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Nuts In Wisconsin: Kids Can’t Go To School While Law Enforcement Focused On Feminizing Force

Local WI news reported, on Friday ahead of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, that schools would be closing up and going back COVID restrictions and back to online instruction due to the increased riots and other activity in the area of 5 different schools:

From Local WISN:

5 Kenosha schools go virtual because of Kyle Rittenhouse trial
School district says it has not been advised of any existing imminent danger


Because of the crowds and proximity to the Kenosha County Courthouse, five Kenosha schools are going virtual the rest of the week as a safety precaution.

The schools include:

  • Brass Elementary
  • Frank Elementary School
  • Harborside Academy
  • Reuther Central High School
  • Washington Middle School

“While we have not been advised of any existing imminent danger, we feel this is the best course of action to protect our students and staff during an uncertain time. We will continue to work closely with law enforcement to receive support as needed in the days and weeks ahead,” the Kenosha Unified School District said in a message sent to parents.

Families of schools moved to virtual learning may contact the Food Services Department at 262-359-6382 by 9:30 a.m. on Thursday and Friday to reserve a meal to be picked up at the Educational Support Center, 3600 52nd St., between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. on the day it is reserved.

Meals will be picked up at Door 13 located on the north side of the building.


While the left descends upon the area and threatens to riot over the recent trial and verdict of Rittenhouse, the leadership of State law enforcement is concerned about gender- and how many women are on the force.

Even though the left demands that there is no gender, and that everyone must be focused on the struggles of people who are transgenders- they claim there is also an injustice with gender representation- that there are not enough women on the force.

It is exhausting and ineffective.

So while kids can’t go to school- the left who is now in control of law enforcement in Wisconsin,  are just thinking of getting more girls. Not how to protect the citizens of Wisconsin.

Great. Check it out:

WI NBC News reported at the beginning of November:

Wisconsin law enforcement agencies are pushing for more women in law enforcement.

National data shows low numbers of women in law enforcement. Females make up 7% of state troopers, and 13% of all police officers in the US are women. Those numbers vary closer to home.

The data from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO), Madison Police Dept. (MPD) and Wisconsin State Patrol are either on par or higher than national numbers.

Wisconsin State Patrol is at about the national average of 7%, the DCSO is at about 22%, and MPD is one of the highest in the country with a 28% female staff.


Police are tired of being put in terrible situations after constant abuse by the left who always planned to defund local police and create a national police force that they can control and play with the funding.

WPR reported on the loss of police and the reasons police are leaving:

Wisconsin law enforcement agencies have had difficulty recruiting and keeping officers for years. Last year’s national reckoning over racial justice and calls for police reform only added to agencies’ struggles. The pandemic, rising violence and intense scrutiny of police have made it all the more challenging to attract and keep officers.

Hiring drops while retirements and resignations rise

A national survey of nearly 200 police departments by the Police Executive Research Forum found hiring dropped by 5 percent while retirements rose 45 percent and resignations climbed by 18 percent from April of last year to this spring.

“There are more options for younger people today that pay better and don’t require them to put their lives and personal safety risk, and they don’t carry that significant enhanced scrutiny,” said Jim Palmer, executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

It’s difficult to get a clear picture of how many officers are leaving the profession in Wisconsin. Federal employment estimates for local police and sheriff’s agencies show the state had 10,290 officers through May of last year — a decline of nearly 7 percent or 740 workers from the previous year.

If that bothers you- thank a Democrat.  


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