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New York City Under Siege – Looks Like Biff’s Hill Valley!

I loved our visit to New York City 5 years ago. Clean, upbeat, beautiful Central Park, a pleasant surprise from pre-Rudy photos and stories I saw in the ’70s/80’s. My wife and I planned on visiting again in the next few years but those plans are off the radar, permanently. What Mayor Bill da Blasio & Governor Andrew Cuomo have done to New York City is flat out criminal. It reminds me of what Hill Valley, In Back To The Future, turns into after Biff took over.

With De Blasio’s consistent attack on the police and his announcement they will be cutting a billion dollars out of the police budget, you would expect crime to go up. Bingo, it has and chaos abounds in the Big Apple.

From Wall Street Journal

De Blasio Agrees to Cut NYPD Funding by $1 Billion

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he had agreed to shift more than $1 billion in annual funding out of the New York Police Department, as he and the city council raced to agree on the city’s budget for the coming fiscal year.

From Chanel 4 New York

NYC Homicides Soar 21 Percent in First 6 Months of 2020, Shootings Up 46 Percent

  • NYPD statistics show a dramatic increase in homicides and shootings in the first six months of 2020 compared to the same period of time last year.
  • According to the NYPD, 178 homicides were reported in New York City so far this year. The statistics include information through June 30. This is a 21 percent increase from the number homicides reported during the same time last year when the city saw 147 homicides.
  • The city has seen 528 shooting incidents and 636 shooting victims this year through June 30. This translates to a 46 percent increase in incidents and a 53 percent increase in shooting victims compared to the same time last year when the city reported 362 incidents and 415 victims.

Here is what it looks like in a diminishing police presence city, under siege from ANTIFA, BLM, MS-13 gangs and anyone else who wants cause trouble.

A video posted on Facebook this past Sunday by a New York man named Kevin Brabazon shows New York City in absolute chaos.

A quick reminder of what it looked like, during the riots when the police were in full force, what will it look like next time when they are not?

I am convinced New York City will never return to its previous glory. Businesses have discovered that their employees can be just as productive working from home using services like Zoom, allowing them to close their large, very expensive, offices in town. With less policing, reduced sentencing; crime, homelessness, and violence will grow annually forcing tens of thousands of hard-working Americans to flee. NYC will be part of the collective montage of what progressive failed cities look like. Chicago, LA & Baltimore will join them with their own blood-stained glass, for those who were offered as sacrifices in governments failed experiments of Godless Marxism.

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