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NYC Mayor Adams Is Already Losing Respect Because He’s Focusing On Nonsense Instead Of Fixing The Once Great City

New York’s Mayor Eric Adams came into office with only one thing he had to do to be in a good grace of the people of New York City: don’t be as bad as Bill de Blasio. That was a really low bar. If he could do that, then he would be able to nurture all the goodwill that was offered him by the voters.

It’s been a little over 100 days since Adams was sworn in as the 110th mayor of New York City and already there are signs of people worrying that they elected another woke tyrant who will punish them, even when it’s not called for or necessary for political or popular gain.

For example, New Yorkers are complaining that Adams, for some ungodly reason, decided to continue forcing little preschool children to wear masks. Toddlers have about a zero percent chance of not only dying from COVID but catching it. Like a new tyrant on the block, Mayor Adams doesn’t care. He’s enjoying the power.

The Democrats are right now trying to rebuild COVID paranoia by claiming cases are skyrocketing and therefore we must use mail-in ballots again in the midterm elections. We must do it for the children… that we are masking for no reason. #SMH

New Yorkers were expecting the workplace vaccine mandates to go away once de Blasio was out. Not a chance. Adams kept them in place upon penalty of being fired. Incredibly, he excused celebrities and athletes from the vaccine mandate and argued that he wasn’t creating a double standard. Folks, that’s the type of gaslighting lunacy New Yorkers were hoping would end with a new mayor.

I can tell you this. Had they elected Republican Curtis Sliwa, they wouldn’t be putting up with the de Blasio-continued tyranny, but New York Democrats always get what they deserve. They just don’t know any better.

Last week, Adams for some unknown reason decided to jump into the LGBTQ+ the caret symbol and the little Tilda thing that goes over some Spanish letters issue in Florida where he sided against parents who want to protect their children from being taught inappropriate material and being sexualized in the classroom. Adams spent city taxpayer dollars to buy five digital billboards to be placed around the Sunshine State asking LGBTQ+ folks to move out of Florida, where freedom reigns, to New York City so that they too can be forced to get vaccinated and their children forced to wear masks all day long while they get sexualized in schools. The filth of the city and the added criminal element would be a boost, too.

I guarantee DeSantis would have a much more effective campaign if he lobbied for conservatives hiding out in New York City to come down to Florida.

Personally, I don’t think Adams went far enough. I think he should offer monetary incentives for the freaks of Florida to slither north to the Big Apple and see just how much parents in the five boroughs put up with their agenda.

Adams, a former cop, was also elected to bring law and order back to the city and to not act like a communist dictator. Though there are now more cops on the streets, crime is still rising in the city. He’s also not willing to fight the so-called bail reform that created a revolving door for criminals to be back out on the streets before their arresting officer finished the paperwork all to continue to commit crimes against the innocent residents in the city. Every time Democrats get elected to a high position, they completely forget about how they got there. And it looks like Adams is no different.

Instead of getting into fights with the Democrats’ favorite Republican target since Trump left office, Governor DeSantis, maybe Adams should work on fixing his city first and then go for national notoriety, don’t ya think?

So far, Mayor Adams seems like he is going to provide a lot of fodder for stories I could write over the next four years. I’d rather he just stop his nonsense and give a damn about the people and New York City.

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