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Out-of-Touch Dem Brags About New Electric Car and Avoiding Gas Prices (VIDEO)

They must not get it.

Earlier this week, gas prices rose to yet another all-time high under Joe Biden’s administration. Honestly, it’s almost on a daily basis that we are seeing new highs in regard to gas prices.

Wage growth is not keeping pace with inflation, and the cost of gasoline continues to skyrocket.

Out-of-touch Democrat Debbie Stabenow, a senator from Michigan, boasted that while driving her new shiny electric vehicle, she was able to go by “every single gas station” without being affected by “how high gas was.”

“On the issue of gas prices, I drove my electric vehicle from Michigan to here last weekend and went by every gas station and it didn’t matter how high it was,” the Democrat said during a senate hearing on Tuesday.

The price of brand new electric vehicles typically exceed $56,000. It’s not something that most Americans can afford. Biden has killed the middle class and they can barely afford gas right now, they’re not going to be able to afford a car payment upwards of $600-700/month. It’s probably more than that honestly, because I currently pay $500+/month for a $35,000 car that we bought new just a few years ago.

The Democrat Stabenow has some advice for the peasants who are suffering as a result of the policies of Joe Biden: buy a new car that costs $56,000 and stop complaining.

Democrats are completely out of touch with reality and everyday Americans. It’s just absolutely ridiculous.

Gene Sperling, a senior counselor to Joe Biden, is so out of touch with the average American that he told CNN’s potato Brian Stelter that he has no concept what it’s like to pay high gas prices.

“I’m not gonna try to say I feel that pain personally,” he said on Monday.

Rep. Mike Kelly, was one of the Republicans to critique Stabenow online. He says the median income of his constituents is less than the price of a new electric vehicle – saying the average is $60,000. Kelley Blue Book puts the average new electric vehicle price at just over $56,000.

“Democrats don’t understand the problems of everyday Americans,” Kelley said.

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