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Ohio Professor says Clarence Thomas not “authentically black” and lacks “racial pride”

During a lecture in a symposium hosted by Texas A&M University earlier this month, a professor from The Ohio State University blamed white females for racism in educational institutions and called for a greater diversity of educational professionals.

“We need more diversity among educational professionals,” Professor Donna Ford told the virtual audience. “And I don’t mean your skin color, I mean like I don’t want Clarence Thomas teaching my damn kids.”

Professor Ford clarified her comments with Campus Reform:

“Just because a person, an educator is black, does not mean they’re authentically black and have racial pride, and that’s why for example I used Clarence Thomas.”

Texas A&M University at Commerce hosted the symposium titled, “What the Truth Sounds Like” to provide perspectives “on dismantling systemic and oppressive racism throughout education and human services.”

Donna Ford is a professor at The Ohio State University in the Department of Educational Studies.

In her lecture, Ford addressed the racism “operating like a cancer” in educational institutions. “It’s a plague in our damn education system,” she said. She pointed to what she called “a monopoly on education” by white females and white administrators.

“So white females, I’m speaking to you, and I’m saying you’ve got to get your sh – stuff together.” Ford told her listeners to remove their children from the room because she wouldn’t be stopping herself from profanity moving forward, then continued: “But you’ve got to get your stuff together because you know what, you’re the problem, and then you’re the major problem.”

Ford clarified with Campus Reform that she doesn’t believe all white women are the problem: “Not all, but I like to use the term far too many, and ten is far too many. We don’t need any racist teachers in education.”

Ford told her audience that white women are fragile and don’t want to be confronted with their racist attitudes, and that white administrators act as “bystanders, fearful of white fragility, especially afraid to have a white women’s tears show up, so they avoid a pedagogy of discomfort…”.

She further clarified these comments as well. From Campus Reform:

Ford clarified to Campus Reform that she believes that educators often “tend not to hold White women accountable because of perceived fragility,” adding that people often perceive White women as being unable to “handle feedback and criticism and asking them to make changes,” whereas Black women are perceived as “super strong” and able to “handle anything.”

Ford recommended the recruitment of more educators of color in leadership positions and more mandatory trainings on “equity, diversity, and inclusion” at the university level.

“It is a disgrace for any university to not have professional students – from all professionals – get training in equity, diversity, and inclusion. It needs to be at least four classes,” said Ford.

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