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NYPD Limits Retirement Applications, Up 400 Percent This Week!

Who would not retire, if eligible, from the New York City Police Department? In a short period of time, the Men/Women in blue and have gone from Rudy’s soldiers, lowering crime in the Big Apple from 1994 – 2001, to despised by some of the people they serve. Though never paid enough for one of the toughest jobs in town, the Police union had negotiated a solid retirement package for its members.

With the recent decisions from NYC Mayor De Blasio and the city’s progressive city council to cut 1 billion dollars out of the police budget, reassign all the undercover plainclothes officers to other precincts, and limit the tools officers can use when dealing with unruly criminals, New York’s Finest are putting in for retirement faster than the NYPD can handle — while specifically citing a lack of respect and the loss of overtime pay as the reasons to retire now.

From New York Post

surge of city cops filing papers during the past week more than quadrupled last year’s number — as the city grapples with a surge of shootings — and the stampede caused a bottleneck that’s forcing others to delay putting in their papers, officials and sources said.

The NYPD said Wednesday that 179 cops filed for retirement between June 29 and Monday, an astounding 411 percent increase over the 35 who filed during the same period in 2019.

The astonishing rush for the door came as 503 cops filed for retirement between May 25 — the day George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, sparking anti-cop protests around the country — and July 3, the NYPD said.

That number represents a 75 percent.

An NYPD spokeswoman noted that the department is not turning down any applications for officers retiring in the next 30 days — but has told cops putting in to retire after that to come back when a month out due to the increased activity.

272 uniformed NYPD cops file for retirement after George Floyd death

I hope these fine officers all get their paperwork processed as soon as possible, then pack up and get out of NYC. Keep the remaining officers in pray as things will only get more difficult for those servants in Blue, who choose to, against all odds, continue to protect and serve the fine people of New York City.

I hate to say it, but these progressive failing cities will have to hit rock bottom, not get bailed out, and have their citizens rise up and take back their cities. It is just a lot easier to dig a hole than to get out of one.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Heather Elizalde

    July 10, 2020 at 7:16 am

    Look, the police are “defunding” themselves!! Isn’t that what the Mayor wants??!! I’m not in LE, but I GUARANTEE if I was, if not allowed to retire…I would resign in a heartbeat!! I WAS an RN who did this!! As healthcare became more & more politicized and CEO’s were selling healthcare workers out (and MORE importantly, the patients themselves), I decided enough was enough…and retired!!I too, took an oath to “protect & serve”. But, when I was no longer able to do so to the best of my ability, I was done!! I BEG LEO’s in these cities/states that are being defunded and the lawlessness is increasing to leave and go to a LE agency that will support them.

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