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North Carolina Went Historically Red Except for the Far Left Radical Governor Roy Cooper

It seems a little odd that in the state of North Carolina, where the Republican party is filled with major legal and outreach problems, the voters in the state selected President Donald J. Trump, re-elected a very unpopular Republican Senator on Trump’s endorsement, re-elected numerous Republicans in powerful Council of the State positions, voted in a historic number of Republican Judges and also elected one of the country’s most radical Marxist Governors, Roy Cooper over a firebrand, two-term Conservative Lt. Governor, Dan Forest.

“North Carolina voted straight Red all the way…except early morning after election miraculously Dem Gov King Cooper wins!Taken from lead after vote count stops! #China,” one North Carolina activist wrote in reaction to the 2020 election.

The Ordinary Times wrote about the election:

“Roy Cooper might be America’s worst Governor. To some, that might come as a surprise. After all, wasn’t he just re-elected by a decisive majority and isn’t he a popular moderate? Well, like a lot of things in North Carolina politics, the truth is more complicated than that. And voters seemingly recognized this.

On election night, Cooper’s victory was effectively the only ray of hope in a grim night for North Carolina Democrats. A party that felt confident of a clean sweep saw almost no gains at all, even with redrawn maps. And Cooper himself may have lost his biggest legacy: his hand-picked Chief Justice on the North Carolina Supreme Court.”


At the link from the above post is several pro-Communist Party press releases that show how Cooper and his fellow democrat officeholders have used their positions to promote China’s ideas of law and order and their political dominance.

Not surprising that Roy Cooper’s name appears on a list of “Friendly Governors,” something suspected by voters since US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hinted that some Democrat Governments were more friendly to the Chinse Communist Party than to their own voters.

On Sunday local news reported, “North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley has conceded the 2020 election to Republican Justice Paul Newby.

Beasley released a statement following her concession.

“Today, I called Justice Newby to congratulate him on winning the election for Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. I offer my very best to him and his family as he moves into that new role,” she said.”

And with that news North Carolina is now a very interesting place because voters completely flipped the Judiciary.

As reported by local news, “North Carolina Republicans sweep eight judicial elections for the first time in state history.”

That will make the new political tone in the state most interesting because Cooper, all alone by his executive demands, has had the state under severe “pandemic” lockdown measures, which also conveniently gave him unlimited powers over the 2020 elections, allowing him to flood the state with absentee and mail-in ballots.

Most people accepted that since the State Supreme Court was Democrat-held, not much could be done to liberate the people of North Carolina. Small protests have happened since March, but Cooper just doubled down on his demands, and there was little effective opposition.

Fortunately for Cooper, after shutting down all government institutions, businesses, schools and the people are not allowed to appear in public except for allotted times, under his curfew, and then only if they are masked.

Reaction is not positive, but there is little anyone can do to stop Cooper. One poster reaction to Cooper’s demands:

“King Roy Cooper announced beginning Friday, businesses will be CLOSED by 10am with no alcohol after 9pm. He also “ordered” us into a curfew to “stay home” between 10pm & 5am. Just more ridiculous lockdowns. It won’t be long before he goes full California on us. #NorthCarolina

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