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Newsmax Reporter Presses Psaki To ‘Square’ National Guard Sleeping In Parking Garage While Illegal Immigrants Get Hotel Rooms

Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson pushed White House press secretary Jen Psaki to explain why 5,000 National Guard troops had to sleep on the concrete floor of a parking garage and eat practically raw food that left many o9f them ill while illegal aliens get hotel rooms and given presumably properly cooked food. Psaki, as she always does, refused to give a straight answer. This administration is as transparent as a lead wall.

Government spokesperson Sunshine Butterfly explained that we are:

“The government of the illegal alien, by the illegal alien and for the illegal alien. Americans need not apply.”

Robinson noted the ongoing issues at the border particularly the overcrowding of migrant shelters and DHS facilities. He then asked her to square the treatment of illegals, compared to the National Guard Troops. But there is a good reason for that. Illegal aliens vote for Democrats whereas the military votes Republican. You have to stick with your base and the Democrats do.

Robinson asked:

“How do you share that with the National Guard troops who were sleeping in parking garages and, you know, some of them got sick from having contaminated food. That’s a disparity that a lot of people are pointing out — that our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms.”

Robinson pointed out that Biden shelled out $86 million dollars to house the illegals and provide them with meals that are presumably fully cooked. And if the food isn’t cooked, they do get free medical care.

From The Daily Caller

Psaki made no comment about the move to place illegal immigrants in hotel rooms, instead focusing on the National Guard and what President Joe Biden had done at the time to rectify that situation.

“At the time when we became aware of the the conditions the National Guard troops were in, in parking garages as you noted, the president called the head of the National Guard that day and offered his assistance, offered to play any role that he could play,” Psaki replied.

“I know that was some time ago, but that was the reaction he took at the time,” Psaki added, moving on to the next question.

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