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NY Governor Cuomo Defended President Trump Against the “Nastiness” of Media Coverage

In a radio interview on Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the office of the President demands a certain respect that the press has not given to President Trump.

Cuomo appeared on WAMC radio with host Alan Chartock on Monday. They discussed Cuomo’s recently-awarded Emmy, the current state of the press, and the governor’s Thanksgiving plans among other things.

Cuomo told Chartock that the press has adopted a “nastier tone” in recent years and that he’s been appalled at their line of questioning toward the office of the President.

“You know, the way they question President Trump at some of these press conferences is just – I’ve never heard that tone with the president,” said Cuomo.

Chartock asked Cuomo, “Well, he deserves it though, doesn’t he?”

“Well, yeah,” Cuomo conceded, before continuing to defend the office of the President regardless of the personality:

“…there is supposed to be a decorum to the institution, right. You can not like the person or disrespect the person, but there is still an institution that each person represents.”

Cuomo called some members of the press “unprofessional”. He said they “don’t know the facts” and that they “ask really biased questions.” He made a shot at “the Post” and “the Fox equivalent on TV” specifically.

“You have reporters who ask questions that are just really unintelligent,” Cuomo said. “So I try to get past that, because they’re a member of the press and the relationship is with the press, and I’m doing this to inform people through the press. So just because a person is a jerk doesn’t mean that person doesn’t count. I think the same thing is true with an elected official, you want to say, well, I don’t like the president and I disrespect him, I know, but it’s still the Office of the President.”

“Yeah, but he’s done a lot to screw that up,” Chartock responded. “That’s for sure.” And then he re-directed the conversation.

CNN has called the relationship between Cuomo and Trump “hot and cold”, continually bouncing “between hostility and respect”. Both have been critical of one another’s COVID-19 responses.

In the same interview, Cuomo criticized Trump’s decision to hand much of the authority and responsibility for COVID-19 response to the governors:

“You never had a national pandemic handed to 50 governors. It was really a bizarre federal concept. It was a total federal application. President of the United States says, I have a national pandemic – okay governors, you’re in charge. No, no, when it’s 50 states, that makes it national. That’s called a national crisis. And the federal government is supposed to be involved.”

Cuomo reported that he liked the very different tone of Joe Biden in a recent Zoom meeting they had.

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