty to respond properly to the riots from May 27 to May 28 in 2020, and that their negligence resulted in the Town Talk Diner & Gastropub restaurant was burned to the ground.

I think this is only the beginning.  I think hundreds if not thousands of business owners who lost everything because of the riots will start to sue for their losses.

A reminder for the Woke Supremacists who are reading this, neither one of the restaurant owners, nor any of their employees, had anything to do with the death of George Floyd. That was done at the hands of Minneapolis police which if I’m not mistaken worked for the city of Minneapolis.

The restaurant first opened in 1946 and served the people of Minneapolis in the same location ever since, but now it is nothing more than burned debris after animals set it on fire in May of 2020.   Originally seating only 15 people at a time, instead of moving to a bigger location they remodeled the place to accommodate up to 50.  In other words, the owners were dedicated to the neighborhood and the people there.

From the lawsuit:

“Mayor Frey and the City failed to react to the seriousness of the riots and danger to Minnesotans and they failed to comply with policies to confront and stop the rioters. As a result of Mayor Frey and the City’s failed leadership, Kacey and Charles suffered damages in excess of $4,500,000.00.”

The lawsuit also charges that Mayor Frey’s decision to have the Third Precinct evacuated made local residents and business owners to have to fend for themselves during the riots that emanated:

“[Mayor Frey] made the decision to evacuate the Third Precinct, removing police officers from the neighborhood, and leaving the citizens of Lake Street to defend themselves and their property.”

I fear a corrupt Democrat-appointed judge may throw the case out.  What else can we expect after what the country went through last year?

The city, via attorney Jim Rowader, has already made arguments against the lawsuit saying that the mayor did ask for support from the National Guard after it was recommended by the police chief, “and as soon as there was any discernible risk of civil unrest and damage to neighborhoods and businesses.”

Rowader also said the Minneapolis Police Department also requested additional support on the same night that Frey asked for National Guard help:

“The City has provided plaintiffs with these documents, and we are hopeful that they will amend their complaint given this clear and documented evidence.”

Minneapolis isn’t the only city where lawsuits have been filed due to damage inflicted by the riots of 2020.  For example, back in October a jewelry store owner in Portland, Oregon filed a lawsuit against the due after the city failed to respond to rioters who looted and destroyed their business.

Back in June residents and businesses in Seattle filed a class-action lawsuit against the city for “extensive harm” they suffered from the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP where the outrage mob took over a part of the city.  In the suit, they argue that the occupation has caused financial hardship and disrupted daily life for many people in the area.

America was horrified to watch riots carry on every night throughout the summer and it appeared that the Democrat-run cities did next to nothing to stop it.  We had some politicians who actually encouraged the riots to continue, albeit claiming they were speaking about the peaceful protesters [wink].  For example, the Boston Herald reported that Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) called for unrest back in August.  Kamala Harris, now the Vice Thief-in-Chief supported an organization that bailed out violent criminal rioters so that they could be back on the streets committing more mayhem.  Thanks to Harris’ support for the organization they raised millions of dollars to bail out rioters.

Thousands of businesses were destroyed by the riots and they had absolutely nothing to do with the rage that went on over the summer. Somebody owes them compensation and it should be the people, the officials to work charged with their protection.