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Non-Violent J6 Protester Commits Suicide After Corrupt DOJ Notifies Him of Additional Charges After he Pleaded Guilty of Original Ones

Matthew Perna was arrested and charged with entering the Capitol and remaining in there for twenty minutes. The government did everything they could to destroy him just like they all of the other political prisoners of the Biden administration. To resolve the original charges, he agreed to plead guilty to felony obstruction of Congress and three misdemeanor charges associated with his entry. His sentencing was set for March 3rd.

But, then, the corrupt DOJ notified him that they were going to bring additional charges against him and that turned out to be more than he could handle after thinking his pleading guilty and sentencing would end the nightmare. Perna committed suicide rather than live through this nightmare again. His blood is on the hands of the Democrats.

From The Gateway Pundit

Matthew Perna, a non-violent Trump supporter who was arrested after January 6 committed suicide.
He was never accused of violence or vandalism.
His government targeted him and destroyed him anyway.
In the end, it was too much.


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