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New York Times Publishes Trump Taxes Story Busted Wide Open by Independent Journalists, Show Fraud on Media’s Part

The New York Times and the left is media collusion making machine for the Democrats has been exposed by Independent journalists for being fraudulent and is another example of how social media abuses the trust the American people have given them, in how they handle the content.

“The New York Times never even pretended to explain how it hacked Trump’s tax records and yet Twitter *promoted* links to their stories. Media outlets didn’t decline to cover that story. These are lies. Do not believe their lies. They are lying to you,” Mollie Hemingway posted on Twitter in reaction to the NYT’s story on the taxes of President Donald J. Trump.

Dive in and remember that Trump pre-paid his taxes those years- but that didn’t stop Trump’s opponents from lying about how much he paid:

An independent podcaster posted on Facebook, in reaction to the NYT story:

Interesting: Did anyone actually read the entire NYT article on Trump taxes? It literally says he filed extensions in 2016/2017, pre-paid 5.2 million, ended up owing less, left the money with the IRS for future payments, and only had to pay $750 first two years in WH because he already overpaid in the previous two years.

1. Media only needs you to read the headline and start sharing the pre-made memes to reinforce the misinformation. Most people don’t look further than a meme and base their opinion on that and a loaded headline.

2. NYT admits there is nothing illegal in the returns. Trump didn’t cheat or break the law.

3. We should be worried as Americans about how these supposed returns were obtained.

4. Invest in Real Estate because YES deductions, depreciation, and tax advantages are awesome! Thank you, NYT, for pointing that out.

5. Remember that Congress passes the tax laws that allow these “loophole” tax breaks.

6. Tax reform that helped to make this possible took place under the OBAMA administration and while Biden was in the Senate.

7. When asked during the debate how much he paid in taxes for those years Trump replied “millions” because he, in fact, did pay millions…prepaid millions.

“Biff Zeppe” is an independent podcaster and journalist who hosts a show on, and who posted a brilliant analysis of Trump’s taxes:

Remember that Conservative journalists, such as myself, were banned from Twitter for posting about verified stories, including the New York Post, who posted about the laptop of Hunter Biden, however, the New York Times is allowed to, and encourage to post outright lies against the President of the United States.

The New York Times IS the source of the New York Times story, as Millie Hemingway of The Federalist pointed out:

Posters on social media used the talking point from the top of the Democrat party to spread disinformation about Trump, there are tens of thousands of posts claiming that the Trump has only ever paid $750.00 in taxes:

It is a tool for the unhinged left who love conspiracy theories on their social media:

Bette Midler is vocal and obsessed detractor of Trump’s:

“A man who has refused to release his taxes to the public has the brass balls to claim that #JoeBiden will raise your taxes! Joe will raise taxes, but only in corporations, who currently pay ZERO and BILLIONAIRES. Don’t forget asshole #Trump paid….$750.00 in taxes last year,” Bette Midler posted in reaction.

Which explains the political theater of Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden releasing his taxes, which should raise eyebrows for other reasons:

Biden tries to start some class warfare as stories are rushing out of his son’s laptop that shows proof of Biden taking massive wealth from America and Foreign countries by peddling influence. The New York Times is pushing out propaganda to assist Biden and Democrats in general.

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