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Obama Just Got Caught In A Humiliating Position After He Gets Called Out


Long before liberal operatives and the corrupt mainstream media helped manipulate the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden’s cognitive competence was in doubt. The radically progressive left in the Democrat Party ignored the obvious. They covered it up.

Joe Biden was clearly unfit to handle the rigorous responsibilities of being President of the United States.

But, aided and abetted by their corrupt co-conspirators, liberals stuck their puppet in the White House. Since Biden took office, it’s been like a train wreck for the country.

Not only have the radical policies of the far left driven the country into the ground, but Joe Biden’s cognitive awareness has worsened.

Since day one, he has made one gaffe after another and created one calamity after another. Joe Biden has embarrassed himself.

He’s embarrassed the Democrat Party. However, and worst of all, Joe Biden has embarrassed the United States of America. He is viewed around the world as a very weak and unstable leader. Even his own party wants to look elsewhere for a future presidential candidate.

Dozens of professional experts tried to warn the country prior to Election Day 2020. You can add President Donald Trump’s name to that list. But there were bona fide experts who cautioned the country about voting for someone ill-equipped to handle the duties of president.

Less than halfway through his first, and certainly his last, term in office, the troubling pattern continues. Joe Biden continues to show clear and obvious signs of cognitive decline. Nevertheless, his accomplices in the mainstream media continue to ignore the obvious.

As the leader of the free world, Joe Biden’s condition is dangerous. One expert who tried to forewarn the nation was former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson. Dr. Jackson has been the lead medical caretaker for three different presidents. He knows what he’s saying.

But Dr. Jackson has been saying the same thing for nearly two years. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Dr. Jackson openly questioned the cognitive awareness of then-candidate Joe Biden. He has never changed his professional opinion.

The former White House physician has long noted Biden’s “crazy statements and concerning mental gaffes.”

Candidate Joe Biden forgot what state he was in at one point during the campaign. He also forgot what office he was running for on another occasion.

These aren’t little slips of the tongue. With Joe Biden, they have become a consistent pattern. For speaking his professional mind about Biden’s mental health issues, Dr. Jackson was chastised by former president Barack Obama.

But Obama has even questioned Biden’s mental acuity. At one point, the former president warned us “not to underestimate his VP’s ability to f*** things up.” Not a flattering vote of confidence from your boss. But now Joe Biden is the leader of the free world.

He’s no longer just “second-in-command”, a figurehead who can be coddled like a senile old grandpa. The senile old grandpa has control of the U.S. nuclear codes. This senile old grandpa stands with world leaders at a precariously dangerous time. He can’t do the job.

Joe Biden is supposed to lead America out of the worst economic turmoil in decades. Biden can’t even stand in front of an audience and speak clearly. Every time he opens his mouth, Biden embarrasses himself and the nation. He’s a catastrophe. However, he’s also dangerous.

Joe Biden must be removed from office before he says something that causes a worldwide catastrophe. He is not competent to be president. In all honesty, it’s very sad. Nonetheless, sad cannot be an excuse. It’s long past the time for Joe Biden to exit stage left, before it’s too late.

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