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Non Scalable Fence Being Installed Around White House to Keep the Violent Animals Out If Trump Wins Tuesday

With everyone preparing for Election Day throughout the country, the White House is having a fence being installed this week around the entire White House complex, a law enforcement source revealed on Monday.

The White House isn’t taking any chances on Election Day as work crews have started setting up a “non-scalable” fence to secure the Executive Mansion, the Ellipse, and Lafayette Square, it has been reported.

Pretty much the same fence was already used around the White House over the summer after the riots ran rampant across the country kicked off by the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis.  Those fences ranged from 7 feet to more than 9 feet high.

The potential for mayhem and violence has additionally prompted Metro Police in Washington, DC, to put 250 National Guardsmen on standby, according to Geoff Bennett of NBC News.

Cities throughout the country have seen businesses boarding up their windows and doors to prepare for the army of men wearing red hats with MAGA on them planning at attack them.  Just kidding.  It will be the normal riots Democrat supporting groups like ANTIFA,  Black Lives Matter and the 100% Discount looters who take advantage of the chaos.

The reported plans to further fortify the White House signifies the level of concern among DC law enforcement officials.  Remember the leftist animals attacked innocent people who recently left the Republican National Convention on the final evening when Donald Trump gave his acceptance speech.  The DC police were not prepared for he sheer volume of human debris that ran around harassing Trump supporters who were just wanting to go home.

In June, it was reported that President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and their son, Barron, were rushed to a secure, underground bunker in the White House after Black Lives Matter protesters breached one of the barricades set up outside the White House complex.

Hundreds of demonstrators had gathered outside of the White House in the days and weeks following the May 25 police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, most not wearing masks by the way.

The large crowds prompted authorities to erect a massive, iron fence around the perimeter of the White House.

On June 1st, members of the National Park Service’s US Park Police and other security forces lobbed chemical agents and punched and clubbed demonstrators and journalists in clearing Lafayette Square near the White House, just before crews raised the new fence.  It wasn’t the Park Service or Police that started the violence.

Lafayette Square has traditionally been one of the country’s most prominent spots for demonstrations and other public advocacy.  Pretty much where liberals go to scream.

The nation’s capital, like cities throughout the country, are on full alter as Election Day comes.

Downtown companies are already boarding up their home windows in anticipation, and Police Chief Peter Newsham promised on Thursday that his whole division can be engaged on Election Day.

In Washington, dozens of overlapping law enforcement agencies control certain landmarks and public spaces.

Police officials have restricted the days officers can take off around the election and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on chemical irritants and other less-than-lethal riot-control munitions after a lot of the agency’s stockpile was depleted this summer.

Newsham said there have been no “credible threats right now of violence,” but stated a lot of groups had applied for permits to conduct large demonstrations.

“We ask people if they’re going to come, we welcome people to come here to the District of Columbia to exercise their First Amendment rights, but we are not going to tolerate violence or unrest,” he said.

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