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Now Or Never – Tucker Carlson Warns ‘Weak’ GOP: Stand Up Or Lose America!

As we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, I am reflecting on our nation’s past, present, and possible future.

If you think about it, Americans have always been those driven by internal promptings, IE callings, towards adventure. The urge that things can be better, and that with more freedoms, their dreams could possibly come to pass. Most knew their journeys would be difficult, but the option of settling for less went against everything that comprised their being. Faith that God was with them, dreams of the results if successful, and fellowship with others pursuing similar pursuits encouraged them along the way.

The necessity to be free drove the small group of mostly blue-collar workers and farmers to join General George Washington to do the impossible, defeat England, and taking a claim to their call to independence. All initiated by The Declaration Of Independence (Independence Day).

As Marxism has crept into our education system and created a few generations of young Americans who have been lead to hate our freedoms, it is incumbent on those 30 and up, to take a stand and showing that Traditional America, equality for all, is worth fighting for. Several well-known conservative media personalities have seen a possible coming collapse, including Tucker Carlson.

From WND

Tucker Carlson warns ‘weak’ GOP: Stand up or lose America

‘In a moment like this,’ capitulation ‘is a severe and dangerous problem’

As weak as it may be, the Republican Party is America’s only hope in this tumultuous moment, contends Tucker Carlson, and voters must demand three things of the party of Lincoln if the nation is to be saved.

Carlson’s remarks came Tuesday night on his Fox News show in reaction to his interview Monday with Sen. Mike Braun after the Indiana Republican introduced a bill that would make it easier for left-wing activists to sue police officers for alleged misconduct.

Three things

Carlson called on Republican voters to “demand three things from their candidates.”

First is a vigorous defense of total equality under the law, he said, advising them not to “get caught in pointless debates about whether or not this is a racist country.”

“Clearly it isn’t,” he said. “Prove it by making it less racist by making it a colorblind meritocracy. That’s our promise.”

Second, he called on Republicans to “defend our freedom of speech.”

“We are not a free society without that,” Carlson said.

But it’s much bigger than the First Amendment and its limits, he said, arguing everything depends on it.

“If you can’t think freely, you can’t solve problems. Try to build a hydro plant or fly a commercial airplane. If certain categories of thought are off limits to you, it doesn’t work,” he said. “The power grid collapses. Planes crash. Society degrades. No speech means no science, no art, no civilization.”

Thirdly, he said, “We must never forget that in the end, the Republican Party exists to serve the interests of normal people.”

“Can Republican officeholders change their party?” Carlson asked. “Yes, they can. We just have to make them.”

See the segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”:


I agree with Tucker’s assessments and equally have very little confidence in the “GOP” establishment to stop the radical fringe of further eroding the foundation of our nation. As always, it is time for WE, those with the internal “Callings”, to pursue freedom, to run for office, pass bills fixing education and immigration, and pass on the rights of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness to our children and grandchildren. Everyone must vote conservative on November third, and help those who are in the fight for you.

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