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Outraged Liberals Call on Biden to Fire AG Merrick Garland Over Lack of Prosecutions in Jan. 6 Investigation

Merrick Garland is so hated that even liberals are calling for his head. They claim that he should be prosecuting Republicans as part of the J6 investigation. But, do they have a case? Not really. Adam Schiff and Liz Cheney can intentionally misquote Trump and others because they have immunity from prosecution as long as they say it in the House. Garland has no immunity. If he brings charges, he has to have enough evidence for a conviction or look like a clown.

The liberals want PresidentTrump, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and Paul Gosar prosecuted. But, what actual evidence do they possess? If you edit a quote in court, the defense will eat you up alive. The liberals don’t care, they just want to smear the top Republicans even if it is dishonest. In fact, they major in dishonest.

The entire fiasco was started by loser Claire McCaskill. She says that if he doesn’t start prosecutions, he must be fired. On PMSDNC she claimed that garland should have already charged President Trump with inciting to riot, without producing a scintilla of evidence to back up the charges.

McCaskill shrieked:

“Any responsible leader would want to end the violence, not provoke it!”

“That’s what he did that day, and that’s what this committee is going to lay out, and that’s where Merrick Garland is either going to rise to the occasion or go down in infamy as one of the worst attorneys generals in this country’s history!”

From The Blaze

Many on the left took the opportunity to demand Garland be replaced in order to jumpstart any prosecution against Trump and his former aides.

“PLEASE PLEASE REPLACE #MerrickGarland with @SallyQYates. #MerrickGarland please put #SallyYates in charge of a Special Council on the people who have publicly admitted to trying to overthrow the government,” tweeted actress Debra Messing.

“Does anyone else agree that Merrick Garland should be replaced?” said filmmaker Chip Franklin.

“I’d like to think Merrick Garland’s plan includes resigning so Sally Yates can take over as Attorney General immediately please,” read another tweet.

“There is no legal or strategic or smart reason for him to do absolutely nothing and ‘wait’,” tweeted Cheri Jacobus. “THERE IS NO REASON FOR MERRICK GARLAND TO NOT HAVE ACTED.”

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