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Numerous Politicians Defy COVID-19 Safety Protocols – The Same Ones They Created

Several high-profile politicians have recently broken COVID-19 safety precautions, many of which they created for their own areas of jurisdiction. Take a look at the small sampling of the extensive list of people that have blatantly disregarded protocol:

Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom Perhaps the most tyrannical governor in the United States, Newsom ate at The French Laundry restaurant last week in Nappa Valley, without masks and without a sizeable group of friends. While Newsom was doing what all Americans should be doing – spending time with loved ones without fear of spreading a virus – it is appalling because Newsom has placed heavy restrictions on Californians that prevent them from doing the same.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo – Another governor who has used the pandemic to overextended his power, Cuomo went so far as to suggest that New Yorkers refrain from meeting with their families over Thanksgiving. In a time such as 2020, setting aside time to be with loved ones for a holiday should be of the utmost importance. However, not only did Cuomo idiotically suggest that families stay separated, but the governor actually planned on meeting with his own family for Thanksgiving before a report leaked the information of his planned gathering. Cuomo promptly changed course once his hypocrisy was exposed.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi – Pelosi has perhaps been the most consistent voice in support of lockdowns over the past eight months. However, she conveniently forgot the safety standards she had adamantly supported when she planned on hosting a lavish dinner for newly elected House members. Like Cuomo, she immediately cancelled her plans to save face.

The actions of these big-name politicians is infuriating because their actions disregard the narrative they have spread over the past several months.

Since March (when Americans were told that we would only need to quarantine for two months to stop the spread of the virus), every one of these two-faced individuals has called for Americans to practically live under house arrest while our economy has crumbled and our freedoms taken from us.

Furthermore, if anyone within their jurisdiction should go out into the public square, they have to follow an extensive list of guidelines to ensure everyone’s “safety.” They have created a presence of fear that weighs on the minds of many Americans, since they have attempted to convince everyone that their decisions mean life or death for themselves and others.

However, these politician’s actions show that they have little concern or the message they send through their actions. If COVID-19 is not something that we should fear, this is wonderful news. But to stash numerous Americans in their homes for a virus while they roam about freely is hypocrisy of the highest order and shows a lack of accountability within our leadership.

Hopefully, when every single one of these politicians are up for reelection, the citizens of each region vote more honest people into office who display real leadership and do not force Americans into living in fear.

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