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Nick Sandmann Encourages Kyle Rittenhouse to Sue the Hell Out of the Liberal Media and Other Leftists

Kyle Rittenhouse’s life will never be the same, thanks to the leftist media and asinine Democratic politicians trying to act woke. But, those same people may end up making a better life for Kyle. He is being given advice by another young man who has already made millions the new fashioned way, he sued for it. Hid name is Nick Sandmann. He has already settled two of his suits amounting to untold millions of dollars.

Rittenhouse is likely to take in some millions from CNN himself. It’s also a safe bet that he will take in some millions from NBC/MSNBC as well. He will also be suing individuals and many other news outlets as well. Sooner or later, they will run out of those millions to people they lie about. Stockholders do not like giving away free money.

Nick is now selling Kyle that he needs to take legal action against those who lied about him and he is right. Because, if he doesn’t sue them, they will continue to tell the same lies for years. We still hear “Hands up, don’t shoot” many years after it was debunked because there are no consequences. They need an incentive to quit lying.

The Daily Mail reported:

The parallels between me and Kyle Rittenhouse are impossible not to draw.

Kyle was 17-years-old when he became a household name after that terrible tragedy in Kenosha.

I was 16-years-old when I was catapulted into the national conversation by video of an encounter with a Native American activist on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Kyle was almost immediately labelled a ‘white supremacist’ and a ‘domestic terrorist’.

To many, my red MAGA hat clearly meant that I was a racist.

In only hours, a former CNN host tweeted an image of me, writing: ‘Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?’.

Kyle wasn’t given his day in court by his critics.

And neither was I.

The attacks on Kyle came from the national news media, just as they came for me.

They came quickly, without hesitation, because Kyle was an easy target that they could paint in the way they wanted to.

This is the problem with liberal media outlets in the United States. They want to get the story first, get the most views, make the most money, and advance the agenda from liberal patrons.

These outlets cover themselves when they are wrong with small footnotes at the ends of long articles, clarifying that new information has come out and that they have updated their coverage.

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