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O’Rourke Appears To Be Chased Away From Event As Debate Is Set With Abbott

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, a failed Democrat candidate for POTUS, has been pushing his fantasy Fake News again.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke, a failed Democrat candidate for POTUS, has been pushing his fantasy Fake News again. At first, it was just his daydreaming that he is Hispanic, and now it is a little bit more shall we say ‘adventurous’ as he attempts to run for Texas Governor against Republican Greg Abbott.


The Fake Unity.

On Sunday in Rockdale Texas, there was none of that unity anywhere around, while video shows that a group of Gov. Greg Abbott’s supporters stood outside a theater where gubernatorial hopeful O’Rourke was speaking.

“Beto O’Rourke being chased out of Rockdale, TX.. His next stop is Ft. Worth, TX, I hope folks there do the same! He’s a convicted burglar, how does he get to run for any office? Didn’t he want to defund the police who are carry weapons he wants outlawed & protecting him with?” Patty Cakes wrote.


Video from social media shows the Democratic candidate walking out with a group surrounding him, while music is playing loudly, and the lyrics are about the fake new media.

“Rockdale showed up to let him know that we the people of Texas do not want BETO for governor,” said one supporter.

The press secretary for Beto’s gubernatorial campaign sent a statement to 25 News explaining the situation.

“Beto held a two-hour public event in Rockdale on Friday night as part of his 49-Day, more than 5,600-mile Drive for Texas. He spoke to a full house of 350 people, took questions from those in attendance, and did a photo line with the community. What you see in the video is Beto walking to his truck following the event at the end of the evening. He was not injured,” said Tori Larned, press secretary.

The race for Governor has become close after Abbott’s response to the Uvalde shooting.  Immediately after the shooting O’Rourke began knocking on doors in the community, actually upsetting people who were not ready to deal with the politics of gun control, as they were hours from a shooting that shook their community.

Beto gained as much anger and furry over his behavior in the hours and days after the shooting as anything else.

WATCH Video:

The Texas Tribune reported on Tuesday that O’Rourke and Abbott will meet on Sept 30 for a debate.

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