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Nikki Haley Accuses Biden of ‘Snubbing’ Israel, ‘Cozying Up’ to Iran: ‘I Really Don’t Understand the Logic’

Former Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says she is perplexed by Joe Biden’s foreign policy regarding Iran and Israel. At the same time he has snubbed out a close ally, Israel, Joe Biden is kissing the ayatollah’s behind.

Biden has been in office for two weeks and still has not called Israel. But he has been in contact with Iran, signaling that he is willing to capitulate to them. He is willing to reenter the agreement with them, lift every sanction with nothing in return.

They don’t have to cut their uranium enrichment, their missile program, their terrorism or allow for honest inspections.

I wonder how many pallets of cash Biden is willing to throw into the pot if Iran agrees to accept our complete surrender. The only real concession Iran has to endure is the one where they admit that China has priority over Iran, but at least the Iranians hold sway over Americans in Biden’s Amerika.

Haley predicts:

“(Biden)going to jump back in the Iran deal but not ask them to leave Syria. You’re not going to ask them to stop their nuclear program. You’re not going to ask them to stop their missile program  [or] stop funding terrorism, and you’re going to get back into a deal, and that’s literally Obama 2.0.”

“You’re actually hurting our friends, Israel and the Arab countries, that worked with us on getting these sanctions back on Iran, that worked with us on trying to hold back terrorism.”

From Fox News

But, Haley warned the “bigger issue,” is that Biden’s soft approach would cause significant harm to Israel and Arab countries who supported Trump’s effort to reduce Tehran’s power and limit their nuclear capabilities. 

“The Biden administration is snubbing our friends like Israel, but they’re cozying up to enemies like Iran.”

Haley questioned Biden’s failure to reach out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the days since his inauguration.

“Biden’s been in office for two weeks now. He has yet to call the Israeli prime minister, one of our closest allies,” she said. “I don’t understand the logic.”

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