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Attacking Trump

NYT Reports Anon’s Story About Facebook Developing a “Kill Switch” for Trump While YouTube Shuts Down Free Speech for you

Someone with connections to Facebook gave the New York Times an inside glimpse into the mind of the operators at Facebook, and how they believe that President Donald J. Trump may claim victory after the 2020 Presidential election, and if he does they will need to stop him no matter how rouge he goes.

The New York Times appears to be making up a story and then reporting a reaction to their own story as if it is real, with anonymous information from political allies.

This is ironic because at the same time Youtube has announced a new crackdown on information from regular people about candidates that appears to be unofficial.

There is no way for DJHJMedia to confirm if the New York Times story is true, however, it is noteworthy that the New York Times chose to promote the message that Trump is dangerous and may claim victory in Biden’s obvious win,  in their story, “Facebook Braces Itself...”

According to Just the News, who covered the New York Times article on the matter, “The Times [said there ] is a “kill switch” that would shut down all political advertising on the site the day after Election Day.”

Facebook  did not comment directly on the allegations in the New York Times report, though they made the following statement to the NYT: “We continue to plan for a range of scenarios to make sure we are prepared for the upcoming election.”

It is all very mysterious, isn’t it? So the NYT is able to use Facebook to plant a few seeds in order to discredit President Trump, based on anonymous sources who say they work for Facebook, and that they are ready to handle Trump one way or the other, no matter what he does.

That passes as justice to the left.

In the meantime for regular American posters, there is no such luxury.

Epoch Times reported the following:

“Online video platform YouTube has started banning content that includes information obtained by “hacking” and that “may interfere with democratic processes, such as elections and censuses,” the company announced on Aug. 13.”

The announcement from the Google-owned platform used the example of “videos that contain hacked information about a political candidate shared with the intent to interfere in an election.”

It seems to be a lot of positioning to handle a very large “October surprise”.

This story is developing…


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. DanielG

    August 23, 2020 at 12:49 am

    Civil War 2 shooting war will certainly begin at that instant. Believe me, I don’t say this lightly. President Trump is going to win by a landslide victory. The People see through all this nonsense of Facebook, Twitter and Google’s games of censorship. Even democrats are seeing it the communist push and declaring they will vote for Trump. And yes Google has already started. I looked at my YouTube feed this morning and there is nothing but fake news media bullshit news, Fox is gone in my feed there. Get on Duck Duck Go Browser, and Search Engine. Get on Parler social media. The left (social media) is going to cut everything of conservative voices. The Balkans War on repeat, 1000x worse. It will be neighbor killing neighbor. Just look at Seattle and Portland. They will be finding mass graves there before too long. Their bullshit has gone on long enough. Time to shut these platforms down. Permanently!

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