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NYC Criminal Justice System ‘Imploding,’ as Homicides Hit 5-Year High & $1B Police Cuts

In the past weeks protestors and rioters have been demanding for the city to cut the police department funds.

When Cuomo said that most cops were good many called for his resignation.

And a New York chapter of BLM said they were going to assemble their own “Peace officers”. Hawk Newsome who claims to be a leader of Black Lives Matter movement says he will develop an armed branch of “peace officers” to combat police brutality in black communities during the so-called war on police.

On June 12, 2020 CNew York City leadership said,  “We have identified savings that would cut over $1 billion dollars, including reducing uniform headcount through attrition, cutting overtime, shift responsibilities away from the NYPD, finding efficiencies and savings in OTPS spending, and lowering associated fringe expenses,” they said.

The group said the $1 billion reductions is an ambitious goal but believes it is the right move to remedy failed policing policies of the past.

“As we do this, we must prioritize the most impacted communities and hear their demands and needs across all areas during this budget process. This should be a deliberative and good faith decision of the best path forward for New York City,” the statement continued.

Now on Thursday NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said that the homicide rate in New York has hit a five-year high as the number of people shot has jumped 42 percent compared to last year on the heels of an “implosion” of the city’s judicial system.

This is the result of the city trying to appease a group of rioters and protestors amid a time of high tensions between police officers and the black community. Moves have been made that have not been thought out in a strategic way.

From NBC

We cannot keep people safe without keeping bad, dangerous, people off the streets,” Shea said. “You have a criminal justice system that’s imploding. That’s the kindest way to put it.”

Shea said that if the Supreme Court can hold proceedings during the pandemic, there should be a way to arraign people and have grand juries during these pandemic times, pleading “do it virtually, do something.”

The commissioner also said supervised release is a “fallacy,” and that there’s no system right now to keep an eye on those who are released from prison — including Riker’s Island — and supposed to be monitored.

“Releasing people to homeless shelters is a recipe for disaster,” he said. “There is no safety net, often we don’t even have a clue where they are.”

Shea summed up his thoughts bluntly: “The people who are suffering are the people in New York City.”

Compared to the same week last year, NYPD crime data shows the total number of shooting victims rose 42 percent, along with 166 homicides to date compared to 134 from 2019. That represents a 24 percent increase in homicides year-over-year, marking an increase of 2.5 percent over year-to-date totals from five years ago.

Former NYPD Chief of Patrol Wilbur Chapman said that in this instance, the uptick is the rule, not the exception.

“Spikes in crime are not aberrations. Spikes in crime are a reality,” Chapman said. He believes that Shea’s decision to get rid of the anti-crime units was a mistake, and that small units of experienced officers who are familiar with the neighborhood is the best way to get guns off the street. Instead, he says the NYPD chose to “throw the baby out with the bath water.”

While calling the uptick “extremely alarming,” Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said he did not want to see “heavy-handed policing,” but rather encouraged a “new way of policing in the city that calls for community involvement.”

“Let local communities decide who is going to police them. Police commanders are the most powerful agency heads in our city and we don’t have enough say so on who is coming to particular communities – I think that is an important piece,” Adams said.

Shea also addressed the recent protests in the city, saying the department is conducting an after-action report which will be made public.

On the busiest days of the protests, the NYPD counted 72 demonstrations in one day. During that peak time, Shea believes the NYPD did a good job overall but given the incidents under investigation, said there were “things we did well and … there’s things we have to learn and do better.”

One of the things the NYPD is looking at is changing the training for officers, making it more hands-on. The commissioner said it may be best to take some of the experience “out of the classroom and take it into the field.”

Specifically, Shea said they’ll look at tactics they could improve — including better supervision and how to deal with instances where a crowd of 500 is protesting peacefully, but five people use the protests as cover to commit violence.

Shea also announced Wednesday a series of departmental moves to try and broadly re-shape the NYPD’s Community Affairs operation, one of which was placing Chief Jeffrey Maddrey in charge of the unit.



Source: NYC Criminal Justice System ‘Imploding,’ NYPD Boss Says as Homicides Hit 5-Year High

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