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NYC Democrat Mayor Eric Adams Trashes Florida’s ‘Parental Rights In Education’ Law When He Clearly Did Not Read It [VIDEO]

Anyone in the New York City Mayor’s office, and I do mean anyone, including people who live in those little mud huts, is better than Bill de Blasio, but come on NYC voters!

I don’t know how much taxpayer money Mayor Eric Adams has wasted on his latest project, but $1 is too much. The mayor made an official stand against Florida‘s new law that was signed by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, that protects young children from being sexualized in schools.

The NYC mayor has launched a campaign that he claims will put up digital billboards in 5 Florida markets trashing the “Parental Rights in Education” law, a law that protects children down to the age of 5 from being sexualized in schools, something that is most definitely happening all around the country.

Adams could have saved himself a bunch of embarrassment by reading the bill before going to all the trouble of making a fool of himself.

If this moronic mayor would have just read the bill, he could have saved a ton of taxpayer dollars.

HB 1557 is the Parental Rights In Education bill. Read it here:

When you read the bill, you must come away scratching your head wondering where the heck the words, “don’t say gay” appear because you won’t be able to find it. Nothing remotely like that can be found in the bill. The word “gay” doesn’t even appear because it’s not about being gay. It’s about protecting children from being sexualized. Parents don’t even want their 5-year-olds being taught about CIC hetero issues. Let the kids alone and just let them be kids.

Adams actually held a press conference to announce his billboard plan over a bill he completely misrepresents.

Wow, that was just dumb. There was a lot of word salad going on. The speech reminded me of Kamala Harris, where he spoke very deliberately without really saying anything. Come on, NYC voters! Do better.

After declaring that he wants all the people offended by the Parental Rights In Education law to move to New York City, he goes on saying, “And it’s more than just saying that, it’s also standing up and aligning ourselves with the men and women of the LGBTQ+ community and stating that we are in unison with you and your right to have a self-identification, your right to be, live the lifestyle and live the lives that you choose to live without any form of harassment.”

OMG, there are so many things wrong with that statement. If Adams read the bill, he would have learned that nowhere in it does it block anyone from having a self-identification. To the leftists reading this, go read the bill I posted above and try to find where it says anyone cannot have a self-identity. The only people the law is blocking are those who are illegally grooming very young children with talk about sexuality, trans issues and other things that children should not be taught in schools. Nothing in the bill goes against any lifestyle. That’s a bald-faced lie and Adams has to know it. And no one reading the bill can find any type of harassment, unless you consider blocking the recruiting and grooming young children in schools harassment.

By all means. Everyone who is against protecting young children from being sexualized in schools please move to New York City. You will be very welcome there. Adams should even give them monetary incentives to make the move. I’m sure they would want to leave the free state of Florida for the prison island of NYC where winters are horrible and the beaches are polluted.

Because if he had read the bill, he’d know that it says nothing about saying the word ‘gay’ or anything of the sort. It is to protect young children prior to the fourth grade from inappropriate sexual and gender ideological discussions.

I’m sorry, but this little stunt by Mayor Adams did nothing more than to show how ignorant the man is of the Parental Rights In Education bill. What an embarrassment to New York City.

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