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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Wisconsin Election Officials Admitted to Telling Election Officials to Break the Law

The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) was caught on tape instructing people to break the law in the 2020 election. Wisconsin law does not permit ballot harvesting in nursing homes or long-term care institutions. They have special deputies who go 9nto these homes when requested. They have strict rules they have to abide to but they were banned in 2029 because of COVID but the WEC allowed people to go into the homes to harvest ballots.

Trump Communications Director Liz Harrington posted several tweets detailing the fraud the WEC sanctioned. Tens of thousands of these illegal votes were counted in the 2020 election. In this first video below Election Commission Official admitted to breaking the law before and after the 2020 election:

The WEC passed a directive that made it possible to cheat in the election with hardly any risk since they only were told they could do it. The vote was 5-1 and the video was made available for the public just one hour before the vote. Too late for people to show up and oppose the vote.

WEC’s Ann Jacobs scoffed at concerns family members had for not being informed that the commission had given illegal ballot harvesters to take advantage of their loved ones.

From The Gateway Pundit

“The thing I’m afraid of is possible fraud in nursing homes…where you have whomever filling out these ballots…I think that’s a problem.”

That’s exactly what happened!

Only one commissioner was concerned about ordering nursing homes to BREAK THE LAW “The thing I’m afraid of is possible fraud in nursing homes where you have whoever filling out these ballots…I think that’s a problem.” That’s exactly what happened!

Wisconsin Election Commission knew they were breaking the law, but did it anyway

WEC admitted Special Voting Deputies have to visit nursing homes & be witnessed by Dem & GOP observers, & “the law prevents absentee ballots from being mailed” to nursing homes without SVD visits.

WEC suggested letting nursing home staff help residents with ballots, even though that is against “the way the law stands”

After WEC ordered nursing homes to break the law and not to let Special Voting Deputies in that’s exactly what happened – staff filled out ballots for them.

Wisconsin Election Commission literally told the state to BREAK ELECTION LAWS

“The other thing we did was told municipalities they didn’t have to follow the state law when they were going to propose closing a polling place…

“We need to go back to following the law but…”


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