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Newly Released ICE Data Reveals Deportations Have Dropped By 90% Overall Under Brandon

This will surprise no one but will anger many is that under Brandon, deportations have dropped by 90%.  And remember, that is in less than one year. Soon he will be deporting Americans to make room for all of the illegal aliens. Illegals are pouring across our border in record numbers and the American citizens are having to pick up the tab for it. He wants more to come and then have Congress grant them all amnesty.

The New Build Back Better Brandon bill calls for allowing millions of illegals granted parole and they will get work permits. I would bet Brandon will also make sure they qualify for all federal programs, including HUD, HEAP, MEDICAID, and food stamps. None of that money will come from his 10% cut from China. The funny thing is that he still blames Trump for the border crisis, even though he is the one that contained the border.

The new data was revealed in a report that was released on Monday by The Center for Immigration Studies. According to the group’s policy director Jessica Vaughan, that is the lowest number of illegal and criminal illegals deported in the last 30 years.

“Under the policies imposed by the Biden administration, removals dropped by 80 percent since last years LOW POINT during the pandemic lockdown, and by 90 percent since 2019 – the last normal year for ICE operations. 

The fact that deportations under Brandon have been reduced is not a surprise, but the total collapse of the numbers is. The numbers are even down for illegals convicted of murder and rape. And sniffing little girl’s hair is now legal in Brandon’s America.

From The Gateway Pundit

Now, an unbelievable 65 percent more of those individuals are being allowed to stay in the US thanks to Biden’s policies, according to the report. 

And those are just the ones they know about, countless more sneak across the border undetected.

The number of aliens removed who had serious criminal convictions also has declined by over 50 percent from 2020 and by 65 percent since 2019.“

In all, the report shows that ICE will likely remove just 62,000 illegals in 2021, despite over 1.73 million crossing the border this year. The total is 3-4X less than the number deported in 2020 (186,000) and 2019 (267,000) when there was less than a third of the encounters.

Since coming into office, Biden has worked tirelessly to dismantle Trump’s no-nonsense immigration policies which were crucial in securing the border. Not only has this administration encouraged anyone who can get to the border to come, but it has also stopped construction of the wall, implemented their own destructive open-border policies, and restricted ICE agents from enforcing deportations – all of which have caused the number of crossers at the border to be at all-time highs.

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