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OPINION: Erasing student loans can’t and shouldn’t be done

Joe Biden continues to push his campaign for canceling student loan debt. As great as free education sounds, it isn’t possible and is an incredibly irresponsible idea.

As the old adage goes, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees.’ If students don’t pay for their education, who will pay for the professors, administrators, food workers, janitors, and countless other employees that keep colleges and universities going?

In just a few weeks, I’ll be graduating from college. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything and feel that my college education is a valuable asset that will aid me in my career. I understand the immense value my diploma will hold. Going to college for free seriously cheapens the experience. College is a sacrifice- tons of time and money are given up in order for students to obtain a good degree so they can go into the world and make a difference.

Joe Biden saying he wants to eradicate student loan debt is just another idea that he’s pushing to gain more support. The problem is, it just isn’t feasible. You don’t walk into Target and pick out whatever you want and leave without paying for it. Education should be looked at the same way. But unlike a nice outfit or groceries you get at the grocery store, college has a lasting impact. 

What you learn and do at college follows you throughout your life. The experiences you have, the lessons you learn, are just as important as the book knowledge you absorb. The professors you have can make a lasting impact as mentors and advice givers. 

College is incredibly important and so valuable, so it shouldn’t be treated as some flippant thing that should just be given out free. The cost is what makes education so valuable. The sacrifice makes the diploma worth more than just a piece of paper. 

Remember all of those college faculty and staff still have to be paid? Guess who gets to pay for them? Us. You, me, everyone. The money for education will more than likely be funneled into our taxes meaning a smaller paycheck for you, but free education for students. 

I understand the struggle of student loans- I have friends who are buried under mountains of debt and I see how it affects them. Between books, room and board, and tuition, college is beyond expensive. But the answer is not just canceling loans and making it free.

That’s just not how the world works. 

I love helping others when I can, there’s a feeling of joy that comes with doing so. However, I don’t really count paying for other people’s education as helping. Another part of paying for college that makes such a difference is the drive to do well.

If college is free, what’s going to keep students from taking their time, skipping classes, and not pushing themselves to their full potential? Knowing how expensive an education is serves as  inspiration to work hard and make the sacrifice worth it. 

I know the idea of free tuition sounds great and so appealing, I’m a student, I get it. However, don’t get sucked into the idea, you will be greatly disappointed when you find more money taken out of your taxes.

Nothing is free, America.  Remember that.

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