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Domestic Terrorism

Our Law & Order President tweets 15 posters of ‘persons of interest’ in connection to statue vandalization. Liberals are furious.

For the first time ever we have a president tweeting law enforcement posters of “people of interest’ in the vandalism of the Andrew Jackson statue.

You talk about triggering some liberals on Twitter, President Trump had them tweeting all kinds of hateful things in retaliation. They called him all kinds of things including a traitor to Trump for prison.

It’s pretty funny when liberals are calling for Trump to be in prison while Hillary Clinton is getting set to appear in court for her emails, Obama and Biden have been exposed for knowing the dossier was fake and the set up of Flynn and Biden’s son’s lawyers just got in trouble for trying to bribe the Berisma lawyers.

And President Trump…….well he is still your president!!

Each pamphlet Trump tweeted out said the Park Police are working closely with the FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force to identify the suspects seen in the pictures. They are wanted for “destruction of federal property and other related crimes.”

Anyone who may have information about the wanted suspects is asked to contact the Park Police’s Criminal Investigations Branch through its anonymous tip line at 202-610-8731, or the FBI’s Washington field office at 202-278-2000.

Let’s help spread these faces on social media and help bring them to justice.

The posts come just one day after Trump signed an executive order to shield monuments and memorials from lawless rioters, promising prison time for those who test the limits of the new mandate.

Source: Trump tweets 15 separate posters of ‘persons of interest’ sought in connection to Andrew Jackson statue vandalization

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