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Over 35,000 Christians Worship Together in Washington, DC Praying for Revival

An estimated crowd of 35,000 gathered together on the National Mall lawn on Sunday evening to worship and pray together for the soul of America.

The tens of thousands of Christians happily braved the cold rain, dancing and singing and celebrating together in the middle of one of the most chaotic years this nation has seen in decades.

“We’ve been in a season of pain, discord, violence, and fear,” event organizer Sean Feucht told the crowd, “but Jesus is reminding us that He died on the cross so we can live fully…even in the middle of a pandemic,” he added. “We’re going to leave this field as the happiest group of Christians because of His glory. Wake up church, come alive and arise. The glory of the Lord arises on you.”

The gathering was the culmination of nearly four months of “Let Us Worship” gatherings led by California-based worship leader Sean Feucht. Feucht began leading worship and prayer events in California in July in open defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID ban on singing in church. The events gained such a following that Feucht began traveling across the nation.

“Let Us Worship” quickly became a movement to protest government restriction of freedom of worship, to counteract the summer’s violent protests, and to cry out to God for national revival.

Since July, Feucht has gathered Christians to worship and pray together in over 45 cities, including cities that have seen some of the worst riots over the summer, like Seattle, Portland, and Chicago.

Yesterday’s events began at the Supreme Court at 10 AM, where Christians gathered to worship and pray for the end of abortion. Coincidentally, this event was scheduled before it was known that the Senate would be voting on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court the Monday following.

Worshippers then moved their praise to St. John’s Episcopal Church at 1:30 PM, and then to the Lincoln Memorial Steps at 2:30 PM. At each stop, the crowd worshipped and prayed together, undeterred by the rain.

The big event began at 4 PM EST on the National Mall lawn. Feucht led the crowd in songs, Jentezen Franklin preached, and even Senator Josh Hawley made an appearance.

The event did not come without resistance, however. Feucht later posted a picture to social media of one of their event workers who had been attacked with a bowl of blood:

And many simply don’t understand why Christians would gather together during a pandemic to worship:

But these events have been a source of great hope and inspiration in the middle of riots, an election year, a pandemic, and the general feeling of great uncertainty of the future.

One attendee posted to social media that they brought their entire youth group with them, believing that “a TANGIBLE shift was going to happen in DC”:

Let Us Worship will gather for another worship event on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles at the site where the Azusa Street Revival broke out in 1906.

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