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New White House Press Secretary Spread Conspiracy Theories and Disinformation About Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax and More

The new White House Press Secretary who will soon take over for Jen Psaki seems to be as left-wing crazy as the last one. Karine Jean-Pierre has a history of making accusatory half-baked tweets full of left-wing conspiracy theories and attacking former President Donald Trump.

Psaki is leaving her post to go lie on MSNBC instead. I think it stands for More Silly Nonsense By Chicks, but I could be wrong.

Jean-Pierre, in the Obama administration, served in the White House Office of Political Affairs and then as a senior adviser to Joe Biden‘s 2020 presidential campaign, and then as VP candidate Kamala Harris‘ chief of staff. I would love it if some reporter would ask her if she knows who was behind the campaign tactic of keeping old Joe in the basement most of the time.

In 2019, she called the President of the United States, then Donald Trump, a racist on MSNBC:

Donald Trump put his hand on the Bible… and took the oath of the presidency to be a president for all of us. And since that day, since that moment, every hour, he seems to just prove that to be wrong, right? He is not a president for Black people. He’s not a president for women. He’s not a president for brown people. He’s not a president for the LGBTQ community. He chooses to just double down and triple down on bigotry and racism.

Meanwhile, all the check boxed people she claimed Trump wronged, all did much better under Trump than under her prior and now current boss.

A month after Trump was elected president, Jean-Pierre was pushing the Russia collusion delusion nonsense, tweeting, “Flynn, Manafort and The Donald himself (inviting Russia to partake in espionage on our election) #PutinLoveAffair.”

We now know the entire thing was a lie created by his election opponent Hillary Clinton, who paid to have the Russia hoax spread to take the media focus off of her illegal private email server. No apology from Jean-Pierre for spreading misinformation. She also was never suspended by Twitter.

In 2018, the new White House mouthpiece responded to the lunatic Lawrence O’Donnell calling Trump Vladimir Putin’s puppet.

“And, Russia is still winning because his puppet Trump continues to flagrantly degrade America’s standing on the global stage.”

And yet we now know that President Joe Biden is a puppet of sorts to Putin because the Russian president knows everything that happened in Ukraine when the Biden crime family was racking up big bucks. It’s a perfect blackmail setup.

Jean-Pierre kept it up two days later with another tweet about Putin controlling Trump, even though conservative Trump supporters knew from the very beginning it was bogus disinformation. And when they had to wait a few years to prove it was nothing but another Democrat hoax attack, people like the new White House mouthpiece kept pushing the lies.

“Sadly, Putin has always had control over Trump. Putin is laughing back home to Russia. The only thing that surprised Putin is how simple and idiotic Donald Trump truly is. Trump made it incredibly easy for Putin. Russia is winning and we are losing.”

I knew Psaki was there for a determined amount of time and I often wondered if the Biden administration could possibly find someone worse than her for the job of White house press secretary. And they came through. They did find someone even worse. Jean-Pierre is a conspiracy theory nut job who spread all the known lies about Trump, and these are lies we now have corroboration were lies.

And it wasn’t just Trump. In 2020, Jean-Pierre went after Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp, accusing him of election fraud against leftist lunatic Stacey Abrams, a woman who is right now probably lawyering up because one of the ballot harvesting centers used in the 2020 election was her Georgia headquarters.

“Reminder: Brian Kemp stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacey Abrams.”

From The Gateway Pundit:

In April, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk went on with Joe Hoft on 93.3 FM to discuss the movie.  Kirk, who is featured in the film, said this about the evidence collected for the film, “They saw that some of these mules would visit these drop boxes every night. And then go to Stacey Abrams’ headquarters and then go back to the drop boxes.

Watch the movie 2000 Mules and find out how the Democrats stole the 2020 election. You will walk away from the documentary without a shadow of a doubt because they bring the receipts.

Jean-Pierre referred to a stolen election, which is clearly a disqualifying attack on our sacred democracy, right? But that only works when conservatives talk about the 2020 steal.

Here’s the thing. If Jean-Pierre didn’t know she was spreading lies about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, then she is pretty naive and we have to watch what she tries to pass off as real news. And if she knew she was spreading lies, well, then we shouldn’t believe a single word she says because you can’t trust a liar. Either way, she, like everyone else on the planet, now knows they were lies that she helped spread. I’ve never heard her offer up and apology to the former president and I won’t hold my breath waiting for one.

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