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Obama Foolishly Claims Trump’s Presidency was a Direct Result of Racism

The Left prides itself on being (supposedly) the party of unity and tolerance and proclaims themselves as deliverers of the oppressed who seek unity amongst Americans.

But one of their biggest champions showed a complete disregard for any of that.

In his anticipated memoir “A Promised Land,” former President Barack Obama declared that Donald Trump’s presidency was a direct result of racism stemming from “millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House.” Obama claimed that the American’s approval of Trump’s “divisive rhetoric” showed a prevailing racist attitude in the country, which is why he could not “rally the nation, as FDR had once done, behind what I knew to be right” during his two terms as president.

But Obama’s claim shows a complete disregard for logic or the freedom of thought amongst citizens.

In 2008, over 69 million Americans voted for Obama, and another 65 million in 2012. The majority of Americans in each election welcomed his policies and what he stood for. Americans chose to elect him based off his policies.

And in 2016, they did the same thing, but with a different candidate.

Trump appealed to 61 million people in 2016 because his America-first and freedom-minded policies on immigration, foreign policy, trade, gun rights, and the sanctity of life sounded invigorating and refreshing after eight years of Obama’s socialist policies. Trump was an outsider, a brash but forthright leader who was not afraid to speak his mind or stand up to people.

As a result, Trump upset Hillary Clinton and assumed the presidency. There is no other reason than that.

Furthermore, Obama’s statement insinuates that the only way you can not be racist with your vote is if you vote for someone in a minority community or whose policies are similar to his own. Not only is this completely absurd, but it is an attempt at thought control through guilt.

The Left always attempts to guilt others into thinking the way they want through name-calling. After all, no one wants to feel guilty or immoral for their actions, so to compensate, they conform to the what is “morally acceptable” at the time. Unfortunately, this destroys any space for freedom of thought, which is a tactic employed by the communist and socialist governments of the past and present (so much as for the Left’s “tolerance”).

Obama clearly misunderstood America and the freedoms given to each citizen, and unfortunately, so do many of his cohorts on the Left.

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