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Attacking Trump

No Benedict Arnold: Artist From Former Eastern Block at Center of Trending Controversy Shows Left’s Use of Propaganda-Exclusive

Lyudmila Tomova is a naturalized American citizen from Bulgaria, an Eastern Block Country, and was a political refugee after the wall between West and East Germany fell. She had spent her young life as a fine arts school student and was a part of a movement of artists who fought against the State’s demands for art that promoted socialism and communism.  In the 1980’s she objected to the “social realism” that she was forced to embrace as her personal style. In 2020 she has gone viral on social media, with the left demanding her style promotes their own political narratives, which she does not share.

She was a political refugee when America accepted her.

The artist of a popular painting of President Trump is a part of a movement of American patriots who are shunned in the art world for being conservative. Today the left has made a mockery of her work. In less than 24 hours, Tomova’s work has ironically exposed how close the political left and Silicon Valley really are to the ideology of Eastern Block Communism.

Known on Twitter as @RealLucyT1, she posted her latest piece depicting President Donald J. Trump in a uniform worn by General George Washington in 1776:

“It was recently that I had an awakening after escaping communism and even being a liberal for a while. I did extensive research on George Washington in 1776, specifically. I used google, and I found a costume from 1776 in a museum, and that was my source for the uniform in the painting of President Trump,” Tomova told me.

But supporters of Joe Biden say she painted Trump in a uniform worn by Benedict Arnold. And they claim that supporters of Trump are stupid for not knowing that and that Trump is a traitor, which allows them to push their made-up narratives into the public consciousness. The left is brilliant at the use of Propaganda.

See what he did there?


The Arizona Republican Party liked the painting, and it’s patriotic message and reposted it, and it quickly went viral, catching the attention of Trump’s opponents:

Viral enough to make Twitter and the far left so upset that when Attorney Lin Wood brought up “Benedict Arnold” in a tweet,  the left sprung into action and used Tomova’s painting to discredit  AZ’s patriotism and to discredit Wood.  Using a tactic that socialists -communists, and the left are very, very good at pulling off, often uses art to redirect information from getting to concerned people.

. Watch this:

Wood Tweets this with “Benedict Arnold” with nothing about the painting:

Twitter makes “Benedict Arnold” go viral and trend in their politics, where 10’s of thousands of people, including grassroots marketing and media accounts which reach millions, like The Palmer Account,  start posting about the painting of Trump depicting Benedict Arnold, see graphics in my tweet below:

The irony of this story is incredible.

The left has the complete system of intimidation down pat. When following Twitter’s link to the Twitter Trending Topic, it takes readers to a henchman who will stalk and harass posters for questioning the “company line.”  I received many hateful and violent posts from the poster known as @NotCodeMonkeyZ for pointing out that this story would be coming; he then dug through my posts and sent my followers messages about what an “idiot” I am, thereby redirecting someone’s art, attempting to suppress the truth, and harassing the Press.

The Arizona GOP reposted President Donald J. Trump’s painting in a uniform that resembled a uniform she found in a photo from a museum, and the painting went viral. A day later, Twitter was attempting to discredit Trump supporters, the AZ GOP, and the artist by promoting stories that the uniform Trump was depicted in was Benedict Arnold, who was a war hero for the Revolution before he betrayed the Patriots and became the world’s best known “traitor.”

Here is her own story, from her own hand about her painting:

“I came to the United States in 1990 as a political refugee from Bulgaria, which was part of the Eastern communist block at the time. We were a small group of friends who were very active in our fight against the Communist tyranny and finally escaped Bulgaria, ending up in Austria in a refugee camp. After 9 months of vetting, we were legally accepted to the United States, receiving political asylum with only $30 in my pocket. Coming to the US on Nov 29, 1990, was the best day of my life and my new and forever home. This is the country whose foundations are built upon the Constitution, human liberty and justice for all, and the last bastion for freedom on this planet. I completed my art education in 1994 and became a professional artist fulfilling my American dream. But throughout my journey, I witnessed the slow erosion in the culture of political correctness, reminding me of the communist regime I had escaped long ago. I started to research many non-mainstream sources and realized that the US is not immune to this takeover and became very active in my own capacity, trying to wake people up based on my experience.

The painting is titled “1776” because what is happening to our country right now is very similar to the revolution back in 1776. President Trump shed light on the evil corruption in the Deep State and the treasonous entities that are selling us to CCP. He exposes the corruption and the Communist takeover of this country from within with the help of outside entities.

Just a short story

Thank you!!

This is where she got her inspiration for George Washington’s uniform and did her research:

Of course, history students know that Benedict Arnold was a Revolutionary War hero before he betrayed the patriots, serving under General George Washington; therefore, he would have the same uniform.

According to Mt.Vernon:

Yes, at least at the outset of the war. Benedict Arnold and George Washington first met in August of 1775 after Washington had taken command of the newly formed Continental army outside Boston in Cambridge, MA.  Because of Arnoldโ€™s management in taking and keeping Fort Ticonderoga back in May-June 1775, Washington decided to ask Arnold to lead a column into Canada to take Quebec City and bring that province into the rebellion.   Arnold did so with aplomb but suffered a serious wound on the last day of 1775 in a failed attempt to capture that city.   Benedict Arnold went on to fight successfully in 1776 in keeping the British from invading the colonies through the Lake Champlain region, and his greatest victory was at Saratoga in 1777, which led to the French coming into the war as the Americanโ€™s first and most important allies.   Washington thought of Arnold as his โ€œfighting generalโ€ and supported him as much as he could up to the time of Benedict Arnoldโ€™s defection back to the British on Sept. 25, 1780.”

The left has humiliated themselves. These tactics of misusing information are lazy and also diabolical.  Using the art of a woman who survived Communism as an art student has got to be a divine inspiration to keep on fighting. Tomova says to put her name on this story.  She is not afraid, and she is not retreating; that is how much she loves America. She isn’t going to run from the controversy.

She is no Benedict Arnold.

Here is Tomova  professional studio:

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Carolyn Minkel

    December 29, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    A true patriot. God bless you

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