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Obsessed: Left Goes Crazy Over Trump’s Last Move, ‘Office of Former President’

On Monday, President Donald J. Trump’s organization released a press statement that thrilled his supporters so much the news quickly went viral and even got trending from the excitement.

“President Trump announces the office of the former President,” a release read.

“Former President Donald Trump has officially opened the ‘Office of the Former President,’ which will manage his correspondence, public statements, and activities to “carry on the agenda of the Trump Admin. through advocacy.”

Trump, known as an expert “troll” who elicits deep passions, both with his fans and his opponents, has always provided fascinating content for Twitter posters, and his announcement on Monday was no different.

“The Office of the Former President” will manage Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearance, and official activities, according to a press release from the office.

“President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People,” the release said.

Readers speculated that the Former President’s office would be a likely place for Trump to begin his work to support candidates for the 2022 political races.

Left leading The Hill, speculated with their fantasies, that the press statement signaled the end of Trump’s career:

“The title of the office could fuel speculation that Trump may not run for president again in 2024, something he and his advisers have not definitively weighed in on.

Since leaving the White House last week for his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Trump has been publicly silent. He has been banned from Twitter and suspended from other major social media platforms in the wake of the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.”

The president briefly spoke to a Washington Examiner recently, who reporter at his golf club a few days after leaving office, though he did not make extensive comments about his plans.

Of course, other former presidents have opened up offices for the same matters after their terms were over, but anything that President Trump captivates the left and doesn’t let go.

The screeching and ill humor by the left that President Trump would dare do such a thing and not lay down and die after their many, many attempts to destroy him was making the left go crazy with jealousy on Twitter.

There were numerous obsessive tweets about what Trump was doing with the announcement, repeating their obsessive lies and mean spirited attacks on anyone who might have supported Trump.

According to the left, the idea that President Trump dared represent Americans who wanted to protect their God-given civil liberties is just a step too far for them to behave civilly. They are in a deep state of anger and revenge, still almost a week after President Trump left DC.

One poster on Twitter wrote that the left successfully evicting Trump from DC, but they still could not get him off their minds.

Whatever the purpose of the office, Trump’s favorability rating is increasing with the American public, according to polls, so the future looks bright for President Trump.



  1. Connie Ericksen

    January 26, 2021 at 9:08 am

    We love our President Trump and will stand with him 1000%!

  2. Cheryl Schwochert

    January 26, 2021 at 5:36 pm


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