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OUCH! Every Network But Fox Aired Jan 6 Hearing And Ratings Show Viewers Couldn’t Change the Channel Fast Enough

We knew it, but now the evidence is in.

We knew it, but now the evidence is in. Thursday night’s prime time Democratic Party‘s Stalinist show trial’s ratings of how the American people were interested in the Democrat’s false version of what happened on January 6, 2021 at our nation’s Capitol, and it’s not looking good for the gaslighting propagandists, including the Democrats’ buddies in the misinformation news media who displayed a lot of gushing from network news sets with coffee mugs with network logos.

Viewers were disappearing quicker than a dance floor after somebody farted.

Every major network sans Fox News aired the show trial, all from the same central camera. It was like what happens in North Korea. And every one of them watched their audiences get smaller and smaller as it went on bringing the start reality that they would have done better had they just aired their normal broadcasting.

When people would rather watch the Cartoon Network, you know what your programming’s ratings are in the Dumpster.

According to Newsbusters, ABC normally brings in around 7.4 million viewers during the normal broadcasting of “World News Tonight’s” ratings based on the week of June 1, and during the show trial, the same time slot, ABC only received 4.35 million viewers. That’s a net loss of over 3 million viewers. In the real world, heads would have rolled for who made the decision to air the show trial.

CBS showed the same pattern where the network normally gets about 4.3 million viewers during that time slot only to drop down to 3.24 during the Stalinist show trial.

NBC normally does an impressive 6.06 million viewers but dropped to 3.31 million during the Democrat’s gaslighting exercise. That’s two and three-quarter million viewers who turned away once they saw what was going on.

And these networks are not being censored the way we are every day of the week. If the farcical fact checkers could have figured out a way to get more people to watch the show trial, believe me, they would have done it.

Outkick’s Clay Travis took to social media to sum up what was really going on.

“So Democrats scheduled a primetime Congressional hearing into January 6th, a riot that happened 18 months ago that almost no one cares about, the night before inflation data is going to be released that shows we are still at a 40 year inflation high. Talk about tone deaf. Wow.”

He followed up.

“Not one single Democrat looked at the calendar and said, ‘Hey, guys, maybe we shouldn’t have this hearing the night before inflation data is being released.’ Seriously, no one thought of this?! It really is like the Democrats are intentionally tanking for the number one pick.”

Travis is pointing out something I said yesterday. “… now you know why the Democrats are making such a fuss about January 6, 2021, that happened over a year and a half ago, to cover up the thousands of disasters they have created for you and your country. They want you to believe that your personal concerns like will you be able to feed your family soon, or can you afford to drive anywhere, or will an ambulance be able to drive to your home if you need one, or will the police be able to afford to drive to your home in the event of an emergency after gas prices go to record highs, are not what’s important. What’s important is whatever they tell you that you should be terrified of and the January 6 committee is just one of the tools they are using to build a common enemy to focus on hating instead of focusing on your real problems that were created by the Democrats.”

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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