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New York City Tyrant Eric Adams Supports Using AI to Censor Free Speech [VIDEO]

There is nothing worse than a politician who immediately exploits a shooting death for political gain. Maybe a RINO or two over a decade will do that, but Democrats over all do it after every shooting. Before the facts are even in, Democrats immediately make claims that the shooter was a right-winger or a white supremacist. Ironically, Democrats and leftists have been able to make right-winger and white supremacist synonymous when they are polar opposites. White supremacists, neo-Nazis, white nationalists and most of the other pinhead hate groups are normally left wingers. The misinformation news media would tell you that if they were honest. In the end, 99% of the time, the shooter turns out to be a left-winger.

One such exploiter is New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who used has the Buffalo shooting 10 days ago as of this writing to call for more social media censorship. How the hell will censorship stop bad guys with guns? Adams was a cop in New York for over two decades, but you wouldn’t know it.

On PIX11’s “Morning Show,” Adams was asked by host Hazel Sanchez what could be done about regulating social media. So, we now know that Sanchez is an authoritarian type who does not believe in other people having free speech rights. These are the people who are dangerous in our society.

“Governor Hochul, she was on PIX11, demanding social media platforms be held accountable. Now, you’ve been calling for that since the suspected Brooklyn subway shooter, Frank James, allegedly posted racist rants online,” Sanchez said. “But social media’s been around and unregulated for a long time. So what kind of change can you see happening?”

I would have answered, “none.” We have a First Amendment right to free speech. Furthermore, social media platforms have Section 230 of the Telecommunications Decency Act that protects them from liability for things people who use the platform say. However, leftists have abused that protection. Because of that protection, fascist authoritarian Big Tech sites are censoring speech that their masters in the Democratic Party did not want to be said publicly.

Adams’s response was it is time for social media platforms to start using “artificial intelligence to identify words, identify phrases, to immediately remove and censor some of this information.”

I can definitively tell you right now that if something like that was implemented, only conservative words, phrases, and information would be removed.

The Biden administration just tried to create a Ministry of Truth called the dystopian Disinformation Governance Board, that was going to violate the First Amendment as its mission, censoring any speech that did not go along with the Biden administration’s left-wing narratives.

The NYC mayor then said something that removed all doubt that he is an authoritative tyrant who does not believe in our Constitutional republic. What is it with New Yorker Democrats electing dictator types to run that city? Are they incapable of remembering what the city was like when Rudy Giuliani ran it? Do they not remember what it was like when crime was cut by big percentages across the board? Are they happy with what they have now? Don’t they want to go back to the better times?

Adams proposed censorship tactics like when President Donald Trump’s Twitter account was deleted, saying, “We did it to Donald Trump on Twitter. He was dangerous to the country. So why aren’t we doing it to the everyday people who are using it and is dangerous to our neighborhoods and communities?”

My God, the ignorance of this man is breathtaking.

Twitter removed Trump because he used the platform very effectively to expose the Democrats for the creeps that they are. Trump was always a return hitter. When someone attacked him, he struck back, and it was usually much harder than what he received because he had right on his side. Leftist kooks like Eric Adams always forget the part where the other person started the war.

Adams then attacked rap music, saying, “The type of violence that’s being promoted on social media is beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed before.” He then added, “Particularly in some of the drill music that actually taunts and threaten [sic] people. There’s a direct correlation. That’s the type of social media monitoring we believe the social media companies should do.”

Can you imagine if the censorship activists got their way? Only one side of an issue would ever be discussed. Without honest dialog, SO MANY problems could arise because better answers and stronger solutions are always the result of free speech discussion. Without free speech, chaos is always at the end of the road. Leftists who advocated for censorship are telling us that they really aren’t interested in finding solutions. They have an agenda and they want to censor opposing viewpoints because they don’t want better answers or stronger solutions to block them from achieving their political goals. They are narcissistically arrogant enough to believe they have all the answers and so it’s not productive to open the floor for debate. They are tyrants to the core.

New York City, you can do better.


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