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No, Jen Psaki, Trump Didn’t Start The DHS ‘Truth Ministry.’ That’s Literal Disinformation

Call the Ministry of Truth. Jen Psaki just couldn’t resist telling one more lie before she becomes a host at PMSDNC, where her job will require her to spread even more lies. Her final lie behind the White House podium is laughable at best, but if you have paid attention to her time as WH spokesperson, you must realize that the woman feels no shame no matter how ridiculous she gets.

In her latest lie, she claims that Biden did not start the Ministry of Truth, President Trump did. That is a lie. Trump started Countering Foreign Influence Task Force (CFITF) which investigates foreign governments trying to interfere with the United States, especially with our elections. But, when Biden renamed the group Mis-, Dis-, and Malinformation (MDM) was changed inasmuch as the new group is monitoring domestic speech and is headed by one of the leading Democrats when it comes to posting misinformation.

Trump wanted to keep track of foreign countries acting badly, but Biden wants to keep track of you for exercising your constitutional right to free speech. There is a huge difference there, don’t you think?

Chad Wolf, former acting secretary of the DHS, told the Daily Caller:

“The CFITF was focused on foreign influence – particularly as it related to elections. The current MDM description from DHS takes the word ‘foreign’ out of the title. It’s clear that MDM, as it’s currently defined, is also looking at domestic communication.” 

From The Daily Caller

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), was created in 2018 under Trump to counter cybersecurity threats. In May of 2018, “a Countering Foreign Influence Task Force (CFITF) was established within CISA’s predecessor agency,” according to CISA’s website, and was tasked with “helping the American people understand the risks from” MDM.

CFITF was modified by the Biden administration in 2021 to officially change its name to MDM, and its “mission evolved to reflect the changing information environment,” according to its website.

The Biden-era DHS, its assistant press secretary and the CFITF did not respond to several requests from the Daily Caller to say why the name change was necessary, and what the new “mission” of the MDM is.

The MDM is now “charged with building national resilience to MDM and foreign influence activities,” the website reads. It also mentions that MDM campaigns are waged by both “foreign and domestic threat actors.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joe Sanchez

    May 15, 2022 at 8:13 am

    So who will be standing at the podium as the new “Lier in Chief”?

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